God Says ➨ You have NO Time Left Don’t Skip Me Again !! | God Message Today For You | God Tells You

God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my dearest child as you

embark on the Journey of Life know that

my love for you knows no bounds it flows

endlessly like a river that never runs

dry in every moment I am here nurturing

your spirit guiding your steps and

enveloping you in a cloak of unwavering

support I see the flicker of Courage

within you like a flame waiting to be

ignited I am here to fan that flame to

boost your courage and Infuse you with

the will to live boldly and

authentically for you are destined for

greatness my beloved child and nothing

shall stand in the way of your Divine

Purpose yet be mindful of those who may

cross your path with ill intentions

sent by the adversary to seow seeds of

doubt and despair they see only the

Shadows dream small dreams and lack the

faith and excitement that ignite the

human Spirit pay them no heed for their

words are but empty echoes in the

vastness of your potential Stand Tall in

the radiance of your true self for

therein lies your

strength work

diligently with unwavering

determination and never succumb to the

Allure of defeat for in every

moment you are surrounded by a legion of

guardian angels their ethereal presence

a testament to my boundless love and

protection sooa my dear child lift your

gaze to the heavens and smile for you

are cherished beyond measure know that

my love is the Bedrock upon which you

stand firm and unyielding in the face of

adversity with each breath Feel The

Surge of Courage coursing through your

veins empowering you to overcome Life’s

greatest challenges never lose hope for

I am here a beacon of light in the

darkness guiding you home take heart my

beloved and March boldly forth on your

journey for you are destined for

greatness and though the road may be

fraught with

obstacles know that you are never alone

for I walk beside you every step of the

way in moments of adversity it’s easy to

forget the triumphs you’ve achieved in

the past but let me remind you you’ve

tasted success and felt victories

Embrace and those experiences aren’t

fleeting they’re the foundation upon

which you stand sturdy and

unyielding your current struggles are

merely temporary clouds in the vast Sky

of your life type Amen in the comments

and don’t forget to share this message

with up to three people so that God can

help you they cannot overshadow your

resilience nor can they bring you to

your knees in defeat trust my words for

they carry the weight of promise and

possibility let them resonate within you

infusing you with courage and hope for

your steadfast faith in me is a beacon

that guides you toward remarkable

outcomes my promises are not empty

Whispers they hold the power to mend

your body to Shield your loved ones to

provide abundantly

and to meet your every need your table

shall always be filled not just with

bread but with the overflowing Abundance


Joy true Prosperity isn’t measured in

material wealth alone but in the

richness of peace and contentment that

Graces your home receive my blessings

with humility and gratitude recognizing

that they are gifts bestowed upon you

and as you bask in their glow remember

the privilege of abundance comes with

the responsibility to share

extend your hand to those in Need for in

your generosity lies the true essence of

blessing as you sow kindness you’ll

witness the Heaven’s opening up pouring

forth blessings that enrich your life

with peace and joy but true blessings

aren’t confined to material wealth they

manifest in the Harmony and strength of

your family in the vitality and wisdom

that bring forth moments of pure joy and

renewal have unwavering faith in me

knowing that a future brimming with

promise awaits those who hold me dear in


hearts soon you’ll witness even the most

seemingly unattainable dreams unfolding

before your eyes a testament to the

power of faith and

perseverance in the Ethereal realm where

Time Has No Dominion and Eternity

stretches forth I stand as your

unwavering Sentinel Your Divine guardian

and steadfast protector from the dawn of

existence to the boundless expanse of

Eternity my presence infolds you

ensuring your safety shielding you from

harm and providing for your every need

now and for all

eternity your past a tapestry woven with

threads of joy and sorrow shall not

dictate the script of your

future I the custodian of your destiny

vow to obliterate the specters of old

hurts ensuring they never haunt your

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description and pinned comment the time

for healing has dawned the balm of

Solace ready to soothe The Perennial

ache within your heart release the

shackles of the past clutching only the

Pearls of Wisdom gleaned from its trials

and let not its Shadows taint Your

Horizon ever again trust in my

omnipotent presence oh holy one for in

your moments of

Frailty My Embrace is your

Sanctuary shed the tears that weigh

heavy upon your soul for in my Divine

gaze vulnerability finds

Solace I have borne witness to the

burdens you carry the weight of which

would crumble lesser

beings yet in The Crucible of

adversity your spirit remains unyielding

your heart Resolute in its

nobility though you may have lavished

love upon the undeserving leaving your

spirit desolate amidst The Echoes of

solitude lift your gaze Skyward and heed


Proclamation henceforth the tempests of

tribulation shall not assail you for I

shall chart a course towards brighter

Shores where Joy dances upon the waves

and sorrow finds no Haven place your

faith unreservedly in my Divine

Providence and I shall be your compass

guiding you along The Verdant Pathways

of renewal a new chapter awaits its page

is adorned with the Hues of happiness

where tears shed are but due drops of

elation do you Harbor faith in the

promise of tomorrow then invest your

efforts for within my embrace you find


inviable let it be known to all who

would dare to threaten your peace they

shall answer to me the Divine guardian

of your soul and None Shall lay a hand

upon you without facing divine

retribution in The Quiet Moments before

the hustle and bustle of your day take


let me Express the depth of my

admiration and affection for you your

presence in my life is not merely

appreciated it’s cherished beyond

measure allow me to share a heartfelt

reflection with you a testament to the

incredible individual you are and the

profound impact you have I find immense

joy in witnessing the goodness that

emanates from your actions the

unwavering dedication you display

towards your family the tireless efforts

you exert in all your endeavors and the

profound respect you hold for our

relationship your commitment to

Excellence and integrity resonates

deeply with me my child pause the video

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me and I trust wholeheartedly in your

ability to Steward the gifts I have

bestowed upon you with wisdom and

discernment you embody perseverance in

its truest form refusing to succumb to

the challenges that may arise along your

path your steadfast adherence to my

guidance your unwavering resolve to

uphold moral principles and your

conscientious avoidance of words that

may cause harm reflect the noble

character that defines you forgiveness

flows effortlessly from your heart a

testament to the boundless compassion

and Grace that reside within you each

new day is greeted with the Assurance of

my presence infusing your life with a

sense of purpose and order that

permeates every aspect of your being as

surely as the sun rises at its appointed

hour so too shall your days be

illuminated by courage


enthusiasm joy and

peace This Is Not Mere happen stance but

a Divine manifestation of the profound

connection we share a sacred Bond forged

through mutual trust and

devotion the blessings bestowed upon you

are not arbitrary occurrences but rather

the tangible evidence of your earnest

Pursuit Of Truth and

righteousness You are not alone in this

journey I am ever present guiding you

along the path of righteousness with

unwavering love and support do not dwell

on the mistakes of the past for they are

but fleeting shadows in the Brilliance

of your

future the critics who seek to undermine

your confidence do so out of Envy for

they cannot fathom the strength and

resilience that Define you ahead lie

countless opportunities to extend

kindness offer assistance and spread joy

to those around you together with your

family you will serve as a Beacon of

Hope and inspiration touching the lives

of others with your boundless compassion


generosity so as you embark on the day

ahead remember that you are cherished

beyond measure and that my love for you

knows no bounds may you continue to walk

in the light of Truth and righteousness

secure in the knowledge that you are

never alone for I with you always I hope

you have found answers to all your

questions if not you will definitely get

them in the next video amen my child

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