God Says; 999 People Just Skipped God Will You Skip Him

God is saying to you today

my faithful child absolutely nothing in

the entire realm of existence escapes

God’s perception every aspect is brought

to light and exposed before the Gaze of

Theon II whom we are obligated to

provide an explanation so watch this

completely without skipping this

creating my child rejection does no

longer mean that it is the stop of your

Lifestyles it method which you have

higher things stored via me for you

because the answer to that rejection

you recognize about what came about in

the lifestyles of Joseph Joseph became

rejected by means of his very own

Brothers they plotted to kill him

later Joseph turned into the one who had

helped them by means of being the

blessing in their lifestyles in the same

way do not worry approximately who

rejected you why to procure rejected at

that point accept is true Within Me

when I made and dispatched you to This

Global I already made plans to bless

your existence Prosper your life so a

rejection does now not mean that it is

the end of your life but it approach

that I actually have higher superb

matters for you have faith in me

type how man if you believe in God Jesus

and Bible verse Matthew to to

says when Jesus noticed a gathering

multitude he ascended to hell and took a

seat as followers approached him and he

initiated his instruction to them

my pricey child I pay attention your

earnest prayer for the achievements of

the missionaries who are spreading love

and hope around the sector your

compassionate coronary heart touches me

deeply and I want you to understand that

your needs were heard

the efforts of those missionaries are

indeed commendable as they paintings

tirelessly to deliver positivity and

Solace to those in need I guarantee you

that I am watching over them guiding

their moves and presenting energy during

challenging instances

their journey is an embodiment of your

personal empathy and preference to make

the arena a better location

God says type why yes if you want my


remember the path they tread isn’t

always continually smooth however your

support through thoughts and prayers is

a supply of encouragement for them

your aim to help and uplift others

resonates with the very essence of

spreading love and wish as you continue

to maintain them on your mind can also

you discover consolation and

understanding that you’re being

concerned Spirit contributes to their


your aim to help and uplift others

resonates with the very essence of

spreading love and wish as you continue

to maintain them on your mind can also

you discover consolation and

understanding that you’re being

concerned Spirit contributes to their


my infant preserve nurturing this

beautiful empathy inside you for its

miles of reflection of the goodness that

exists within the global your heartfelt

prayers have reached me and I will watch

over the missionaries as they maintain

to unfold Love and Hope Illuminating the

lives of many

share this powerful message is .

people who is closest to your heart

speak this Seven Lions every morning

one I am blessed past measures

two I am grateful for all what I have

and could accomplish

three I am organized to take benefit of

the amazing possibilities presented to


four I Will Never Surrender on my dreams

and desires

five I accomplish something I attention

six I am dependable and inventive . I

am effective person who draws effective

situations for achievement

if you have faith in God right amen

listen carefully today amid life’s

challenges God’s unwavering message

resounds maintain faith in me not to

circumstances like the Israelites guided

toward a promised land their path beset

by the Red Sea doubts clouded their

faith yearning for Egypt they lost sight

of the divine plan similarly in your

life struggles May test Faith but recall

the promised blessings Prosperity

protection provision words that Echo

truth every utterance from God manifests

purpose nothing spoken returns voy hold

steadfast trusting as the Red Sea parted

forging a path to the prepared land

Embrace unwavering belief God’s plans

are meticulous always remember the

promise endures

if bestowed it shall be fulfilled let

these truths bolster your faith and

navigate life see with unwavering


subscriber to the channel if you truly

believe in God

affirmation today is a day of joy and

serenity I am rooted and balanced I

appreciate my wonderful life abundant

with blessings I never gate my day with

awareness elegance and affection

God declares in the moments when doubt

appears recall that I have named you and

set you apart you hold Great Value I in

my gaze and I have selected you to carry

my love and light to the world you

possess the abilities and skills needed

to impact who’s near you type yes if you

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people who trust God

groceries God we thanks that despite the

fact that we have our very own idea of

how our lifestyles need to look often

starting off in line with our plans that

joyful motive prevails we ask what you

set off us when we set out to make plans

that we lead them to in accordance in

your will and no longer our very own

we ask that you remind us to come back

along you as we surrender every detail

to meet your more motive please align

our hearts with yours I




is precisely Who We Are the world

remains unfamiliar with us because it

failed to recognize him beloved

companions we are now God’s children

and while our future form remains a

mystery we are certain that when Christ

reveals himself we shall become like him

beholding him in his true nature those

who hold on to this hope strive to

purify themselves just as he is

immaculate minus John

God claims I understand the Deep

disappointment that comes from deferred

hope it can be incredibly tough to

maintain faith and keep pushing forward

when life delivers blows that knock the

wind out of you

the Shattered Dreams the missed

opportunities failed relationships and

closed doors they all weigh heavily on

your spirit leaving you feeling

disheartened and defeated

but even in these moments of Despair

remember that as long as you’re alive

There’s Hope God’s work isn’t finished

and his promises remain steadfast it’s

time to rise up once more to rekindle

your hope to find belief again and to

trust in God’s plan though the path may

be difficult He will carry you through

embrace the strength within you for He

Who vowed is forever faithful as you age

a transformative process occurs the

compulsion to conformed dwindles

recognizing the exhaustion and pretense

and yielding boundaries are set against

exploitation and the word no Finds Its

strength Petty disturbances fade

replaced by a focus on personal Bliss

the Allure of others impressive profiles

wanes supplanted by a deep contemplation

of your own aspiration time matures this

mindset fostering a yearning for genuine

companionship surrounding seek a shift

favoring Souls that uplift cherish and

harmonize with yours type our man if you

believe and subscribe our channel to

grow our community and make a donation

to us through super thank


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