God Says : A Message of Hope for the Sick | God message jesus |

God’s message for you

today when life gets tough especially

when you’re sick know that God’s right

there with

you being sick can really mess things up

like a sudden storm crashing into your

life but don’t worry because God is like

your flashlight your hope and your

doctor when you’re sick just talk to God

he hears you and your belief in him can

do amazing

things getting better is like a special

gift from God sometimes through

science sometimes through a miracle it

might take time and be hard but trust

that God knows the right

timing you might feel scared and unsure

but keep your faith your thoughts and

trust in God really matter for getting

better get support from your friends

family and doctors they’re all part of

God’s plan to help

you even if things don’t go exactly as

you pray keep thanking God and trusting


plan getting better might happen in ways

you didn’t expect but remember that God

knows what’s best for

you your journey through being sick and

getting better is special and shows how

strong you

are write if you believe in God comment

thank you God

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