God Says ➨ Your Time Will Run Out Don’t Ignore Me| God message jesus |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

beloved child in this tender Embrace

feel the warmth of my love surrounding

you let the world fade away as you close

your eyes and sense my presence

enveloping you hear these words

whispered to the depths of your soul I

cherish you today and

always I am by your

side I’ve witnessed your

tears and I understand the weight upon

your heart know this I am the

almighty the creator of all

things and nothing escapes my gaze your

every sorrow every concern is known to


intimately loneliness can be a heavy

burden especially when those you counted

on depart

leaving you weary and bereft of

Solace but understand Nothing in Your

Existence lies beyond my sovereign reach

my love speaks a language your spirit

recognizes a voice that has soothed your

anguish in times past I remain the

unchanging God the source of your joy


fortitude listen closely for my voice is

calling out to you let not your heart be

hardened this love is the very essence

you seek

pursued for the exaltation of my name I

am your Shield your

Advocate and though the trials may seem

insurmountable I shall orchestrate all

for your ultimate good never forsaking

nor abandoning

you my tender words shall dry your tears

mend your wounds and transform your

deepest sorrows into exultant

Joy I am the Alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end I shall Infuse

your spirit with boundless delight and

at dawn I shall emerge as your Liberator

your Champion your steadfast Guardian do

you recognize me

beloved though outwardly you may exude

strength I perceive the ache within your

heart shed your tears if you must for I

adore you and you must Embrace this

eternal truth in the Tempest of life’s

trials when the Winds of adversity howl

and the waves of cha threatened to

engulf your spirit know this my love for

you is unwavering unyielding and eternal

through every Twist and Turn through

every unexpected sorrow and

disappointment if you believe in God

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steadfast a Beacon of Hope in the

