God Says: Do You Want Abundant Life Today | God’s Daily Message | Daily Message From God

friend are you living the Abundant Life

Jesus came to give I’m not talking about

living in the fanciest house or driving

the newest car no his promise of

Abundant Life Goes Way Beyond material

things that this world offers Abundant

Life means life to the full that means

no matter what is going on around you

you stay in faith because you know God

is still in control it means having

peace in the midst of a storm being able

to sleep at night and having good

relationships you can have joy when

things are uncertain it’s easy to look

at that verse and think God is going to

give me Abundant Life someday but the

truth is that God wants you to have

Abundant Life today don’t waste another

second living in mediocrity or settling

for less than God’s best no it’s time to

shake off that barely get by attitude

and let go of what didn’t work out

instead make room to to receive his hope

Joy strength and favor declare that you

are living the Abundant Life every day a

prayer for today father thank you for

sending your son Jesus so that I can

have eternal life I know that you want

the best for me help me to keep my heart

and mind focused on you so that I can

walk in your ways all the days of my

life in Jesus name amen like if you

believe in


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