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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end in times of both Joy and hardship I

Empower you to harmonize with me drawing

upon the depths of your soul where I

reside your strength and competence are

not merely your own they are reflections

of the Divine spark within you

a fusion of your innate talents and the

supernatural empowerment I bestow upon


you as you navigate the winding Paths of

Life do not let Pride Cloud your vision

for your achievements are but a glimpse

of the vast capabilities I have

instilled within you seek not validation

from the world but find solace in the

knowledge that you are cherished beyond

measure a beloved child of the

universe turn to me in times of need for

I am always listening ready to guide you

along the path I have laid out for you

through the exploration of scriptures

and the guidance of wise mentors discern

my purpose for your life and walk boldly

in the direction I illuminate let

gratitude be your compass guiding you

through the darkest of nights and the

brightest of days for in gratitude you

will find strength resilience and a deep

sense of connection to the


Divine do not be disheartened by your

perceived imperfections for they are but

the brush Strokes in the Masterpiece of

your Soul’s Journey embrace the process


transformation knowing that with each

step you take you are drawing closer to

the radiant light that resides within

you amidst the chaos and distractions of

the world remember to turn inward for

therein lies the source of boundless joy

and peace cultivate mindfulness of my

presence in your daily ende Endeavors

allowing it to infuse every aspect of

your be with love Grace and divine

wisdom as you Embark upon this sacred

Journey know that you’re are never alone

for I Am With You Always guiding you

protecting you and showering you with

unconditional love Embrace The Gift of

Life with open arms my dear child and

let your soul dance to the Eternal

Melody of Love that flows through all of


creation my dearest child I perceive the

trials that weigh upon your spirit yet

be assured I am the steadfast anchor

amidst life’s

tempests within the Symphony of your

existence I am the enduring Melody

offering Solace and in strength when

your journey feels too arduous to Bear

alone trust in my unwavering support for

I am ever present ready to uplift you in

both moments of joy and


tribulation your prow does not stem

solely from your own Merit but is a

harmonious Fusion of your innate talents

and my Divine empowerment let not not

Pride CLA your vision for your

achievements are but a reflection of the

boundless capabilities I have bestowed

upon you Embrace this realization with

humility knowing that through our Union

you are destined for greatness beyond

measure I beckon you to dwell in joyful

Reliance upon me seeking guidance

through introspection and the wisdom

found in


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