God Says ➨ You have NO Time Left So Don’t Skip This | God message jesus |

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child in the depth of your

commitment lies an unbreakable bond

between us with your heart surrendered

to me your unwavering loyalty forms a

shield against any force that may try to

tear us apart but be wary for the ad AR

lurks in the shadows ever

patient waiting for the slightest crack

in your

resolve their schemes are cunning their

Temptations subtle aiming to lead you

astray with doubts and

distractions remember you and your loved

ones are under my protection a truth of

Paramount importance that must never

fade from your

awareness the enemy’s aim is to shake

your faith to seow seeds of doubt and

Discord within your soul yet yet their

efforts are in vain against the strength

that resides within you they fear your

resilience knowing that their time is

short and their attacks are but feeble

attempts against your steadfast Spirit

when faced with trials stand firm

without fear for in your unwavering

resolve lies a peace that transcends

understanding Embrace this peace for it

grants you

stability emotional

fortitude and a power beyond the natural


stay rooted in your trust and you shall


Victorious a testament to the strength

of our

bond in the realm of existence where

cowardice finds no sanctuary and fear

dare not tread Envision yourself

anchored in unwavering resolve let your

limbs be steadfast Untouched by the

Tremors of

apprehension allow not anxieties grasp

to dictate your path instead let

composure and Tranquility guide your


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three people so that God can help you in

