God Says: Don’t Hurt Me By Ignoring Now | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child I will make you

stronger and let go of your stress

remember that there is nothing in the

world that can separate you from my love

my comfort is full of good things my

beloved and it makes your soul happy let

go of the idea that you can control your

life it’s easy to feel in charge when

everything goes well if you think you’re

in charge of your life it will be harder

to let go when things go wrong when

things go smoothly enjoy them and be

thankful for them but don’t get hooked

on the feeling of being in charge there

will always be storms and unknowns in

life holding on to control can hurt you

in the end you should always trust me

because I am your safe place I use

trouble to break you out of your false

sense of control when you don’t know

what will happen or what the future

holds come to me know me the master who

rules over all things and the storms in

your life and you will feel safe as your

guardian I keep your path safe and make

you strong bring all of your flaws and

sins with you when you come to me ask me

to take away your sins as far away as

the East is from the west then stay in

my presence and admit that you are not

good enough you can ask me to give you

strength by seeing your weaknesses as

jars that are ready to be filled with my

power thank me that you aren’t enough

enough it makes you rely on me have joy

in the fact that I am enough for you you

don’t have to worry or plan too much

because I am the one who keeps your path

safe instead of always looking ahead to

what might happen try to keep me in mind

as you go about your daily life please

keep talking to me and let my presence

help you stay on track I will go ahead

of you and next to you clearing the way

for you you can count on me to make your

path the best it can be I protect

everyone who runs to me when you feel

like the world is dangerous and

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