God Says : A Message of Hope and Faith from God | God message jesus |

here’s a message from God for you

today you are special and unique in

God’s eyes he wants to speak to your

heart through these inspiring words so

you can understand and embrace the

purpose he has for

you from the moment God created you he

gave you the gift of life you’re a

symbol of his love and purpose

just like a skilled Craftsman create

something with care God created each of

us with a specific plan in mind for his

greatest creation filled with his grace

wisdom and

love if you’re wondering about your

purpose God says it’s already within you

it’s a purpose of love hope and making


right your purpose might show itself

through the things you’re passionate

about or the talent you have God gave

each of us unique gifts to use for

good sometimes finding your purpose

means facing challenges and learning

more about

yourself you’re an important part of

God’s plan connect connected to others

in a bigger

picture trust in God and in yourself

know that you’re living out the purpose

he has for you every

day if you have faith in God type thank

you God in the comments

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