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my dear child today I want to talk about

an issue that affects many of my


procrastination procrastination is the

act of delaying or postponing a task or

set of tasks it is a thief of time a

destroyer of dreams and a barrier to

your spiritual growth in the Book of

Proverbs it says do not say I will do it

tomorrow for you do not know what a day


bring this verse teaches us that

procrastination is not only foolish but

also so dangerous we never know what the

future holds and we cannot afford to

waste time on things that are not

important procrastination is a sin

because it is a form of

Disobedience when I give you a command I

expect you to obey it immediately when

you procrastinate you are saying that my

commands are not important to you and

you are putting your own desires and

priorities above mine procrastination

can also lead to other sins such as

anxiety stress and guilt when you put

things off you create a burden for

yourself constantly worrying about the

tasks that you have not yet

completed this can lead to sleepless

nights and a feeling of being

overwhelmed I know that procrastination

can be a difficult habit to break but I

want to assure you that with my help you

can overcome it and take charge of your

time my child set clear goals and

priorities type Amen in the comments and

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the first step to overcoming

procrastination is to know what you want

to achieve once you have clear goals you

can start to prioritize your tasks and

focus on the ones that are most

important break down large tasks into

smaller ones the thought of completing a

large task can be overwhelming which can

lead to

procrastination to avoid this break down

large tasks into smaller more manageable

Parts this will make them seem less

daunting and more achievable set

deadlines for yourself one of the best

ways to overcome procrastination is to

set deadlines for yourself this will

give you a sense of urgency and help you

stay on track reward yourself for

completing tasks when you finish a task

reward yourself for your hard work this

will help you stay motivated and make

procrastination less appealing seek help

from others if you are struggling to

overcome procrastination on your own

don’t be Afra afraid to seek help from

others talk to your friends family or

Pastor they can offer you support and

encouragement remember my child I am

always with you I will help you overcome

procrastination and take charge of your

time just trust in me and obey my

commands in the book of Philippians it

says I can do all things through Christ

who strengthens me this verse is a

reminder that you can overcome anything

in including procrastination with my

help so go forth my child and take

charge of your time use it wisely and do

the things that I have called you to do

I am with you always even to the End of

the Age amen if you believe that God

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channel if not feel free to leave your

feedback it is prudent to seek my

presence and consult with me when you

have doubts seek the help you need to

deal with these incomprehensive ible

situations I will be with you and with

each Dawn I will shower you with peace

Serenity and joy if you believe in God

please like the video and add a

heartfelt Amen to the comments I will

open your eyes to find the solutions you

seek in every difficult situation I will

show you the way out so that you do not

become stagnant continue to move fight

walk work and believe wholeheartedly

that my promises will be fulfilled

I have forgiven your sins you are now

clean and righteous in my presence don’t

doubt it do not diminish the

significance of my blood shed on the

cross and my mighty Resurrection this is

why you are alive the power of my blood

allows you to be in my presence without

fear as a result you are now in a

relationship with me if I gave my life

for you if I rose from the dead so you

could live then I can and will keep all

of my promises to you

my power and love have transformed you

into more than just a conqueror for it

is I the one who molded the stars and

set the heavens into their glorious

expanse who speaks to your heart I am

the author of Life the creator of all

that is seen and unseen and I have

shaped you in my own image breathed into

your very being the breath of Eternity I

am ever with you as close as the air

that Embraces you as near as the pulse

that dances in your wrist

you dear one are the bearer of my Divine

spark and inheritor of a promise that

transcends time that stretches beyond

the Mortal coils of this Earth the

eternal life I give to you is not just a

gift it is a covenant a joining of my

spirit with yours that shall never be

sundered you shall never perish for how

can eternity wne how can the boundless

fade no power in existence can snatch

you from my hand for my grip is sure my


unfailing consider the lies of the field

how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin and yet I tell you even

Solomon in all his glory was not AR raid

like one of these if I so clothe the

grass of the field which today is alive

and tomorrow is cast into the oven will

I not much more clothe you oh you of

little faith trust in my provision lean

into my my love and let your heart not

be troubled in the world you have

tribulation but be of good cheer I have

overcome the world you may face trials

face heartaches that seem to press the

very breath from your lungs but within

these trials lies the making of your

faith the deepening of your Soul’s

Reliance on me the gift of eternal life

illuminates your path a beacon in the

darkest night a comfort in the fiercest

storm it is a light that not not only

shines but also warms a Perpetual

presence that chases away the shadows of

Despair do not let the Thorns of Life

deter you they are but brief they are

transient the glory that awaits you

outshines every fleeting pain every

temporary loss it sparkles on the

horizon calling you beckoning you to

press on to endure with joy the vistas

of heaven await filled with a Radiance

that dims the sun humming with a Melody

that so soothes every woe and yes there

will be deep Waters you may sometimes

feel the waves lapping at your soul

threatening to overwhelm but remember

this my precious child when you pass

through the waters I am with you and

through the rivers they shall not

overflow you you are not abandoned never

forsaken my hand is there for you to

grasp firm and unwavering hold on to me

clasp on to the shity of my love I have

engraved you upon the palms of my hands

your walls are ever before me know that

nothing can separate you from my love

not tribulation nor distress nor

persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor

Peril nor sword for in all these things

you are more than a conqueror through

him who loved you let not your heart be

troubled Nei Let It Be Afraid as the

mountains surround Jerusalem so I

surround you now and for ever the

challenges ahead they are but

opportunities for you to witness my

faithfulness to experience the depth of

my love to grow in the grace and

knowledge of your lord and

savior walk with me not in the shackles

of dread but in the freedom of Grace

embrace the adventure the Divine Journey

that is your life in me your days are

not a series of chances but a tapestry

woven with Divine Purpose each thread

each color vibrant or dark has its place

in the Masterpiece I am creating with

your time on Earth so as you navigate

the EB and flow of your days as you

climb mountains and Traverse valleys

remember who you are you are mine

beloved and cherished you are the joy

set before me as I endured the cross

despising its shame you are the reason I

Proclaim it is finished for in my

Redemption lies your victory in my

resurrection in your hope draw near to

me and I will draw near to you speak to

me in the quiet places and I will listen

look for me in the ordinary and the

mundane and you will find glimpses of

the Eternal for I am not a distant deity

but a present father a Relentless lover

a steadfast friend share this video with

your contacts if you love me

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