God Says ➨ Your Final Farewell on May 5th Don’t Ignore | God message jesus |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child in the EB and flow of

life’s tumultuous Seas remember this

amidst the crashing waves and swirling

storms my grace remains boundless and my


unwavering in moments of falter and

misstep know that I never faltered in my

love for you nor shall I ever especially

when your need is most dire when sorrow

weighs heavy upon your heart and despair

Whispers In the Shadows of your soul

greet the dawn with hopeful eyes for

therein lies The Whisper of my presence

guiding you through the

day I beseech you hold fast to Faith

cling fiercely to the tether of my love

and to the precious gift of life

itself despite the trials that beset you

press onward for I have woven promises

into the fabric of your existence when

adversity assails do not

yield when challenges Loom do not be

disheartened remember always the worth

you possess in my sight even amidst the

scorn of others let your belief in this

truth be steadfast and unwavering behold

this is is the season of your Ascension

where the trials of today birth the

treasures of tomorrow in this appointed

time and place I shall lavish upon you

Abundant Blessings for I have ordained

you for

greatness seek me in the Silence of

prayer let humility need the soil of

your heart and present your fervent

supplications before me each day Revel

in the sweetness of my presence and

watch as the desires of your heart

unfurl in

fulfillment in the echoing Stillness of

your heart these words

resonate a symphony of assurance and

guidance crafted just for you feel the

weight of their

significance for they are not mere

Whispers In The Wind but profound

Declarations of faith and

empowerment as you stand at the

threshold of another year let these

words be the compass guiding your

journey take each step with purpose for

you bear the weight of responsibility a

mantle entrusted to you this is your

time a sacred moment pregnant with

possibilities sees it with the

conviction of one who understands the

gravity of their calling know this in

the depths of your being You Are Not

Alone a divine presence walks beside you

unseen yet palpable a constant companion

in the ebb and flow of life’s tumultuous

currents he is your father your origin

your Confidant in the darkest hours

your unwavering support in the face of

adversity if you believe in God then

like the video and leave a heartfelt

Amen in the comments in the tapestry of

existence you are woven with threads of

purpose and Destiny your journey is not

solitary for his hand guides your steps

ever leading you forward even through

the shadowed valleys and the trials that

Loom large on the horizon he is your

Shield against the arrows of doubt your

refuge in the storm’s Fury when doubts

assail and fears whisper Insidious lies

remember this truth you are cherished


measure no earthly tribulation can sever

the bond between Creator and creation

his strength courses through your veins

a reservoir of courage in moments of

uncertainty though the world may clamor

with discordant voices and the future

may seem shrouded in

uncertainty hold fast to the assurance

that you are cradled in his Embrace let

not the cacophony of Life disturb your

inner peace for within his presence lies


unbounded when sickness prows like a

silent predator and despair threatens to

Eclipse Hope’s flickering flame take

solace in the knowledge that your life

rests securely in his

hands your well-being is not subject to

the whims of Fate but is intricately

woven into the fabric of his divine plan

fear not for you are fortified by the

indomitable Spirit of resilience let

courage be your compass guiding you

through the uncharted waters of the

unknown for in his unfailing love you

find the strength to weather life storms

and emerge Victorious so my friend Heed

These words as a Beacon of Hope in the

vast expanse of

uncertainty embrace the journey that

lies ahead with unwavering faith for in

his presence you find the courage to

soar on wings of destiny listen closely

and absorb these promises deeply into

your being take a moment to Center

yourself with me laying be all your


thoughts and

fears I acknowledge your past

missteps yet I stand here ready to offer


Absolution with my present I shall

cleanse you of the burdensome weight of

guilt and remorse liberating you from

their oppressive

grasp each time you seek me I shall

fortify you blessing you abundantly and

multiplying your blessings manifold know

this your path is Laden with tasks and

obligations let no obstacle or adversary

hinder your progress do you comprehend

the significance of my words affirm your

belief in them the curses hurled by your

foes shall not touch you the snares they

set shall ens snare only themselves I am

ever Vigilant observing your every move

your every moment of rest and


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support means more than you can imagine

