God Says : Devil’s plan will be succeed if you skip | God message jesus | God Tells |

my dear son and

daughter life can be tough sometimes

filled with challenges and uncertainty

but I want you to know you’re never

alone I’ve always been with you guiding

you loving

you this is your moment the one you’ve

been waiting for don’t let it slip away

I’m giving you a chance to embrace the

goodness com your

way but remember don’t lose sight of me

this is your chance to connect with your

purpose to walk a path filled with light

peace and

fulfillment I chose you and now it’s

your turn to choose to trust and follow

me don’t waste any more time your moment


here from the depths of my heart don’t

worrying I’ve already blessed you and

you’ll overcome the challenges you’re

facing just remember miracles happen

when your faith is strong seek me

believe in me and you’ll see wonders

unfold so don’t be afraid or discouraged

ask and you shall receive heal the sick

solve your financial problems and bring

peace to your home through your faith in

me tomorrow wake up with renewed hope

it’s time to change your mindset let go

of negativity and keep seeking me no


what comment Amon if you trust in God

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  1. Good Morning God, Jesus Christ Thank You For Everything You Do For Me And My Family Keeping Us Safe Always And Always Loving Us Thank You I Love You Amen ❤❤❤


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