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for God has not called us for impurity

but in Holiness therefore whoever

disregards this disregards not man but

God who gives his holy spirit to you

Thessalonians and dear listener

we know that our Salvation is a result

of God’s Sovereign Grace and our faith

in Jesus Christ we are saved not by any

good works we do but by Jesus sacrifice

on the cross however one essential

aspect of our faith is the realization

that true faith is never alone but is

always accompanied by a transformed life

when God calls us he wants us to live

pure lives and be dedicated to doing

what’s right because God’s holy spirit

lives in us we have the power to say no

to things that lead us away from

honoring and pleasing God it’s a daily

reminder for us to live in a way that

shows we are grateful for God’s love so

what can we learn from this passage

first we understand that salvation isn’t

just a way to get into heaven it’s a

life-changing experience that makes us

more like Jesus it’s a constant reminder

to live in a way that pleases God in

everything we think say and do second we

realize that when God calls us to live

holy lives it’s not like someone is just

asking us to do something it’s actually

God himself calling us because of our

faith we should want to honor and obey

God he has given us his holy spirit to

guide and Empower us as we try to live

holy lives lastly as Believers we

understand that any growth in Holiness

is thanks to God’s love and work in us

we can’t become holy on our own it’s a

free gift from God he enables us to live

holy lives the scripture says delight

yourself in the Lord and He will give

you the desires of your heart psalm

delight yourself in the Lord means

finding Joy contentment and satisfaction

in having a close relationship with God

it involves seeking his presence

studying his word and aligning our life

with his teachings it is about making

Jesus the center of our lives and

finding fulfillment in him alone when we

truly delight in God our desires align

with his will and purpose for our lives

our desires become transformed and we

begin to desire what God desires for us

that’s why the verse says and he will

give you the desires of your heart the

verse is not a guarantee that God will

fulfill every selfish or worldly desire

we may have instead it is an assurance

that when we find our joy and

satisfaction in God our desires will

align with his like if you


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