God Says ➨ You Have Only 2 Hours Left Don’t Skip Me | God message jesus |

God has a special message just for you

don’t miss it he’s ready to tackle your

problems and offer Divine

guidance all your questions will be

answered in the last seconds stick

around for these Divine insights until

the very end my beloved child within the

vast expanse of the spiritual realm a

Relentless battle rages on unseen to

moralize yet keenly felt by your soul

forces of Darkness assail seeking to

undermine and weaken your spirit

but know this you are not left

defenseless in this

struggle I am by your side a steadfast

presence amidst the

turmoil all I ask is for a fragment of

your faith a flicker of belief in my

enduring love that accompanies you

through every step of your journey

shielding and preserving you from harm

when the onslaught of the adversary

disrupts the Tranquility of your

existence it is natural for life to

spiral into uncertainty tears May flow

and sorrow May envelop your being

serving as a cathartic release for the

anguish within nurturing the spiritual

wounds that ail

you yet amidst The Tempest of emotions

never succumb to the fallacy that pain

shall eternally shroud your existence or

that despair shall forever re over your

destiny though detractors and deceitful

companions may seow seeds of Doubt

endeavoring to keep you Shackled In Fear


resignation remember that I made the

ultimate sacrifice to Grant you life

empowering you to rise from the depths

of Despair and embrace the promise of

boundless joy and unwavering

fortitude I empathize with the weight of

your emotions the fleeting moments of

doubt that cloud your mind tempting you

to forsake the arduous path ahead in

favor of

surrender yet know this unequivocally

you are cherished and your existence

holds profound purpose not only for

yourself but for your loved ones as well

yielding to despair is not an option for

within you resides a reservoir of

blessings waiting to be

realized refrain from revisiting the

desolate abyss of

hopelessness for it is not the path I

have ordained for you I came not to

condemn but to bestow upon you a life

brimming with vitality and imbue you

with Supernatural strength your worth

transcends the fleeting whims of

emotions and The Superficial judgments

of others in moments of adversity or

when The Echoes of neglect reverberate

around you cling steadfastly to my

declaration I love you even amidst the

sudden onslaught of Trials do not

entertain the notion that my love has

waned its enduring presence is etched

upon your heart a Beacon of Hope to

guide you through the darkest of nights

if you believe in God then like the

video and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments regardless of the challenges

that assail you or the adversaries that

seek to thwart your progress

rest assured that with each passing

moment my love for you burgeons ever

stronger Embrace this truth my beloved

child and let it permeate the depths of

your being for in The Crucible of

adversity it is the unwavering Assurance

of my love that shall fortify your

spirit and embolden you to

persevere knowing that you are never

alone in this tumultuous Journey called

life in moments when emotions Pierce you

do not let them wound you deeply do not

Retreat into isolation believing that

you are a drift alone in a sea of

indifference where no one comprehends


struggles I am here speaking directly to

you a tangible

presence not merely a product of your

imagination each word I utter carries

the essence of Love intended to mend the

fractures within your heart who do you

perceive me to be in your life

share with me your thoughts I am eager

to understand should you not deem me a

friend or desire Solitude summon the

courage to express your

wishes yet heed this I will not forsake

you even if you attempt to push me away

to spurn my affection I remain steadfast

my love for you is unwavering enduring

through all

trials even if today you bid me depart I

shall shall linger extending my Solace

to you daily until you feel its warmth

pervade your soul and I sense that

warmth enveloping you

now come allow me to unfold you in the

Embrace of divine love guiding you

through these tumultuous times though

Shadows of sorrow and uncertainty May

Loom large you need not face them in

solitude know this I hold sway over all

circumstances listen intently I love

you your heart is not a desolate expanse

it brims with my boundless affection I

have been with you always never wavering

in my

devotion treasure this moment when my

love for you transcends time empowering

you to ascend from the depths of Despair

and embrace Joy with me by your side

happiness is not an elusive dream but a

tangible reality awaiting your Embrace

when tempests rage and adversaries

forecast your defeat trust in my word to

illuminate your path fear not for I am

your unwavering companion even amidst

the darkest storms I shall bear your

burdens offering Solace when tears

stream down your face pour out your

heart to me I am attuned to your every

word Your Existence holds immense

significance to me and just as I have

guided you in the past so shall I

continue to do so today and every day

henceforth in Myriad ways

I express the depth of my love for you

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by your side I am the omnipotent Force

perpetually Vigilant over you your

guardian and caretaker

your words and prayers resonate deeply

Within Me prompting me to mobilize my

Celestial host to manifest your desires

into tangible reality your supplications

are not in vain they bring me profound

joy for they emanate from a faithful

heart know this I cherish you and my

response to your entreaties is assured

do you Embrace this truth with

unwavering conviction should

apprehensions about the future assail

you casting down upon your path and

depleting your resolve fret not for I am

here once more I unfold your tender

heart with an abundance of Love soothing

its tumult with the inexhaustible might

at my command infusing your soul with

the revitalizing stream of my Holy

Spirit remember if you place your trust

in me embracing the Tranquility I offer

while rebuffing the Insidious tendrils

of fear if you hold steadfast to your

belief in me you shall recognize me for

who I am the harbinger of

possibilities the source of fulfillment

in your life your deliverer from

Peril I am your Sovereign your sustainer

the Vigilant Sentinel who watches over

you with an unwavering gaze of love I am

your Shepherd leading you along the

paths of

righteousness fear shall not find

purchase within you even in the deepest

valleys of Despair you shall walk

unshaken beside tranqu Waters I reveal

myself as the father who loves you

unconditionally infolding you in my


Mercy when the need for a miracle

arises I stand ready to bestow my

blessings upon you the adversary May

clamor seeking to instill fear

endeavoring to ens snare you in

Confusion And Lead You astray from The

Beacon of my truth urging you towards

the abyss of darkness yet it is a battle

waged a new each day and your faith


Resolute my word proclaims you as my

cherished child the Valiant champion of

my cause endowed With Victory and

courage beyond measure in the Arid

expanse where Sands whisper Tales of

thirst and barrenness

behold for I shall bring forth Springs

gushing forth like Newfound

Treasures quenching the parched Earth

and Reviving weary Souls as you Traverse

the scorching deserts of life fret not

for I shall be your Shelter From the

Relentless Blaze shielding you with my

comforting Embrace lay aside the heavy

burden of doubt if you believe that God

will help you please subscribe to the

channel for in the proclamation of my

Divine word healing shall find its Abode

within your very being

you oh Chosen One are not merely a

passer by in the grand tapestry of

existence rather you are the esteemed

inheritor of eternal life adorned with

the riches of Heaven and Earth in

boundless measure know this that the

adversary With Envy festering in its

heart seeks to undermine your worth and

thwart your

path yet take heart for in my

omnipotence lies the assurance that no

feat is beyond

reach when

falsehoods clad in Ironclad walls of

deception rear their heads before you be

steadfast or undeterred let not fear

Cloud your vision for with unwavering

Faith you shall March forth empowered by

The Authority bestowed upon you to

conquer every malady and adversity that

DARE stand in your way for in the

sanctuary of my grace all things are

made possible I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

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