my Celestial Guardians encircle you

wielding fiery swords to safeguard Your

Existence and

honor empowered by me you possess the

resilience to surmount any Peril or

threat fear not for no harm shall befall

you and no Force shall dominate you this

journey demands your unwavering

resolve stride forth with

confidence gazing steadfastly towards


heavens pay no heed to those who seek to

undermine you within my grasp you are

secure shielded from stumbling upon the

obstacles they lay in your

path stand

Resolute undaunted by their Bluster or

scorn show no fear for they perceive it

as weakness remain steadfast anchoring

your focus on

me their attempts to undermine you are

inconsequential they are powerless

against my Divine

Authority when confronted by the

radiance of my truth they shall recoil

their nefarious intentions laid bare

before my Majestic

light in the radiant glow of honesty and

Truth bask in the assurance that Victory

is not just a distant hope but a present

reality already woven into the fabric of

your being feel the Tranquil Embrace of

this truth knowing that a shield of

protection surrounds you and your loved

ones repelling any malevolent force that

dares to encroach upon your

peace let your heart find solace in the

knowledge that you need not fret over

the intentions of those who Harbor ill

will towards you for their malice shall

never breach the Fortress of love that

envelops you today seize each moment

with exuberance relinquishing all

apprehensions to the Divine Providence

that watches over you walk the path of

life with a lightness of spirit for you

are accompanied by Celestial Guardians

who walk beside you Whispering words of

encouragement and showering you with



remember in the tapestry of existence

you are not a solitary thread but a

cherished Masterpiece deserving of every

blessing and Grace that the Universe

bestows upon you amidst the tumult of

the world world’s

Affairs know that the divine presence

remains steadfast by your side an

unwavering Beacon of guidance and

support in moments when Solitude seems

to envelop you like a shroud and The

Echoes of your voice dissipate into the

void take comfort in the unwavering

truth that you are never truly

alone your heavenly father with arms

outstretched and heart brimming with

boundless love stands ready to receive

your every plea and offer Solace for

every burden you carry regardless of the

Shadows that may stain your past or the

uncertainties that cloud your future

know that the love bestowed upon you

knows no bounds or conditions you are

cherished beyond measure a treasured

child in the eyes of the Divine worthy

of Pride and affection Beyond

Compare amidst the EB and flow of life’s

currents know this my beloved my love

for you transcends the fleeting whims of

emotion it is an unwavering truth

a steadfast Beacon that guides you

through the darkest nights and the


storms even when the Winds of Doubt howl

and the tempests of uncertainty rage my

love remains constant unwavering in its

commitment to your

well-being in moments when the path

ahead seems shrouded in Shadow when

doubts assail your spirit and fears

Cloud your vision remember this I am

everpresent a silent Guardian walking

beside you Whispering words of reass

Assurance in the depths of your soul

though the road May Twist and Turn

leading you through valleys of hardship

and over mountains of adversity know

that my love is the compass that points

you towards brighter

Horizons if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

you may question the purpose that

threads through the tapestry of your

life wondering if each Stitch Has

meaning or if chaos Reigns Supreme yet

in the Symphony of existence every note

every chord is meticulously composed to

weave a melody of beauty and Grace trust

in the rhythm of the universe for I am

the orchestrator of your destiny guiding

your steps with gentle hands and a


heart when the burdens of Life weigh

heavy upon your shoulders and the trials

of existence threaten to overwhelm your

spirit take solace in the knowledge that

I am your everpresent

companion through every hardship every

setback I Stand By Your Side a pillar of

strength upon which you can lean for in

The Crucible of

adversity your spirit is forged tempered

by the Flames of challenge into a force

of unwavering

resilience so my dear one fear not the

unknown paths that lie ahead nor the

trials that await you on your

journey for in every obstacle there lies

an opportunity for growth a chance to

discover the depths of your own strength

and resilience Embrace each challenge as

a stepping stone towards your ultimate

Destiny knowing that my love will guide

you through even the darkest of nights

Illuminating the path to a brighter

tomorrow amen my child click on the join

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