God Says, A Very Serious Decision is Made For You In “Heaven” About Your

after the next minutes you will truly

feel the divine power so don’t cut them

short or skip them you’ll feel as like

God is watching over you and caring

about you after those minutes to my

dear one things are going quite well for

you right now whatever the result the

universe is pleading with you too I

acknowledge that Discord stems solely

from my own View and

understanding of what has happened

however things begin to get better when

we acknowledge that we are being treated

like newborns and that everything will

work out all that’s lacking is your

acknowledgement life is never recognize

and value the Fulfillment and Perfection

that surround you answer yes if you

concur this is everything you need to

proceive you’re thinking clearly you are

in control of your emotions you’re

taking it on headon today counting your

blessings has deep spiritual

significance for you being fully aware

of everything became a state of

mindfulness everything is changing both

inside and outside of you you still have

time to experience your best days ahead

of you

this video should appeal to you if you

believe in God maybe you’re having

trouble right now and don’t know where

to start today God is telling you I will

carry you you are very dear to my heart

thus God is telling you this even though

you could live a stressed and anxious

life he is aware of your struggles your

restless evenings and the Injustice of

your situation

calm in the face of potentially

debilitating stress on the edge of an

unfathomable power and luck that will

result in things you could not have

accomplished on your own when you look

back you wonder yourself how did I make

it through that the explanation is that

God kept you

alive it won’t be long before God’s

Eagle wings hoist you into the Skies you

will not only make it through but you

will reach Heights you never thought

were possible say yes to take it one

keep in mind that Jesus loves everyone

even the person you find most difficult

to forgive he also gave his life for

them consider them one of the Wounded

children of God two accept

accountability for your own Deeds

everybody has a part to play God will

take care of the rest and exact

retribution on your behalf it’s no

longer your

responsibility three please understand

that no matter how awful things become

they were never intended by God to be

that way God is Liberation and healing

not sin or

Brokenness four always keep in mind the

power of jesus’ name regardless of what

you’re going through say his name aloud

again and allow it to transform you love

to all you your patience will be put to

the test if God hears and answers your

prayers if not it means he has something

greater in store for you your confidence

will increase if God answers your

prayers quickly press the yes button if

you believe in the existence of

God one of the best things in life is to

ask yourself why is this happening to me

and it changes to God thank you for

protecting me he fights Wars you don’t

know about put your trust in him God’s

constancy is guaranteed which is why we

have faith in him but is it possible

that our own hearts are being tried as

we wait will we continue to be obedient

to him will we not waver without a

question will we persistently pray and

seek his face until we receive a

response until the anguish ends till he

lets the door open as you complete your

selfhealing my beloved family and as you

near the end of your mission to collapse

the old Earth chronology in order to set

the stage for the Paradigm Shift make

gifts Miracles and resolution entering

the new Earth timeline is being launched

with today’s Scorpio new moon and the

outcomes are in the heart and emotional

bodies have now totally recovered you

might feel the presence of your depart

ancestors and the Angelic team as the

temporal shift draws to an

end they are there to help you merge

with the love and Oneness of the new

Earth allow the holy miracles to enter

your life while you cling to your

relationship with the

Divine you are experiencing Marvels at

this very moment with every step you

take toward your goals you can have

trust that you will succeed suceed it

will be worthwhile in the end if you’re

up for the

challenge your prayers have led to these

modifications and trust yourself to the

whole will of the cosmos just keep going

even if it’s only a small distance never

stop pushing yourself to develop on all

levels of your being including your

physical psychological and spiritual

aspects there’s some exciting news

coming your way observe the

indications and listen to the

environment around you the guidance you

have been seeking is about to manifest

in a most unusual

form let a wave of wisdom roll over you

as you unwind you don’t have to be

scared focus on the feeling of already

having what you’re afraid you desire set

aside your concerns and get things done

choose yes for your degree of belief

you’ve learned your lessons and now

you’re ready to take on the future with

a spirit full of love freedom and

happiness you will make decisions for

yourself going ahead in every aspect of

your life now that you are aware of your

deservingness all of your aspiration can


true blessings will come your way

because you deserve them people have

thought of you God is aware of you

hearing such comments today almost

brought me two tears and when that favor

materializes you remain in my thoughts

because you remained Dependable even in

the darkest of

circumstances I love you so much that I

I have been thinking about you press the

yes button to make sure you understand

this I want you to know that I am

talking to you today about your doubts

about your strength and ability to

complete the mission I set you the

purpose of this message is to remind us

that everything is possible when we of

Christ you have to have no fear of

pursuing or giving up on your dreams

I am cheering you on so keep going

strong I have faith in you attract money

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comments please subscribe to our Channel

