God Says : A Message of Hope and Faith | God message jesus |

God has a message for you

today my dear child life can be tough

like a field full of challenges with

storms and strong wines but remember

your faith is like a strong tree rooted

in God who is steady Like a

Rock Faith isn’t about what’s happening

around you it’s about believing in

promises that last forever even when

things seem unclear keep moving forward

with faith knowing that God is guiding

you sometimes Faith feels fragile like a

small flame but even a tiny bit can

change everything don’t worry about

doubts they come and go but your faith

is like the sun that keeps Shining

on your journey the best moments often

happen when you trust in God trust is

important because it lets God lead you

through life even when things are

uncertain trust God with everything

because God knows better than you do and

sees things you

can’t when times get tough remember that

God is like an Ang anchor calming your

worries trust isn’t just about getting

what you want it’s also about being okay

with what God decides trust that things

will happen at the right time and try to


positive comment I belong to God and

trust that good things are coming your


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