God Says ➨ You Will be Punished If You Skip Me | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God has a special message just for you

don’t miss it he’s ready to tackle your

problems and offer Divine

guidance all your questions will be

answered in the last seconds stick

around for these Divine insights until

the very end my dearest child as each

Dawn Paints the Sky with its tender Hues

I long to step into the sanctum of your

home to be welcomed into the Sacred

Space of your heart open wide the doors

of your dwelling not merely the physical

Abode but the chambers of your soul for

I yearn to commune with you to share The

Whispers of my truth that flutter like

gentle butterflies in the morning

Breeze with each Rising Sun let my

presence be the warmth that kisses your

cheeks igniting within you a radiant

smile that reflects the depths of my

love in The Quiet Moments of the morning

as the world stirs from its Slumber let

us sit together you and I as I impart

unto you the RS of wisdom that Shall

Serve as your Guiding Light amidst the

Labyrinth of life’s

complexities speak to me dear one for I

am always listening attuned to the

Cadence of your prayers like the gentle

murmur of a brook your words Laden with

hopes fears and

desires find Solace In My Embrace and in

return I bestow upon you my blessings a

shield against the adversities that may

assail you

know this my cherished one that with

unwavering Faith you shall stride forth

into Realms yet

Uncharted for I see the flicker of

belief that illuminates your path the

doors that once stood barred and the

wounds of yester years shall be but

faint Echoes for I shall weave the

tapestry of restoration adorning your

life with the jewels of redemption and

Grace cast not your gaze upon the

shadows of bygone days where the

specters of loss fractured bonds and

faltering steps once held sway

instead fix your eyes upon the Horizon

where the promise of new beginnings

awaits where the Symphony of your faith

shall Crescendo into a chorus of Triumph

my beloved open your heart to me each

day and together we shall Embark upon a

journey of boundless love and infinite

possibilities for in the sanctity of our

communion you shall find Solace strength

and the unwavering Assurance of my

enduring presence if you believe in God

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tapestry of Life mistakes are but

threads woven into The Grand Design of

existence if you find yourself ens

snared by the missteps of your own doing

let repentance be the loom through which

you unravel them recognize them not as

anchors weighing you down but as

stepping stones towards growth and

Redemption yet if the scars upon your

heart were inflicted by another’s hand

embrace the profound power of

forgiveness release the burden of

resentment and

Vengeance for they are but shackles that

bind your spirit by pardoning those who

have wronged you you liberate yourself

from the chains of bitterness and pave

the way for healing to flourish in The

Labyrinth of Deceit let the Lessons

Learned be your guiding

Stars your

sadness born from

deception now serves as a compass

steering you away from treacherous

paths embrace the Newfound Clarity that

illuminates the faces of those Unworthy

of your

trust instead of dwelling on the Shadows

of the Past cast your gaze towards the

radiant Dawn of the future Behold a

fresh path unfolds before you leading

towards the summit of

Victory with each step summon the

courage and strength that lie dormant

within your soul beyond the crest of the

mountain vast Fields ripe for Harvest

await your arrival the fruits of your

labor abundant and Rich beckon you to

reap the bounties of life’s blessings

remember you are not a drift in the vast

expanse of existence you are cherished

and valued beyond

measure embrace the Divine love that

courses through your veins and nurture

the flame of self-love that burns within

your heart in the tender care of your

soul spirit and health find solace in

sanctuary with each New Dawn awaken to

the certainty that your life is imbued

with purpose and promise the Triumph of

your family the fruition of your

dreams and the prosperity that awaits

you are but manifestations of the divine

plan set forth for your

journey as you heed The Whispers of the


let Joy permeate your being dispelling

the shadows of Despair and desolation

embrace the miraculous manifestations of

grace mercy and love that weave

themselves into the tapestry of your

existence yet in the midst of

Triumph beware the siren song of Pride

for it is the harbinger of

downfall remain humble in the knowledge

that it is through humility that the

greatest Miracles are wrought if you

want God’s grace to be a constant in

your life a steady guiding force then

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for I am the harbinger of light the

