God Says: Don’t Ignore If You Need My Heaven | Jesus Affirmations | God’s message today

my child let’s talk about problems

problems are an inherent part of the

human experience and they are woven into

the very fabric of this Fallen World

it’s natural for you to want to solve

and fix these issues and you may even

default into problemsolving mode as if

you possess the capacity to remedy

everything that’s wrong tight Amen in

the comments if you believe however this

habitual response can have its drawbacks

it can lead to frustration and

ironically create distance between us

it’s essential to remember that you are

fite and your ability to correct all the

wrongs in the world is limited so I

encourage you not to let fixing

everything be your top priority instead

make your primary concern the

relationship you have with me talk to me

about whatever is on your mind seeking

my perspective on the situations you

encounter rather than shouldering the

weight of trying to fix everything that

comes to your attention ask me to show

you what truly matters remember your

journey through life is ultimately

headed toward eternity in light of this

perspective let your problems Fade Into

the background focus on nurturing your

relationship with me and growing in

alignment with my purpose for you this

perspective shift can bring Clarity

peace and a deeper sense of purpose to

your life type Amen in the comments and

get blessed today

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