if you are a devout follower of

God something remarkable is about to

happen around the corner magnificent

Marvels will open up to you as you let

go of your doubts and anxieties

acknowledge and greet them some have

strange appearances to it’s crucial to

think that everything is working out for


benefit expect moments that will change

your life in most cases one receives

what they anticipate your life’s Small

Miracles will appear larger the more you

value them whenever they arrive you

should be happy and cherish them no

matter how small they may seem gain a

new outlook on your life give up control

and have faith that the Creator will

provide for your needs in enigmatic and

wondrous ways wonders can occur in your

life in any manner you can conceive

everything is excellent

the secret is to be aware of an even

enjoy the current moment if you want to

draw more of what you desire into your

life yes it’s fantastic that you’re

eager to continue on your journey it

indicates that you’re moving forward

appropriately there’s no reason to give

up on enjoying the ride because you’re

not even close to the finished line yeah

you will attract more positive things

into your life when you Express

gratitude you ought to be happy with

your progress you’re doing wonderfully

and maintaining your

course if as your guardian angels would

have you believe you are impatiently

waiting for things to happen then time

is nothing more than an illusion just

keep in mind how quickly the time goes

by when you’re having a good

time but when you’re

impatient it’s usually because you’re

focusing on the aspects of your

circumstance that you find objectionable

which makes time seem to be slipping

away from you this is not the place to

Showcase your extraordinary

intelligence remember that the majority

of the thoughts words and beliefs you

hold create your

reality have you considered it more from

an excited than an impatient

standpoint why not take advantage of

this opportunity to prepare when it

comes to the timeline everything will

happen faster if you relax I’m doing

great your true self is trying to let

you know that although this chapter has

been difficult it has also helped to

prepare care

you the sun is still there even though

it’s not visible to you at this stormy

time in your life you can see the light

and feel the energy of a fresh start as

the storm is starting to

pass you will quickly notice it if you

haven’t already accept and acknowledge

that your recent obstacles and

disappointments have greatly accelerated


growth a whole new chapter in your life

has begun you suddenly realized that the

key you had been looking for was your

spirit’s capacity for

self-direction only you and the universe

can truly comprehend the magnitude of


metamorphosis your current faith is so

much greater than any fear that has held

you back everything Enchanted that you

haven’t yet discovered will catch you

off guard this chapter is light yours

ahead of the others in

comparison sees each instant you are

standing right in the middle of the

Breakthrough realm there is no longer

any space between you and it it doesn’t

necessarily mean that a chapter in your

life is coming to an end when one door

shuts another

opens change is finally here and even if

you’ve been waiting for it for a while

you could feel vulnerable you can move

on from anything false now that

Illusions are being revealed Unleash

Your Inner power live out your Warrior

spirit and accept the changes you have

merited Place everything where it

belongs and and find Comfort this is an

exciting time you are starting to

ReDiscover your truth and purpose you

are experiencing significant personal

transformation but things are starting

to make more sense to


you be very patient with yourself and

have faith in the process as it unfolds

given to your intuition and refrain from

overanalyzing the responses you get

everything as revealed by the signs have

confidence in yourself type yes if you

believe all it takes to unlock Limitless

abundance Jo pleasure Independence and

self assurance is a small tweak to your

morning routin do you find it

interesting click the link in the

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a torrent of

wealth please subscribe to our Channel

if you are a devout follower of

God when your soul makes its decision a

new door will open for you signs will

appear once you’re are heading in the

proper path recall that you are a Divine

being and not merely a mortal and

treasure every second of your Voyage

select individuals that exude at genuine

and genuine or at all

times break free and stop allowing

anyone to hold you back keep moving

toward your goal until you see it come

to pass I promise it

will to confirm simply type I embrace my

power the Angels want you to understand

that that your intentions directly

determine everything both good and bad

that occurs in your life something that

began as a seed and is currently

developing into something quite

different consider carefully the seeds

you are planting in the world today with

your words actions and energy so that

you can fulfill your dreams and

aspiration the f in day what you put

into life is what you get out of it the

best days are still to come God is

speaking with you today let me handle

that have total trust in me be attentive

I know this is challenging I am aware of

how difficult it can be at times do

furthermore I know that sometimes my

will is unreasonable and confusing but

please trust in me you may have faith in

me because I genuinely care about your

welfare have trust in me my intention is

to Grant you the reward that is just and

fair sometimes it will need closing a

certain door that could sometimes mean

turning down

prayer and occasionally doing so means

severing connections with people or

objects do just trust me for now believe

that I am capable please submit to my

orders trust my Approach I assure you

that my plans are better than

yours put the affirmation I am ready to

shine in

writing the Trap that the enemy devised

for you will collapse and on itself

those who are attempting to restrain you

and stir up trouble ought to keep silent

in the end the efforts will be in

effective God’s hand is actually

preparing you for a

promotion even though it looks like you

are up against resistance to have faith

is to fully rely on God are confronted

with a challenge that you are not fully

knowledgeable about giving oneself over

to Christ and accepting helplessness in

the face of uncertainty is what it means

to trust trust Fosters the growth of

faith when we approach stories from the

perspective of traveling to a

destination God frequently leaves us

