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dear child I have engraved your name

upon the very fabric of my hands and

this is an eternal Covenant nothing in

the world could ever scrape off or

corrode this sacred inscription for you

are my cherished blood-bought possession

the act of Engraving upon precious

metals is a practice that is meant to be

Everlasting however as the sands of time

wear upon these etchings sometimes these

objects are lost or stolen or melted

down so place first things first my

beloved precious metals like gold and

silver possess some value in this world

but they are as worthless as dust

compared to the surpassing magnificence

of knowing me for all eternity since

your name is etched upon the palms of my

hands rest assured that you are ever

present in my thoughts people sometimes

jot notes upon their hands to remind

themselves of something significant I on

the on the other hand have engraved your

name upon my Palms because you are

eternally precious to me rejoice in The

Wonder of knowing that I The Sovereign

of the universe deem you a Priceless

treasure respond by treasuring Me Above

All Else trust in me and let not fear

find a dwelling within you do not be

disheartened by the happenings of the

world or the reports of the news these

reports are partial presented as though

I do not exist news reals showcase mere

fragments of worldly events deliberately

excluding the most vital Factor my

presence in the world as journalists

sift through an oene of information they

strain out everything related to me and

the mighty work I’m accomplishing on

this Earth whenever the world around you

feels like a daunting Place turn to me

and find solace in my presence follow

the example of David who found strength

in the Lord when his compan companions

threaten to Stone him you too can summon

Courage by remembering who I am

contemplate my awe inspiring glory and

boundless power take Delight in my

unending love rejoice in the knowledge

that you are embarked on an adventurous

Journey with me and your ultimate

destination is heaven as you keep your

gaze fixed upon me and embrace the deep

relationship I offer you fear will

recede and joy will surge within you

trust in me wholeheartedly beloved

for I am your strength and your song

Those Who sew in tears will reap with

songs of Joy thus do not despise your

tears my child they are precious to me

someday I shall wipe every tear from

your eyes but for now you dwell in a

veil of tears just as water is essential

for seeds to flourish into mighty trees

your tears nourish your growth into a

resilient more joyful follower of Christ

your willingness to share in the Sorrows

of this deeply Fallen World grants you

depth and compassion it also enlarges

your capacity for Joy your ability to

Revel in my presence in both good times

and trying times songs of Joy have been

your Birthright ever since you embraced

me as your savior do not neglect this

delightful form of worshiping me and

uplifting your spirit even when sadness

clouds your heart singing praises is a

potent way to elevate your soul to me as

your joy in me encounters my my delight

in you you can dance in the radiance of

my presence this is the joy of the Lord

every single blessing you possess is a

gift from my hand including each breath

you draw I lavish countless blessings

upon you so many that you often take

some of my precious gifts for

granted most people fail to recognize

the miracle of inhaling my life

continuously yet it was only when I

breathed the breath of life into Adam

that he became became a living

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