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God has a special message just for you

don’t miss it he’s ready to tackle your

problems and offer Divine

guidance all your questions will be

answered in the last seconds stick

around for these Divine insights until

the very end my beloved child I come to

you speaking words that should shatter

any chains of insecurity fear or

aimlessness that have kept you Bound for

I unveil to you a reality more glorious

and empowering than you can possibly

imagine a truth that should forever

alter how you view your place in this

world and the Unstoppable Purpose with

which you have been sent into it that

life-altering reality is this You Are

Not Mere Cosmic afterthoughts or

powerless products of blind chance and

Circumstance no each one of you has been

deliberately and intentionally Chosen

and sent on purpose by our heavenly

father long before even the primordial

flashes of creation’s First Light you

already existed as loved and cherished

individuals being tenderly formed in the

imagination of the most high stretch

your minds my beloved ones to consider

the unfathomable expanse of

Eternity transcend the confines of your

finite perception and enter into that

measureless state where the beginning

and the end are both equally present in

that Divine Eternal now before time

itself had yet sprung into

existence the father’s knowing mind was

fully conscious of you you stood as

clearly before his sight in that

pre-creation Stillness

as you do at this very moment while the

cosmos as you now know it remained an

unconceived thought while the Waters of

the deep lay black and formless in the

womb of possibility while everything

that would eventually be remained

non-existent you were already being

perceived known and loved by the father

for his thoughts are higher than your

thoughts his ways beyond your most


ponderings in the Stillness before the

dawn of all created Realms and realities

he knew you with an intimate knowledge

that embraced every facet of your being

every gift you would be granted every

Frailty you would wrestle with every

Triumph and struggle comprising the

wandering path of your life’s journey

all was made manifest before him

contemplated by him cherished by him in

that eternity before even eternity was

born into the fertile womb of his

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help you let this resounding truth echo

through the ages of your minds you were

intentionally considered and accounted

as precious before the brush of creation

made its first Strokes upon the empty

canvas while the Eternal Father existed

alone surveying the Limitless

potentialities before him you were

already an object of his affection and a

subject of his Divine desire you were

fully seen and fully Loved Before the

first rays of light pierced the veil of

non-existence and in this this knowing

the father chose

you let those words wash over your soul

like a cresting wave of profoundest

reassurance you were

chosen selected as cherished and beloved

before the foundations of Realms visible

and invisible were ever laid you stood

eternally chosen in the father’s

Limitless heart long before any choosing

was humanly possible for indeed how

could it be any other way when weighing

the infinite faculty of the Maker’s

knowledge against your limited


just as an artist composes a Masterwork

in their imagination before they ever

put brush to Canvas so much more did the

great artist Ponder and conceive of you

in the womb of his Limitless mind before

ever speaking you forth into the clay of

embodied reality to him every detail of

your life was mapped out in pristine

detail every potentiality and

possibility held present in the do a of

his beginningless vision there were no

gaps or unknowns regarding who you are

and what your purpose on this Earth

would be for in eternity’s womb he

molded and shaped you with the hands of

divine intentionality before any

physical hands were available to do the


molding you were no chance assemblage of

random particles but an existence

dreamed forth from the imagination of

the only reality that has ever truly

been from Everlasting to

Everlasting drink in this eternal Truth

for it is our very lifeblood as Sons and

Daughters of the king you were conceived

in love before this this dream we call

the universe was spoken aloud and given

breath you were cherished from the

moment before moments began ticking on

the clocks of space and time in a very

real sense every single one of us

predates the fabric of reality itself

for we were born as purposed ideas long

before the material world was born to

potentially derail those ideas from

their Divine

trajectories so let this beginning

articulate its proper ending its Ripple

effects alter every Downstream

perception and inspire rivers of your

thoughts and choices dear child if you

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description and pinned comment what

cares or concerns could ever hold sway

over one who has been forever

preconceived appointed and sent on

purpose into this world by the thoughts

of the Eternal mind what fears or

iniquities or lack of motivation could

possibly entrench themselves when you

realize that you were specifically

dreamed up with specific intention when

dreams themselves were but unformed

potential my beloved ones you have been

baked in the ovens of divine love from

before the celestial Potters had even

learned to shape the first crude lumps


clay your being is reinforced your

identity anchored and your significance

cemented by a reality more Primal and

more permanent than the pillars of

material creation themselves for you

were known and chosen when nothing else

yet was all of your anxi anxieties and

insecurities shrink away into

insignificance when expanded upon by

this Universal reality you have existed

as gradually unveiled thoughts in the

mind of the maker from literal

eternity no longer can you take on an

accidental self-image when you grasp how

intentionally and purposefully you have

been conceived as vessels to manifest

the father’s dreams before those dreams

became material

reality let this empowering truth

demolish every lingering lie that has

sought to undermine your worth your

purpose and your profound

significance for if the greatest mind

that ever was or will be has invested

you with his infinite intentionality how

then could you be anything less than

infinitely intended intended for Cosmic

purposes beyond your ability to even

conceive I speak these words not to

Simply puff you up with empty platitudes

or feed the ravenous ego with false

bravado that would do you just as much

disservice as the lies of insignificance

from which I am laboring to free you no

I speak these words as objective reality

as the most fundamental of all

fundamental truths about your identity

origin and raon Detra within the


dream you are intended by the intender

of all

intentions you are desired by the

reality which creates all other

realities by the very Act of Desiring

them long before the clay of your

embodied existence issued forth from

creation’s womb you were already cradled

as purposed ideas within the Limitless

imagination fueling that creation

altogether your deepest identity Roots

itself in that

identity your worth is anchored in that

which gives all things their ultimate

worth and

significance everything about you your

gifts your struggles your

questions your deepest longings all were

perfectly known and accounted for in

eternity when time’s Rivers had not yet

begun their flow thus you can be assured

that you have a path to walk a role to

play higher callings and glorious

purposes underg guring Every Breath You

Take for if the greatest dreamer has

dreamed you forth alongside the reality

you now inhabit you can stake your very

existence on the reality that you have

been empowered and intended for

greatness from that primordial dream so

Arise My Sons and

Daughters shake off the dusty grave

wraps of insignificance aimlessness and

crippling self-doubt my child pause the

video and click the Subscribe button to

join me for you were never intended to

walk shrouded in such limiting mindsets

your identity spans back into the

farthest eternities where you were

conceived as purposed thoughts in the

imagination of the almighty long before

thoughts themselves could be

conceived let this unshakeable reality

be the foundation of your soaring

motivation and Transcendent

inspiration for you are in possession of

a sacred and eternal truth that realigns

all other truths realities and purposes

under its brilliant light you are

forever and always the Beloved Children

of the maker in whose image you were

conceived and through whose love you

were birthed forth into created

existence but unlike any other Offspring

you were dreamed up and breathed upon

from the Ethereal Mists preceding the

dawn of all Dawn I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

video amen my child click on the join

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