God says:- Devil Wants You To Skip This | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.

my beloved child today as the sun rises

upon the earth and the world awakens

from Slumber I extend to you my

boundless love and infinite blessings

take a moment to breathe in the crisp

morning air to feel the gentle caress of

the breeze upon your skin and to behold

the beauty that surrounds you for in

this moment you are enveloped in my

grace and I Am with You guiding you and

showering you with my blessings know

that today is a gift a precious

opportunity for you to embrace the

abundance of life that I have bestowed

upon you it is a day filled with


possibilities a canvas upon which you

may paint the Masterpiece of your

existence so go forth with confidence

and courage knowing that I am by your

side every step of the way as you

journey through this day I invite you to

open your heart and mind to the Wonders

that abound see the beauty in the

simplest of things the smile of a

stranger The Melody of bird song The

vibrant Hues of a blooming flower for in

these moments you will find glimpses of

my presence reminders of my eternal love

for you you remember my child that you

are divinely created imbued with my

light and Grace you are a masterpiece of

my design a reflection of my Divine

image therefore embrace your uniqueness

celebrate your strengths and embrace

your flaws for they are what make you

beautifully human as you go about your

day know that I am orchestrating every

moment weaving together the tapestry of

your life with love and care trust in my

divine plan for I see the bigger picture

and I know what is best for you even in

the face of challenges and

uncertainties have faith that I am

guiding you towards your highest good

and when obstacles arise as they

inevitably will do not despair for

within every every challenge lies an

opportunity for growth and

transformation Trust In Your Inner

Strength draw upon the wisdom that

resides within you and know that I am

here to support you every step of the

way today I bless you with peace that

surpasses all understanding with joy

that fills your heart to overflowing and

with love that knows no bounds may you

walk in the light of my presence shining

brightly for all to see and may your day

be filled with moments of Grace and

gratitude as you recognize the countless

blessings that surround you so go forth

my beloved child with confidence and

courage knowing that today will be a

great day for I Am with You guiding you

and blessing you each and every step of

the way type amen if you love Jesus

2 thoughts on “God says:- Devil Wants You To Skip This | God Message Today | God Message for You Today.”

  1. Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the grace that you have given me, and I hope that it will go well and without any trouble to reach me. For the happiness of my countrymen, and my loved ones. Lord father, always guide me, in the new path that I will take. I rely on you completely.And I left it to you all my life. Thank you Lord ,Amen..??

  2. Lord Jesus almighty, I pray that you keep me away from the bad behavior of people, from evil spirits in the visible and invisible, Bless me I love you Lord Amen???


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