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beloved Child come to me and put your

fears and weaknesses back in my hands

while you’re on your knees with my love

I will be ready to heal you today you

will raise your arms in Victory and be

happy about your wins I will put a crown

on your head full of life and strength

to get you ready for the next Day’s

Journey and when you think you’ve

reached the top of the mountain I’ll be

there to share your joy and celebrate

with you my love for you will never end

no matter where you are in life I am

always ready to help you with anything

you need I will find new ways to

encourage you to keep fighting and I

will give you lots of good things

negative people have lost hope because

of the problems in the world so don’t

listen to what they have to say but I

will look out for you your family and

the people you love don’t be scared if

you lose things or run into problem

problems remember that they will go away

soon there’s a reason for every event I

keep a close eye on the people I love

every problem you have will be turned

around for the better someone who works

with evil and wants to ruin your future

and stop my plan will be taken out of

your life they live in delusion thinking

they are stronger than your heavenly

father who loves you so much you know

what’s coming for them don’t give up on

your Faith stay strong pay attention to

me and get ready for all the good things

I have planned for you I love you and am

your true feather tell me you think this

is true the most fitting response to

this boundless infinite gift is

gratitude the more you thank me the more

joyful your life becomes therefore be

vigilant for the things that Kindle

gratitude within you the act of thanking

me whether through spoken or written

word in silent prayer soft Whispers

exuberant shouts or songs of praise

magnifies your joy and elevates you

above your circumstances an enjoyable

way to express your adoration is to read

psalms aloud rejoice in me my redeemed

one for nothing can sever your

connection with my love I am the Divine

and you are one of the branches whoever

abides in me and I in them will bear

abundant fruit fruit apart from me

severed from vital Union with me you can

accomplish nothing contemplate this

glorious truth I am alive within you

just as sap courses through a Vine into

its branches my life flows through you I

am boundless and perfect yet I have

chosen to make my dwelling within you

the intimacy we share is profoundly rich

I discern your every thought I am

cognizant of all your emotions

and I comprehend your weaknesses I stand

ready to infuse you with my strength

when you cerate with my indwelling

precence when you relinquish control to

me entreating me to guide your actions

you can yield an abundant Harvest if you

Endeavor to act independently of me

ignoring our Vital connection you are

likely to stumble and falter anything

produced apart from me holds no value in

My Kingdom hence nurture your intimacy

with me beloved and Delight in my

lifegiving presence my kingdom is not of

this world it is indestructible and

eternal when you witness shocking evil

and mismanagement in your surroundings

do not lose heart as I faced arrest I

informed my disciples that I could

summon my father and he would dispatch

more than Legions of angels to rescue

me yet that was not the course we had

chosen my crucifixion was necessary to

save all who call upon my name remember

you are a part of my kingdom one of

eternal life and eternal light the

darker the world becomes the more

crucial it is to cling to the hope you

have in me despite appearances I remain

in control accomplishing my purposes in

ways beyond your understanding even as

this world spirals deeper into its

Fallen State you can dwell within it

with joy and peace in your heart just as

I told my disciples I now say to you

take courage I have conquered the world

because you are a citizen of my kingdom

you can find peace in me even in the

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