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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child how I cherish our

relationship together every season of

your life is an opportunity for you to

grow closer to me do not fear the

transitions or unknowns ahead I remain

constant through it all you can fully

rely on my faithfulness When Everything

feels uncertain and shaken around you

remember that I am steady and sure I

know the plans I have for you plans to

give you a hope in future stay anchored

in my unconditional love my faithful

promises never fail even when your

circumstances tempt you to doubt stand

firm on the truth of my word which

stands forever settled in heaven it will

not return void your limited perspective

prevents you from seeing all that I am

doing behind the scenes on your behalf

but trust my heart toward you even

through discipline I am refining you for

greater glory type Amen in the comments

and don’t forget to share this message

with up to three people so that God can

help you the path before you may feel

intimidating and unclear at the moment

but take my hand beloved I will lead you

along the very best route my discernment

is perfect follow me one step at a time

your times are in my hands every day has

already been prepared for you by your

loving father do not fear tomorrow but

trust me completely with all that is to

come my plans for your life are always

good not evil even pain has purpose if

you walk it out in dependency on me when

you feel discouraged press into my

presence I will lift you up again you

honor me profoundly when you choose to

wait quietly and Trust the outcome to me

Fring and panic cannot add one moment to

your life be still in me my beloved do

not rely on your own understanding in

all your ways acknowledge me and I will

direct your path perfectly stay humble

and teachable before me take refuge in

my Sheltering Wing When Storms assail

you and the winds howl do not be

shaken I am your rock and your salvation

a very present help in trouble my ways

and thoughts are higher than your own

you may not understand all I am allowing

today but trust my heart of pure love

toward you my plans are good do not fear

the unknown future or dwell on the cares

of Tomorrow sufficient for today is the

grace I provide walk with me one moment

at a time trusting me fully my precious

child take comfort in this all things

are working together for your Eternal

good because you love me and are called

for my purposes Rest In This Promise

the path of righteousness I set before

you will lead exactly where I want you

to go do not detour onto fruitless

rabbit Trails follow me closely

beloved never doubt how deeply I care

especially in your weakest moments when

you stumble and fall my Mercy lifts you

back up my sufficient Grace awaits you

the trials you face are producing

endurance and maturity as you lean

wholly on me I use all things to conform

you to my image

trust my refining process if you want

God grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of effort I know

the deepest desires of your heart dreams

yet to be fulfilled do not lose hope or

grow cynical in due time I will bring

them to pass just keep seeking me my

timing is Flawless though it differs

greatly from your own what seems seems

delayed often is not denial but Divine

preparation wait joyfully on my perfect

timing do not judge my faithfulness

based on how smoothly your life

unfolds those who suffer lack nothing of

value if they know me you have my

kingdom promise I understand how your

difficult circumstances tempt you to

feel forgotten but beloved nothing could

be further from the

truth you are etched in my palm and

never leave my mind when friendships

change or Wayne do not feel abandoned I

remain your faithful companion through

every season of loss and change pour out

your heart to me my plans for your

future always include hope as surely as

I led Israel long ago out of captivity I

am leading you into joy peace and

purpose stay close to me my child do not

fear the unknowns ahead they are known

to me prepared by me take confidence

that your time times and days have been

assigned with meaning and care when

dreams die or plans crumble that you

believed were from me do not despair

trust that I have something better in

mind keep following as I realign your

path my beloved child you honor me

profoundly when you choose joy and

Thanksgiving even in the valley of

weeping this sacrifice is precious to me

I see your faith never feel stuck in

isolation or boredom you can talk with

me anytime anywhere if you want God’s

message to guide you further like the

video and share it as much as possible

together we will co-create each moment

with meaning and purpose just say the

word when prayers go unanswered and

silence seems long trust my heart still

inclines toward

you I hear every cry in time you will

see my wisdom and love in the weight if

plans unfold differently than you

expected do not conclude I failed you my

ways are higher yield to my shepherding

I guide you to Green Pastures of Peace

do not fear the changing seasons beloved

winter melts into spring difficult

Seasons give way to Joy have hope in me

I make all things beautiful in proper

time in every circumstance and trial

cling fervently to my

promises what I have spoken will come to

pass in due time though the wait seems

long trust in me when the world feels

harsh and friendships disappoint you

pour out your heart to me I alone am

totally trustworthy I understand you

completely and accept you fully my plans

cannot be thwarted by any power or

principality what I have spoken will

come to pass without delay not one of my

promises will fail you do not listen to

voices that condemn and accuse you the

only voice that truly matters is mine my

word words bring life and hope to your

spirit listen only to

me I know your deepest desires and

dreams do not conclude I withheld or

deny the good gifts you long for keep

following me in due time you will

understand and rejoice my child your

current wounds and heartaches have not

escaped my notice if you believe in God

then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the

comments allow me to bathe them in my

healing presence your comforter and

healer is near I am orchestrating

everything in your life the moments

mundane and Monumental to align with my

glorious plan for you do not discount

any experience even when everything and

everyone around you seems to shift and

fade have hope in this I am Remains the

same yesterday today and forever you can

rely fully on me every day you have

breath is a day to Rejoice my beloved

you have a purpose prepared that only

you can

fulfill walk in this identity and

calling trust that I know the way

through your every struggle and

trial my grace always proves sufficient

if you rely fully on my strength stay


course even when you feel Forsaken and

forgotten truth remains you have been

engraved on the palms of my

hands you never leave my thoughts I am

with you my plans for your future are

full of Hope and

goodness the only lens that matters is

my perspective

set your Gaze on the Glorious Destiny I


prepared my beloved child you honor me

through steadfast trust in my

faithfulness even when nothing makes

sense keep leaning into me you will

emerge refined as

gold I know your pain runs deep and

circumstances seem unfair but trust my

heart toward you in time you will see my

purpose in it all I waste nothing do not

buy the lies that you are invisible to

me or unimportant in My Kingdom

all of Heaven celebrates as you walk in

the purpose I planned walk with your

head held high my beloved

child the king of Heaven fought for you

and paid the highest price to make you

his own you are loved those storms will

inevitably come if you believe that God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel if you do not believe feel free

to leave keep your eyes fixed on me your

anchor I will keep your boat from

sinking you are safe with me

my faithful love for you will endure

from generation to generation forever

the same what I have spoken over you

will come to pass in my proper timing

amen my child click on the join button

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