God Says : A Heartfelt Message from Jesus | God message jesus |

my dear son my dear daughter since

forever I’ve given you so many good

things every time you breathe or your

heart beats it’ss because I care about

you being grateful means saying thanks

for all the good things I’ve given you

it’s like saying wow I appreciate all

the good stuff in my life

when you’re grateful you’re not just

saying thanks for what you already have

you’re also opening yourself up to

getting even more good

stuff gratitude helps you grow inside

like good food for your soul it makes

you feel better even when things are

tough so thank you for everything big or

small even the little things

matter gratitude isn’t about how big the

good stuff is it’s about noticing all

the good stuff no matter how

small decide to be thankful every day

even when things aren’t perfect fine

reasons to smile even when you’re

sad even when things are really hard

there’s still something two be thankful

for tough times can lead to better

times gratitude helps you feel calm even

when things are scary or

sad each time you choose to be grateful

it helps you feel better it’s like

turning bad feelings into good

ones if you believe in God’s blessings

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