Weaver of Destinies and the keeper of

hearts in my hands your family and life

are cradled with tender care receive the

blessings that overflow from my

boundless love and let them illuminate

your path as you Journey towards your


in the midst of the Tempest raging

around you I extend my hand to touch the

depths of your soul to ignite a flame of

hope that no Darkness can

extinguish hear these words as Whispers

of Solace as a melody of resilience that

resonates within you reminding you that

the forces of Darkness hold no sway over


destiny though the path before you may

be strewn with

obstacles I urge you to cling

steadfastly to my promise

allow me to infuse within you a fervent

will to

persevere to continue the noble struggle



indeed the tapestry of life is woven

with threads of challenge with

unforeseen twists that unravel our

carefully laid plans and aspirations but

can you trust that beyond the

chaos I have woven a tapestry of beauty

of redemption tailored specifically for

you I have chosen you for your Valor

your yielding Spirit while yesterday may

have weighed heavy upon your heart today

as these words reach you feel the tide

turning within sense the Resurgence of

strength the dawn of a new resolve for

where once you may have felt a drift now

you stand tall imbued with a sense of

Triumph shielded supported and cradled

in the Embrace of my love your journey

undergoes a metamorphosis this day

though the losses may have been great

today Heralds a

transformation a testimony of resilience

that shall Inspire

multitudes those who once doubted who

turned away from my light shall witness

your journey and be moved to

reconsider the Skeptics shall find

solace in your steadfast Faith returning

to the fold they once abandoned amidst

the chaos and uncertainty of these

tumultuous times you are appointed as a

beacon amidst the Shadows

my grace Cascades upon you a torrent of

love that empowers you to become a

vessel of blessing to those who languish

in suffering

today simply

believe and press forward make a

Resolute decision to cast aside The

Whispers of Despair the venomous tongues

of slander and deceit for the words of

the adversary are but fleeting Echoes

carried away on the Winds of

insignificance powerless to sway or

undermine unless you grant them purchase

reject thoughts of

defeat and instead anchor your gaze upon

my truth cling unwaveringly to my

promises and behold as the victories you

have long awaited unfold before

you feel my

presence a constant reminder of the

depth of my affection for you know that

these words are not mere

coincidence they are the Whispers of

Destiny guiding you towards a future

free from defeat or


together we shall navigate the stormy

seas of life in the tumult of conflict I

shall unfold You In My

Embrace fortifying your spirit with the

soothing balm of my

words your life your

struggles they are of utmost importance

to me if you believe that God will help

you please subscribe to the channel so

hold fast to my hand and let us Traverse

this journey together for in unity there


strength and in

love there is

triumph in countless

moments I’ve gently reminded you of the

tumultuous nature of the world you

inhabit yet amidst these

trials I implore you to recall that I

have transcended the world through the

ultimate Act of sacrifice upon the cross

and my subsequent

Resurrection my desire is to imbue you

with this transformative power to

experience the surging currents of

Living Water coursing through your being

forever slaking your thirst cleansing


sorrow purging

impurities and invigorating your weary

Soul persistently crave my presence

pursue me

ceaselessly whether in the radiance of

daylight or the shadowed depths of night

amid Prosperity or adversity in times of

abundance or scarcity regard regardless


circumstance understand that defeat is

not your destined outcome refrain from

surrendering and relinquishing the

Abundant Blessings ACR along your

journey Beyond The tempest’s Fury lies

the promise of

Tranquility though the waves May

tumultuously crash they shall quiet upon

hearing my

voice just as you perceive my words now

recognize that the peace infolding you

is a manifestation of my boundless love

a gift freely bestowed upon you

embrace it

wholeheartedly treasure it dearly and

never spurn this affection under the

mistaken belief that you are unworthy I

hope you have found answers to all your

questions if not you will definitely get

them in the next video amen my child

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  1. God GOD iam so so so so so so so so so so so UPSET WITH YOUR PROMISES OF NEVER FORSAKE NEVER LEAVE ALWAYS WITH YOU those words are so Promising BUT ————————


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