with a clue however small about how they

will end sometimes God will show you the

general outline of his perfect future

but he may not reveal all the

details when prompted respond with I’m

optimistic to show how positive you are

God knows everything that you have gone

through and will go through and he will

say to you in the future what he said to

his disciples in the past whatever stage

of life you are in he invites us to walk

in peace today giving us the strength of

the Holy

Spirit never forget that even in the

face of change frustration loss

confusion and uncertainty in this life

Jesus knows your face has seen you and

still loves you keep your composure your

faith on this Meandering route will be

duly rewarded God’s

child your father has seen how resilient

you are in the face of difficulty he

heard you begging with him in the quiet

of the night he promises that he won’t

ever abandon you he’s got an amazing

prize for your

trust believer you are not entirely

hopeless I understand that there seem to

be never ending battles to be had your

morning is approaching despite the fact

that the days and nights are both

lengthy each Dawn raises the chance that

perhaps maybe this is the day I’ve been

looking forward to too every Sunrise

offers a chance for a new beginning

maybe this is the pivotal moment when

there seems to be no end in sight you

are in pain you are full of questions

and you are unsure of what to do God is

good his kindness is not based on our

current circumstances but rather on his

unchangeable character I accept this

steadfast reality even when it feels

like everything is going out of control

God is benevolent even in the most dire

situations everything is in his hands

even this very instant and he will

always utilize it to exalt his name no

matter what top thank you Lord for

showing me the truth about your grace I

ask that you anoint me with your holy

spirit so that I will always have your

wisdom I ask that your word’s truth find

a place in my heart God please help me

see clearly and protect my heart and

mind from Temptation and dishonesty that

would divert me from the truth that you

have shown me I ask in the name of

Jesus God says no matter how things seem

to be going right now you are going to

succeed I recognize that your family

your health and your finances are

important to you but you can’t give

up remember that I am by your side at

all times I will bestow upon you

benefits today Serenity healing and

victory if you continue to be strong and

Resolute be ready to welcome them

because I will turn this awful situation

into something

lovely blessings will abound angels will

guard you the holy spirit will lead you

and your money will grow God is telling

you today that you will get better

health all of your wants will be

satisfied and you will be showered with

benefits and opportunities

today God has said there will be reason

for rejoicing before the end of this

month even though things have been

challenging you shouldn’t lose hope

proceed this is The Season’s turning

moment for you and it’s being used

against you the all powerful is

supporting you you’ve overcome

this God is saying to you today I will

see you through this despite your

mistakes he acknowledges your mental and

physical weariness but he also says you

have to keep going no matter how many

obstacles or delays you have faced I

will still heal and bless you and bring

that dream to

pass continue to have faith in your

dreams for your life I am dependable and

will as I have in the past heal repair

and open your path continue to pray and

stay on the path that I have for you

I’ve not changed since

then to reassure yourself just type I’m

gentle with

myself your family your health the

health of a loved one your finances and

your career all appear to be bearing

down on you at this moment God wants you

to know know that he recognizes the

weight of that

responsibility it is difficult for you

to get out of bed in the morning but you

are not alone put all your troubles on

me my sweetheart and I will help you

recover and be strong you don’t need to

worry I’ll make and Supply whatever you

require you have access to all the

resources of Heaven enter yes once

you’re ready stop worrying it is being

told to you today God guarantees that

this anguish will end and that you will

overcome it I’m going to open the gates

of heaven and Grant you the desires and

blessings you have been longing for it’s

your time to be blessed with Love Money

health and New Opportunities this is a

new season in things will start to fall

into place for you we have to take

action right away you felt the lessons

were sufficient I’m very happy for you

you achieved great success you continue

to believe in spite of the obstacles you

didn’t want to give up you were

tenacious through everything you are

currently receiving my favor and you

will soon fully benefit from it you will

be telling a very different story very

soon a story of how you’ve been blessed

with fortunate happenings outstanding

accomplishment that provides inspiration

seeing the challenges you faced and

eventually conquered will motivate great

number of people I am writing your story

and setting the course for your actions

I hope your morning is going well our

adversary Ares are arranging for our

demise he is pushing us to be content

with what we have in accept our place in

life despite the fact that we are hit

hard every day the cross of Jesus Christ

is always with

us and we are never crushed bewildered

hopeless persecuted or destroy for the

purpose of the Gospel being shared

through US thus whenever you

feel like you’re going to lose keep in

mind that Jesus has already

triumphed just put I am evolving to make

sure refuse to consume food stop denying

and believe regardless of whether you

are the one who requires a religious

Maxim to keep you going or if you’re

looking for the ideal words to say to a

friend or family member who is having


we hope that these Bible passages will

remind you that the Lord is always with

you and act as a Beacon of Hope when

things seem dark for you the enemy wants

you to live a life of thievery and

murder and destruction God warns us that

the devil prows around like a roaring

lion looking for someone to devour so be

alert to his schemes take good care of

yourself once you’re ready press yes and

share this video with five people who

believe in


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  1. God heal me and my family 👪. Lord Jesus Christ 🙏 ❤ bless us with faith in you and power to remember always you in good times, as well as, in difficult times. Fill us with the 9 fruits of holy spirit. Amen 🙏


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