God Says; Be Careful! Someone Very Close Will Die Horribly If..| God message jesus |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full

video my beloved child you are a mere

mortal susceptible to imperfections and

bound by the constraints of humanity yet

in your vulnerability know that you are

enveloped in the Embrace of my boundless

Mercy regardless of the depths to which

you may descend

I am ever ready to extend my hand and

lift you from the

abyss understand my beloved that my

benevolence transcends the material

realm while Earthly riches May glitter

and fade the gifts I bestow upon you are

Everlasting and invaluable within the

confines of this Mortal plain there

exist Treasures beyond measure awaiting

your Discovery through the lens of faith

when I speak of parting the Heavens to

shower you with my blessing do not not

doubt the sincerity of my words embrace

my promises with unwavering faith for

they are not idle utterances but solemn

pledges from the depths of my Divine

heart I implore you to heed my call and

respond in kind for our connection is

not a fleeting game but a sacred Bond

forged in eternity know my cherished one

that my love for you knows no bounds nor

Secrets it is an unwavering flame that

illuminates even the darkest recesses of

your soul

let the warmth of My Affection envelop

you guiding you through the trials and

tribulations of existence in your

journey through life may you find solace

in the knowledge that you are never

alone my presence is woven into the very

fabric of your being a constant Beacon

of Hope and Redemption embrace the light

of my love and together we shall

navigate the intricacies of existence

with steadfast resolve Step Beyond the

confines of your shelter and allow the V

expanse of the sky to envelop you feel

the gentle caress of the air as it

Whispers secrets of distant lands and

let the sunlight dance upon your

skin These Are Not Mere happen stances

but deliberate offerings from my heart

to yours a testament to my boundless

love and unwavering Presence by your

side in moments of Despair and

uncertainty I have stood as your silent

Guardian orchestrating the subtle

Miracles that have shielded you from

Harm’s grasp pulling you back from the

brink of darkness and despair even in

the shadow of death my hand has guided

you ensuring that you emerge unscathed a

testament to the depth of my devotion

yet it is not merely in times of peril

that my affection for you shines

brightest in every misstep and stumble

along your journey each instance of

doubt and confusion I see an opportunity

for growth and Redemption for within you

lies a purpose a mission Uniquely Yours

to fulfill a Divine calling that beckons

you to rise above the mundane and

embrace the

extraordinary my desire is not to

dictate your path but to walk alongside

you a silent companion in the Symphony

of your existence through you I seek to

manifest my love and power infusing your

being with the Divine spark of my Holy

Spirit each day is a canvas upon which

my grace is painted a testament to the

unbreakable bond between Creator and

creation so as you stand beneath the

boundless expanse of the sky know that

you are cherished beyond measure

entrusted with a sacred task that

transcends the limitations of mortal

understanding Embrace this truth and let

it ignite the Flames of purpose within

your soul for You are not alone I am

with you always my love is an unyielding

beacon in the darkness guiding you home

as you stand on the threshold of an

extraordinary spiritual metamorphosis

the veils of mundane perception are

about to lift unveiling profound

insights into the hearts and minds of

those around you prepare to transcend

the surface layers of existence delving

into the essence of Truth and sincerity

in the Ethereal dance of Enlightenment I

shall impart unto you a treasure Trove

of boundless wisdom enriching your

Consciousness and transcending the

limitations of of mere mortal

understanding your intellect shall

Ascend to Celestial Heights infused with

the Divine Clarity that pierces through

the fog of ambiguity armed with this

sacred knowledge you shall wield a

transformative power capable of touching

the lives of multitudes let your every

action resonate with the Resonance of my

Divine decree becoming a Living

testament to the profound impact of

unwavering faith and spiritual


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trust in the unfathomable depths of my

omnipotence and open your heart and

hands to receive the overflowing

abundance of blessings that I shall

bestow upon you with unwavering

sincerity and steadfast devotion Embrace

these gifts with fervent gratitude

knowing that they are but a reflection

of my infinite grace profess your

unwavering love and faith in me until

the end relinquishing all concerns and

surrendering everything unto me I shall

assuage your fears and doubts enveloping

you with my boundless affection and

revealing the Wonders my influence can

bring into your life today holds the

promise of being truly extraordinary you

shall bear witness to a profound

transformation in your surroundings

witnessing Myriad changes in your own

life among your family and within the

demeanor of those around you

observe how Smiles Bloom on faces as

they sense my potent presence within you

they shall discern my Essence and you

shall witness their amazement as you

approach them with camaraderie and Bliss

on this day I bestow upon you abundant

wisdom and a profound Readiness to

manifest the desires of your heart I

recognize the profound yearning within

you for genuine joy and so I urge you to

place your trust in my affirmation

I am deeply attuned to your emotions

intricately woven into every fabric of

your existence I am committed to

shielding you from adversity fortifying

your character upholding your integrity

infusing you with vitality and

safeguarding you against dishonor shift

your perspective proudly Adorn your

countenance with a smile seek my

presence diligently each day and permit

tears to flow if needed hold steadfast

belief in my wavering support across all

facets of your journey embrace the love

I abundantly bestow upon you as you

offer praises and adoration feel

enveloped by my presence assuaging your

anxieties and infusing you with my

Divine Essence choose Joy even amidst

life’s trials let your smile radiate

your voice soar in song your Praises

Ascend and your hands uplift in

reverence when others question the

source of your joy

boldly declare it emanates from the

steadfast presence of the Divine though

Others May Fail to grasp your inner

peace let it not waver for my mighty

forces stand ready to Champion your

cause as you surrender fully bowing

humbly in submission relinquishing all

burdens and relying solely on my grace

your soul yearns for transformation and

I am poised to bestow upon you a heart

renewed and

rejuvenated in the near future you shall

witness the intricate unfolding of my

affection toward you proceed with

unwavering Faith relinquishing any

lingering doubts and seek me earnestly

at the dawn of each day as the sun’s

Glory illuminates your path so shall my

love illuminate your existence casting

away the shadows of doubt and

fear I urge you to recommit yourself to

the practice of prayer to fervently

pursue me to cast aside all distractions

and to surrender your thoughts and

decisions to my Divine guidance in the

face of daunting challenges and

perplexing circumstances in moments

fraught with uncertainty I reaffirm I

assert I direct and I implore walk

steadfastly in faith for all things are

achievable for those who place their

trust in me who acknowledge my presence

and who wholeheartedly believe despite

the obstacles that may obstruct their

path amen

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