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today’s message from God to

you loneliness is tough it feels like a

heavy weight making you feel empty ins

say but know this I’m always with

you loneliness happens to everyone at

some point whether it’s because someone

you love is gone or you’re far from

friends and family or you just feel

disconnected even in a cry

when you’re lonely talk to me share your

thoughts and

feelings sometimes being alone can be

good it gives you time to think and feel

things deeply especially about our

connection in silence and Solitude I

often speak to you guiding your thoughts

and showing you the way forward even

when you can’t feel me I am still here

loving you

endlessly remember you’re part of

something bigger connected to everything

around you each day is a chance to start

fresh and

grow simple things like sunshine

laughter and kindness can bring hope

back into your life so be grateful for

times alone they can lead you too

discover new things about yourself and


spiritually surround yourself with

people who care about you and know that

I am always here to listen comfort and


you if you think there’s a God WR thank

you God as your comment

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