I Am Always Here To Listen l God Message Today l God Message For You l God Message l

comforting words from God my child even

when things seem tough and uncertain

remember I’m here for you you can always

talk to me about your fears and worries

because I care deeply for you even when

everything seems chaotic know that I’m


control although life may not always

make sense keep hoping for good things

think about habac a wise person from the

past even when facing hard times they

found peace in trusting me feel feel

free to share your concerns with me you

may not understand everything but I’m

here to help you find Hope and strength

if you believe in me you’re like my

family and I’m happy to have you think

of me as a gift always ready to help

eternal life is a special gift for those

who believe in me I’m your guide and

friend here to fill your life with joy

now and forever even when life is hard

remember that heaven is a wonderful

place where all your dreams will come

true when life gets tough turn to me for

help and guidance try to live peacefully

with others but don’t worry if there are

problems forgiveness and peace are

important remember I’m always with you

you’re never

alone when things get tough ask me for

help and I’ll be there take a break when

you need to knowing that I’m taking care

of everything your weaknesses don’t

matter to me I love you just as you are

when you’re struggling come to me and

I’ll give you peace trust me with your

problems and I’ll give you strength

don’t worry about not having enough

trust me to provide for you spend time

with me and you’ll find peace even when

things seem impossible I’m here to help

remember I’m always thinking of you

knowing I’m with you can bring you peace

and joy if you’re feeling overwhelmed

talk to me about it I’ll help you find

peace and happiness again again trust me

and I’ll help you through anything keep

your faith strong and I’ll always be

there for you with love God type


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