God Says: Do you love me? | God’s Message | God Message Today

my precious child I come to you today bearing peace for your weary Soul these eyes that see all have glimpsed your

sorrow your tears flowing from a shared struggle familiar to us both know that

you are never beyond my watchful gaze not even the quietest Whisper of your heart escapes my notice you are known to

me fully and completely so I speak these words to reaffirm what you already feel

deep within the trial that appears insurmountable shall be conquered and you shall emerge the victor with dignity

intact do not lose heart my beloved I Am With You Always binding up your wounds

and drying your tears the darkness of this season is fleeting Joy comes in the morning take comfort in my presence find

Refuge In My Embrace I understand the depths of your pain I see the hidden longings of your heart bring them to me

without fear or shame are any secrets hidden from the one who formed you I know you better than you know yourself

so come unburden yourself before me allow me to shoulder your cares and transform sorrow into gladness have I

not proven myself faithful every step of this journey I will never forsake you

place your hand in mine and watch as high places are made low and rough ways are made smooth I come to you now to

lighten the load weighing heavy upon your spirit but first let me impart the

strength you seek that you may bask in the depths of my love fortifying your soul and renewing your faith open open

wide the doors of your heart and Let My Words flow in saturating every part of your being though I see clearly the Hard

Road you have walked besieged by trials on every side you need only open yourself and receive this message I will

increase your resilience and lengthen your days moreover it is my desire that

each morning when you wake you find yourself wrapped in Celestial Joy invigorated with power to banish doubts

and Usher in Serenity do not be afraid for I ask no share of worldly wealth to prove my love

my affection is given freely I desire only your thankfulness and loyalty in return set me first in your life and

home so my words will echo in your dwelling and all will recognize my voice proclaiming tender care for you as you

open your heart to receive this outpouring of Grace take courage I am unveiling a glimpse of the wonders in

store that you may approach each trial with Fearless audacity trusting completely in my Providence

my love costs nothing yet gives all ask only for receptive Spirit to embrace

this Limitless supply of blessings position me at the helm of your days that my wisdom May navigate your course

then my tender words of affirmation will ReSound through your household for all to hear lay your life down before me

Surrender Your Heart completely into my hands let your focus remains steadfast

upon the path that ushers forth blessing never stray from my presence which which is your guide turn away from falsehood

and evil and receive in exchange the richest gifts I have reserved for you gifts overflowing with abundance you

will find renewal of strength sustenance for your soul and vitality for each new day if you dare to depart from the

crowded ways of this world and resist the hollow enticements it profs open wide the gates of your heart

to my truth and I will Shepherd you onward I will be your Refuge your Sovereign your shelter in life storms my

word will ever shine forth to illuminate your way I will expose each hidden

danger and thwart any who work against you have no fear my child for through me

you have Limitless resources I will speak my blessing over you and remind you often lest in forgetfulness you lose

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