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my beloved child you need me as your

shield for I protect you from dangers

physical emotional and

spiritual sometimes you’re aware of my

protective hand but I also Shield you

from perils you may never suspect take

comfort in knowing that my mighty

presence watches over you fear no evil

my cherished one for I am with you

rejoice always this simple verse with

Divine wisdom I created you in my image

endowing you with the capacity to choose

joy in every moment of your life when

your thoughts tend toward darkness when

your mind spirals down a gloomy path

seize control with this radiant command

Rejoice challenge yourself to find as

many opportunities as possible each day

to remind yourself to Rejoice yet it is

not merely enough to be joyful reflect

on the specific reasons for your joy

they can be as simple as my daily

Provisions for you food shelter clothing

or the beauty of the relationships you

share with loved ones your relationship

with me as my beloved is an unending

source of Joy meditate upon these joyous

thoughts and you will find that they

illuminate your mind and fill your heart

with greater Delight choosing to Rejoice

will bless not only you but also those

around you and it will deepen your

relationship with me blessed are those

who have learned to Acclaim me to

Acclaim is to express enthusiastic

approval and it is a skill that needs to

be cultivated begin with your thoughts

instead of regarding me in mundane and

repetitive ways Ponder my glorious

greatness I spoke the world into

existence created humankind in my image

and endowed them with eternal Souls I I

crafted the beauty that adorns the world

and the cosmos my wisdom is beyond

measure and my love is unending learn to

think of me in great terms and to

express your approval of me with

enthusiasm the Psalms are an excellent

guide in this endeavor acclaiming me

also involves publicly acknowledging my

Excellence you are the light of the

world because you know me as your savior

God let your light shine before others

proclaim the wonders of who I am and

what I have done declare the

excellencies of the one who called you

out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light

Proclaim my salvation day after day for

the gospel message is something you

should remind yourself of each day by

Grace you have been saved through faith

and it is not of your own doing it is a

gift from me this truth may run counter

to worldly values but it is essential to

remind yourself frequently resist the

accusations of the en enemy who seeks to

discourage and defeat you instead remind

yourself of the Gospel truth every day a

heart filled with gratitude delighting

in my presence is the most fitting

response to The Marvelous gift of Grace

remember you are blessed to be a

blessing sharing the good news both near

and far my unfailing love surpasses life

itself there are no bounds to my love be

it in quality quantity or duration it

far exceeds anything this world can

offer and it will never run dry my

unfailing love is priceless like a

precious Pearl that once found is worth

giving up everything else to

possess indeed my love enriches your

life rather than diminishes it it forms

a firm foundation upon which you can

build enhancing your relationships with

others knowing that you are perfectly

and eternally loved empowers you to grow

into the person I designed you to be

understanding the vast dimensions of my

love leads to profound worship where

your intimacy with me deepens as you

joyously celebrate my Magnificent

Presence be still in my presence and

passionately wait for me to act

Stillness is a rare treasure in a world

that values constant activity and

achievement yet peace and joy abound in

my presence and they gradually saturate

your inner being over time

this requires trust as well instead of

fretting when your plans are disrupted

patiently await my action you can watch

for me with hope knowing that I am God

your savior be confident that I will

hear you even if my response does not

come as quickly as you would like do not

worry about those who do evil or the

wicked schemes that surround you I find

humor in the wicked for I know their

ultimate Destiny Rest in Me beloved be

still and know that I am God share this

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