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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions dear beloved in The Quiet

Moments before the dawn consider the

profound truth that Jesus shared in the

Gospel of John I am the way and the

truth and the life no one comes to the

father except through me let these words

settle in your heart as a guiding

principle on this new day contemplate

the rich layers of meaning in the

parable of the

talents each of us is endowed with

unique gifts and

abilities as you embark on this day

Ponder how you can invest and multiply

the talents entrusted to you for his

glory and the betterment of the world in

the gospel of

Matthew Jesus extends an invitation that

transcends time come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will give

you rest in the hustle of life life find

solace in his promise of rest allowing

his peace to envelop you like a

comforting Embrace type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you consider the radical

love portrayed in the story of zakus a

tax collector transformed by

encountering Jesus reflect on how you

can embody such transformative love in

your interactions

today seeing the potential for goodness

in unexpect Ed

places explore the imagery of the vine

and the branches from The Book of John

just as branches draw sustenance from

the vine may you be rooted in Christ

drawing strength and nourishment from

him to Bear fruits of Love kindness and

compassion in moments of uncertainty

turn to the Book of Proverbs where it is

written trust in the Lord with all your

heart and lean not on your own

understanding in all your ways submit to


and he will make your path straight let

this be your compass guiding your

decisions with Divine wisdom the Gospel

of Luke tells of the Samaritan woman at

the well a poignant narrative that

transcends societal

Norms reflect on the lesson of

acceptance and understanding embracing

the diversity of those you encounter on

this Day’s Journey if you believe that

God will help you please subscribe to

the channel if you do not believe feel

free to leave

as the day unfolds carry the message

from Romans for I am convinced that

neither death nor life neither angels

nor demons neither the present nor the

future nor any

powers neither height nor depth nor

anything else in all creation will be

able to separate us from the love of God

that is in Christ Jesus our

lord allow this truth to be an


Foundation may your day be a Living

testament to the teachings of Jesus a

canvas painted with the vibrant Hues of

Faith love and purpose walk in the

Assurance of his presence for you are an

integral part of his Divine tapestry


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