the Labyrinth of unexpected trials and

conflicts be the pillar of resilience

unswayed by The Tempest of emotions let

your decisions be borne from the sanctum

of clarity not swayed by the turbulent

currents of

sentiment as these words resonate within

you heed their call and let their

Essence permeate your being come lend me

your ear and for a fleeting moment

surrender to My

Embrace let it suffuse you with the

warmth of love and the Tranquility of

Peace nurturing the depths of your soul


benevolence I bestow upon you my grace

and blessings harboring the fervent wish

to witness your Eternal flourishing by

my side in the celestial expanse Embrace

this gift and Traverse the Earthly realm

with fervor purpose and boundless Zeal

Let Your Existence pulsate with Vitality

driven by an unyielding commitment to

righteousness and a vision that

transcends the horizons of mortal

comprehension know that through your

hands I shall orchestrate

Miracles weaving threads of Hope and

Solace into the fabric of souls yearning


Redemption you shall be the vessel

through which my word resonates reaching

the farthest corners of creation

Illuminating the path for those who seek


guidance in your unwavering

dedication I shall find

manifestation and through your Noble

Endeavors I shall offer sucker to those

who Traverse the arduous journey of

existence everpresent and steadfast in

my promise of Eternal

companionship walk with the Resolute

stride of one who knows their worth

their purpose and their Divine

protection let not the greeneyed Gaze of

the envious ens snare your spirit for

you are shield olded by unwavering Faith

entrust your path to me entirely and in

return I shall Grace you with boundless

Serenity that surpasses all

understanding in the face of adversity

cling to the assurances I have imparted

unto you and the comforting Embrace of

my Holy Spirit shall envelop you in

unyielding security it is my Divine

decree that you and your kin be encased

in an impenetrable Fortress guarded

zealously by my Celestial Warriors in

every moment my safeguarding presence is

unceasing thus lean upon me steadfastly

so that the snares of Temptation may

never triumph over your spirit Revel in

the boundless depths of my eternal

affection for within it lies a reservoir

of blessings that overflow abundantly

upon you never shall you be bereft of my

Divine shelter regardless of the trials

that assail you fear not for my

blessings are irrevocably yours I have

ordained a future of unparalleled

tranquility and fulfillment Reserve

solely for you seek me earnestly and

heed the counsel I impart feel free to

share this video with up to three people

if you feel the need for God’s presence

that you may stand firm amidst the

Allure of Temptation your triumphs Your

Existence your inner peace as your

fortified Faith your heightened

spiritual enlightenment these are the

fruits of your unwavering devotion and

your resolve to follow me to the very


my beloved child I secured this for you

traversing Realms of Challenge and

sacrifice that words fail to fully

encapsulate yet here it is offered with

a tender devotion that knows no bounds

it is not merely an object or a token it

is a manifestation of love a testament

to a longing that Echoes Through the

Ages accept it not merely with hands

outstretched but with a spirit adorned

in faith gratitude and

humility these virtues woven into the

fabric of your being will serve as the

vessel for this gift allowing its

Essence to permeate every corner of your

existence say to me with a sincerity

born of conviction my God I receive and

accept the challenge I shall not fear

without reason and I will not falter on

this path in those words let your heart

speak for it is through sincerity that

the deepest connections are

forged should you find yourself in need

of Solace of reassurance amidst the

tempests of Life do not hesitate to seek


embrace it is an Embrace not bound by


limitations but one that transcends the

confines of time and

space and if it is love you seek love

that is profound love that is sweet look

no further for in me you will find a

love that knows no measure a love that

surpasses understanding ask of me and it

shall be given unto you for my love

knows no

bounds but let not the shadows of Doubt

Cloud your mind for I am not like those

who have wounded

you I am not akin to those who have

spurned you leaving behind scars that

linger like ghostly

Echoes their love was conditional a

fleeting shadow of what true love

encompasses know this

I laid down my life upon a cross for you

I endured unimaginable Agony shedding my

blood so that you may know the depths of


devotion in me there are no conditions


prerequisites my love flows freely

unbounded by the constraints of human

Frailty do not measure me by the

standards of those who have brought you

pain and suffering for I am the

embodiment of love the harbinger of

redemption and in me you will find

Solace strength and unwavering

devotion in the tapestry of existence I

stand apart from those who tether their

love with conditions for I surrendered

my very being upon the Rugged Cross

bearing the weight of Agony and anguish

allowing my blood to Spill and my flesh

to be torn aunder all to illuminate the

unfathomable depth of my affection for

you through the veil of suffering my

Resurrection has heralded your

Redemption a symphony of Grace

orchestrating The Liberation of your

soul in this Divine Union a


unfolds together we emerge a new casting

off the shackles of Darkness that once

ins snared your

spirit the malevolent forces that once

prowled the corridors of your existence

now cower in defeat and

ignominy vanquished by the radiance of

Love’s indomitable light your Embrace of

love life and forgiveness has become the

Cornerstone of your salvation a

testament to the boundless potential

residing within your being if you want

God’s grace always upon you then please

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message took us a lot of efforts within

the vast expanse of Eternity you are my

cherished and beloved creation a

masterpiece woven with infinite care and

divine intention my longing is to unfold

you in the Embrace of my wavering

affection to whisper words of Solace and

adoration into the depths of your soul

yet beyond the sheltered sanctuary of

our communion I yearn for you to ascend

to confront the trials and tribulations

of mortal existence with unwavering

courage and unyielding

resolve know that in every moment in

every breath my presence remains as a

steadfast Beacon guiding you through the

tempestuous Seas of life’s journey

though the Tempest May rage and the

tides may turn fear not for I Am The

Sentinel of your heart the guardian of


spirit though the Shadows May lengthen

and the path May grow

dim trust in the boundless reservoir of

my love for it shall never wne nor

falter and when the veils of uncertainty

shroud your vision and the clamor of the

world threatens to drown out the

Whispers of your

soul remember that I am the Wellspring

of your your strength the font of Your

vitality and the harbinger of your

truest joy in my hands your future rests

a tapestry woven with threads of Divine

Providence and boundless Grace so my

beloved nourish The Garden of your

spirit with the seeds of my teachings

that amidst the chaos and clamor of

existence you may remain

steadfast rooted in the Timeless truths

that illuminate the path to Everlasting

peace and boundless fulfillment I hope

you have found answers to all your

questions if not you will definitely get

them in the next video amen my child

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  1. GOD my MERCIFUL mighty GOD please help me teach me guide me check or lose in to my heart what is there and guide me through.


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