darkest of nights you have weathered

many storms my dear and toiling

tirelessly pouring your heart and soul

into Endeavors that often went

unappreciated but listen

closely for I have a truth to impart

your resilience your unwavering

dedication is a testament to the

boundless love that surrounds you you

are cherished not only by me but by the

very architect of the

cosmos amidst the clamor of a world that

may sometimes seem indifferent or cruel

remember this my love for you transcends

the fleeting affections of Mortals

though Others May falter though their

actions May wound you my love remains

unshakable a sanctuary in which you can

always find

Solace so my beloved take heart let my

love be your Guiding Light Illuminating

the path ahead with its radiant warmth

You are not alone in this journey you

are cherished you are valued and you are

deeply loved and as you rest your weary

head upon your pillow each night know

that my Whispers of affection will

accompany you into the realm of dreams

and with each New Dawn you will awaken

to a world transformed by The Power of

Love when weariness weighs heavy upon

your shoulders and the road ahead

appears daunting remember this within

the sanctuary of my presence awaits a

treasure beyond

measure come forth weary traveler and

claim your

reward bow before me and embrace the

blessings that await for when you humbly

beseech me your reward is not merely

ephemeral but Everlasting it is the

strength to

persevere the joy that transcends

circumstance and the inexhaustible

Wellspring of love that resides within

your very being in my presence there is

no need for pretense for I see beyond

the facade and into the depths of your

soul seek Solace within the confines of

your chamber where The Whispers of your

heart are heard by my attentive ear know

that I am here enveloping you in my

boundless love soothing your spirit and

mending the wounds that afflict you your

cries do not fall upon deaf ears for I

am the steadfast guardian of my promises

and my Aid is

assured so lay down your burdens and

find respit In My Embrace

go forth with renewed Vigor For You are

not alone in your journey with every

step you take walk in the knowledge that

your heavenly father walks beside you

guiding your path with unwavering love

unfailing Grace and unyielding support

in the depths of

vulnerability amidst The Echoes of

perceived failure there exists a

profound knowing within you it is the

recognition that even amidst the

shattered fragments of plans gone on aai

and amidst the inevitable missteps that

Mark the human

Journey there resides a boundless Grace

and an unwavering Mercy each Dawn

presents an invitation a silent

beckoning to open your eyes with renewed

hope to lend an ear to the Whispers of

divine guidance once more it is within

these moments of quiet Awakening that

the strength to confront the day’s

challenges is

found I implore you to Harbor a

steadfast belief not merely in the

promise of a future adorned with

Serenity and Jubilation but in the very

essence of my being cling tenaciously to

the Wellspring of love that flows

ceaselessly both within and around you

Embrace Life with an unyielding fervor

for therein lies the essence of

existence itself in the face of

adversity let not despondency take root

within your spirit when obstacles Loom

large let not sorrow overshadow your

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can imagine amidst the clamor of

detractors remember the inherent worth

that is reflected in the Gaze of divine

affection should the World cast you

aside anchor yourself firmly in the

unwavering certainty of my

love this is your epic a time when the

Treasures of the Soul both temporal and


shall unfurl in resplendant

abundance from The Crucible of past

tribulations shall emerge the sacred

jewels of wisdom and

Enlightenment adorning the tapestry of

your journey with Brilliance

unparalleled in the midst of your

current place I pour out my blessings

upon you in abundance for I have singled

you out for magnificent purposes direct

your gaze towards me in prayer allowing

your heart to bow in humility and

fervently present your please to me each

day I pledge to shower blessings upon

you and your kin even in the presence of

others while outwardly you may exude

strength I intimately understand the

depths of your heart and the sources of


anguish should tears beckon let them

flow freely for it is

permissible embrace the truth of my

boundless love for you in the tempests

of Life amid its complexities and

unforeseen trials and in moments of

inflicted pain remember always I have

cherished you I cherish you and I shall

continue to do so

unfailingly this message you must

internalize and I shall Echo it

ceaselessly throughout your

days as you Slumber I shall tenderly

murmur my affection in your ear and upon

waking you shall discern the

transformation that has taken

place years of toil you have expended

pouring out your essence dedicating

yourself to those who have failed to

recognize your devotion yet heed this

vital truth persevere in love and in the

fight bestowing blessings upon those

around you for you are cherished by the

architect of the cosmos my love eclipses

and outweighs all human affection and

recognition you may Seek many have

faltered in their regard for you and

they shall persist in doing so but my

love stands

unwavering eternal and Flawless it is

yours for eternity impervious to any

attempt to rest it away in the depth of

your weariness when the weight of the

world seems unbearable know that you are


alone within the sanctuary of My Embrace

you are cherished beyond measure let

this assurance be your

Solace your Guiding Light through the

darkest of nights if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel amidst the trials that test

your resolve

when doubt Whispers its poison and

despair threatens to engulf you remember

the promise that awaits in my presence

there in the hallowed sanctuary of

prayer lies a treasure Trove of

blessings waiting to be claimed kneel in

humility open your heart and receive the

abundant grace that flows

unconditionally your efforts though they

may seem feudal at times are not in vain

each step each St struggle is a

testament to your resilience and

unwavering spirit for within you resides

a reservoir of boundless strength a

testament to the indomitable power of

love that fuels your journey in my

presence pretense holds no sway you need

not mask your vulnerabilities or hide

your fears for I see you as you truly

are behind closed doors in the sanctity

of solitude pour out your heart in


supplication I am there

listening intently infolding you in the

Embrace of my unfailing love your

prayers are not in vain for they are the

Whispers of a cherished Soul reaching

out to its creator with each heartfelt

plea I draw closer soothing the Restless

Echoes of doubt and healing the wounds

that afflict your weary heart know this

my beloved you seek my Aid not out of

obligation but out of the boundless love

that binds us together

my promises are steadfast my commitment

unwavering take comfort in the knowledge

that I am beside you

always guiding your steps lifting you up

when you

falter even in moments of weakness when

failure looms large and hope seems but a

distant memory remember this truth you

are never

alone for I am with you my beloved child

and in my presence you will find the

strength to rise the peace to

endure and the joy to carry you through

every trial I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

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