God Says ➨ If you want to burn in hell, then Skip Me

God has a special message just for you

don’t miss out he’s here to help with

all your problems in the last seconds

get all your questions answered stay

tuned till the end for divine guidance

my beloved child awaken each new day

with a heart brimming with faith

enveloped in an Ever deepening love for

me step forward boldly undeterred by any

obstacle for you are destined to reach

the goals I have set before you yet

remember this each Triumph begins with

the heartfelt prayers you offer at my

throne of

grace I understand the struggle of

belief the hesitancy to entrust

everything into my

hands sometimes it may seem as though

your prayers dissipate into


unheard Cast Away these doubts immerse

yourself instead in my word spend your

days in prayer reflection

and gratitude for the blessings that

surround you in moments of

distress I am here to guide you to lift

your spirits and to strengthen your

faith my word shall be etched upon your

heart eternally nurturing you with my

grace stay connected to me respond to my

call when I awaken you to Converse in

the Stillness of dawn do not block your

ears or allow worldly concerns to steal

our Precious Moments together be

courageous lay down the burdens that

weigh upon you let the Morning Light

Inspire your prayers and

tears if weakness overtakes you call out

to me when you are

weary let your cries for help rise up

you are blessed when you declare

sincerely my God I need you know this I

am Forever by your side blessing you

today tomorrow and always

nothing about you is hidden from me I

intimately understand your needs the

concerns known only to you and me the

burdens Weighing on your heart I am

acquainted with every aspect of your

life and I proclaim the change is

forthcoming hope endures your challenges

are conquerable do not let despair steal


blessings understand that nothing is

hidden from me I see the burdens you

bear the Sorrows concealed within your

heart the silent please for

Relief I comprehend your deep yearning

for transformation and for joy to return

to your soul share your deepest sorrows

with me articulate every facet of your

troubles although I already perceive

your innermost thoughts and the depths

of your anguish speaking them aloud

initiates the healing of your spirit

dispelling the haze of your emotions

feel free to share this video with up to

three people if you feel the need for

God’s presence let others to bask in the

Divine Light of our heavenly father your

joy and peace will be restored bow in

prayer open your heart to me I am

attentive eager to mend your wounded

soul I do not desire for you to endure


suffering as your Confidant I cast no

judgment devote time to me and

relinquish the

burdens issues and grievances you have


1 thought on “God Says ➨ If you want to burn in hell, then Skip Me”

  1. I love and trust you Jesus always and forever please heal and I will be headed deliver me I will be delivered I give all groly to you


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