God Says: Do You Need Me? Skip If You Don’t | Jesus Affirmations | God Message Today

my beloved child I love you and care

about you and I hold you close in my

heart right now trust me because you are

on a difficult Journey an exciting path

that was just made for you I know it’s

not the way you would have picked but

it’s the way I see you you can’t fully

understand what’s going on behind the

scenes which is why I beg you to trust

me think of this trip as being through a

thick jungle where it’s hard to see

where to go and what’s around you

because of the Shadows please hold on to

my hand in this dark room you may not be

able to see me but I will always be with

you dear one have hope in me because I

care about you and will be with you

every step of the way keep your mind on

enjoying my presence and everything I

mean to you it’s important not to let

your problems take over your thoughts

and heart even if your situation begs

for help instead tell me again that you

trust trust me wait with hope while I’m

there and see the amazing things I will

do the things that are hard for you can

bring us closer together turn your heart

around when trouble starts to grip it by

praying to me let your pain and problems

remind you that you always need me make

a short prayer book with phrases like

help me Jesus fill me with your peace

and show me your way in a way these

prayers are like vitamins for the soul

more you use them

the better and stronger you will get

think about seeing your problems as

chances to get closer to me and be happy

even when things are hard I may need to

practice this new way of thinking but

it’s important to quickly stop dwelling

on problems and start praying for help

gather a variety of prayers that you can

use at any time ask the Holy Spirit to

help you write prayers that come from

the heart say them to me over and over

until they become second nature to you

then when you’re having a hard time pull

out your prayer tools and say them out

loud when the enemy runs away I will

close in on them there is both Beauty

and darkness in the world around you

point your eyes in the right direction

toward what is good true and beautiful

you can appreciate Beauty and goodness

because I made you that way and these

gifts feed your soul things that bother

you will happen to you in life but don’t

let them take over your Consciousness

always remember that I am with you and

pay attention to my voice which says

look the right way remember that there

is Beauty in everything not just what

you can see this broken world will never

fully satisfy your deepest desire for

Perfection but I am that Perfection I am

perfect in every way but I stay close to

you as you go through this world that

isn’t perfect you should look in the

right direction toward blessings and

toward me the joy of my presence will

light your way there is no other person

in your life who is more important than

me I am an unbreakable base that will

never fall apart you had nothing strong

to build on before you knew I was your

savior every attempt to find meaning

failed in the end but ever since I saved

you you’ve been building on the rock

that is my presence there are things

you’ve built that have done well and

things that haven’t but you’ll always

have a solid base because I laid it

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