God Says, “Any Person Skipping This Will Be Punished” πŸ‘† God’s Message Today

the love of God is a powerful force an

unwavering and all encompassing

affection that knows no

bounds as a child of the holy king you

are the recipient of this Divine love a

love that transcends all human

understanding yet

it is very important to understand that

this love does not Shield you from the

consequences of your

actions when God corrects or disciplines

you it is not a manifestation of his

hatred is it it is a reflection of his

deep concern for your

well-being God’s discipline serves as a

crucial purpose it is a means of

protection a way to prevent you from

stumbling into the abys of Eternal

Darkness his Corrections are like the

guiding hand of a loving parent gently

but firmly steering you away from H’s

way and guiding you toward the path of

righteousness in God’s eyes you are a

cherished child and like any loving

parent he desires to see you grow and

Thrive discipline is a tool that helps

shape your character encouraging you to

learn from your mistakes repent and

strive to become a better

person it is not about punishment but

about nurturing your spiritual growth

the concept of God as a God of Justice


fundamental he upholds the principles of

Justice ensuring that every action every

deed carries its own weight of

responsibility and

accountability even if you turn to him


Repentance there are consequences that

you must

face repentance is a power ful act one

that can soften the blow of

consequences but it does not erase them

entirely it is essential to remember

that God’s love is not selective he

loves it deeply but he loves all his

creation when you inflict harm on others

it Graves the heart of the

Lord it does not take pleasure in

witnessing harm or


instead his love calls upon you to treat

others with the same kindness compassion

and empathy that you desire for

yourself consider the story of David a

man described as a man after God’s Own

Heart even he faced Divine discipline

when he strayed and committed adultery


murder yet through it all God’s love for

David remain

unshaken may God bless you and keep you

in his loving

Embrace guiding you towards a path of

righteousness wisdom and



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