God Says: Choose Carefully, Don’t Take Wrong Decisions | Gods Message Today

my beloved child why carry the weight of

uncertainty when you bear the light of a

purpose only you can

fulfill in this vast Universe each star

shines with a unique Radiance each with

its own place and purpose so it is with

you my beloved you were created with a

purpose a Divine calling that is yours

alone to fulfill this purpose is not a

heavy yoke but rather a beacon of light

a guiding star that illuminates your

path ahead the world often measures

worth by achievements and accolades but

I see beyond that your worth is not

defined by the checks on a to-do list or

the Applause from a crowd your worth my

dear one is inherent in your being in

the Divine spark that resides within you

I know the journey can be daunting

doubts may Cloud your vision fears May

whisper in your ear and the road may

seem treacherous at times but remember

these struggles are not a sign of your

unworthiness or failure rather they are

part of the journey the chiseling

process process that refines you into

the person you are meant to be in the

face of these struggles you may ask what

is my purpose am I on the right path am

I enough let me reassure you my child

you are enough you are more than enough

your purpose is not a mystery to be

solved but a discovery to be made a

journey to be embarked upon as you

Traverse this path you are not alone my

Divine love and guidance are always with

you like a Shepherd leading his flock I

am there in The Whispers of the wind in

the rustling leaves in the gentle waves

lapping against the shore I am there in

the Stillness of your heart in The Quiet

Moments When you seek Solace and peace

so fear not the journey embrace it

explore it engage with it let your

purpose Your Divine calling be your

Guiding Light let it lead you to places

you never thought possible to Heights

you never dared to reach reach remember

my dear child your purpose is not a

destination but a journey Guided by my

love beloved You are not alone in your

journey I am here guiding you loving you

leading you towards the purpose I have

designed for you in the EB and flow of

life you may sometimes feel a drift but

remember I Am The Anchor that holds you

steady the compass that guides you home

your faith like a mustard seed can move

mountains it is the beacon of light in

the darkest night the spark that ignites

the fires of Hope when all seems lost

your faith is your strength and it is

through this faith that you will find

your Divine Purpose the unique role for

which you were created trust in the plan

I have for you especially when the path

is obscured by Shadows for even in the

darkest night the Stars still shine

their light ATT Testament to the

enduring power of Faith they remind us

that even in the face of adversity we

can find beauty hope and strength

embracing Your Divine Purpose is not

just about discovering your role in this

Grand Design but also about the

transformative Journey that leads you

there this journey is one of spiritual

growth of overcoming hardships of

deepening your faith it is a journey

that will challenge you change you and

ultimately reveal to you the true extent

of your strength and the depth of your

faith when you Embrace Your Divine

Purpose you become a Beacon of Hope a

testament to the transform formative

power of divine love you become a vessel

through which my love flows touching the

lives of those around you inspiring them

uplifting them and as you continue on

your journey remember each step you take

is a step towards fulfilling Your Divine

Purpose a step towards becoming the

person I know you can be subscribe to

this channel let the words of Jesus be

your guide and together let’s spread his

love and his word trust in in my love my

child embrace the journey for it leads

to a purpose only you can

fulfill my dear child your journey does

not end here the path towards your

Divine Purpose is unfolding before you

each day each moment is a step forward

in this Grand tapestry of purpose that I

have woven for you you are not alone in

this journey my guiding hand is upon you

leading you comforting you when the path

grows steep let not your heart be

troubled by the unknown for faith is the

Assurance of things hoped for the

conviction of Things Not Seen keep

seeking keep knocking and the door will

be opened to you there are greater

things Yet to Come deeper insights to be

revealed transformational truths waiting

to be discovered this journey towards

your Divine Purpose is a journey of

growth of faith and most importantly of

Love Are you ready to take the next step

my beloved act click on the end Screen

Video and continue your journey toward

the purpose I have lovingly designed

just for you

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