God says:- Devil Wants You To Skip | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

address you not in the form of thunder

or lightning nor in The Whisper Of The

Wind but in the Stillness of your heart

where my presence resonates the most

profoundly hear my words for they are

not mere utterances but a profound

revelation to guide you through the

tumultuous journey of life I see you my

child navigating through the Labyrinth

of existence facing trials and

tribulations yet never succumbing to

despair you have sought solace in my

guidance and in your moments of doubt

you have turned to me for strength know

that your faith has not gone

unnoticed I am with you always watching

over you with unwavering love and

compassion but beware my child for the

devil’s seduction knows no bounds he

will manipulate and deceive exploiting

your weaknesses and insecurities to

distance you from my Divine Life he will

tempt you with fleeting desires enticing

you with illusions of power and wealth

do not be fooled by his Illusions for

they are but Shadows that vanish in the

light of Truth know that the devil’s

greatest fear is your connection to me

your unwavering faith and devotion he

trembles at the sight of your resilience

for he knows that as long as you remains

steadfast in your belief his grip on

your soul will weaken therefore he will

stop at nothing to se Discord and

confusion to turn you against me and my


remember my child that you are never

alone in your struggles I Am With You

Always guiding you through the stormy

seas of life though the Devil May seek

to lead you astray his power is nothing

compared to the boundless love and grace

that I offer you so my beloved child

heed my words and resist the Temptations

of the Devil stay true to your faith and

you shall emerge Victorious bathed in

the light of my eternal love amen

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