God Says ➨ I Died for You, Will You Give Me 2 Minutes? | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child in the face

of uncertainty cling to the Anchor of

trust in my everpresent

assistance resist the temptation to

fixate on the unknown future for True

victory over fear lies in resting

securely in my unfailing love and

guidance my child it’s easy for the mind

to wander into the realm of Whata ifs


uncertainties leading to a preoccupation

with the future that can swiftly evolve

into an obsession with potential

problems in the fertile soil of such

preoccupation the weeds of anxiety and

fear readily take root entangling the

soul in their grip but when you discern

that you have succumbed to such

preoccupations I urge you to avert your

gaze from your concerns and turn instead

to the one who lovingly dwells beside

you rejoice

for I shall remain steadfastly by your

side as you progress through each stage

of your journey type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you lean heavily upon my

presence trusting me to sustain you not

only today but throughout all the days

of your life in the midst of life’s


uncertainties I implore you to T in a

state of gratitude a most delightful

dwelling illuminated by the radiance of

my presence

often your fervent prayers Ascend until

your desires are granted and in those

moments your heart sells with Jubilation


Thanksgiving yet I observe that your

inclination is to promptly shift your

focus to the next matter at hand

instead I beseech you to linger for a

while in a spirit of thankful

Joy rather than experiencing transient

bursts of gratitude let the current of

Joy flow continuously into your future

train yourself to recollect the manifold

blessings I have lavished upon you one

way to achieve this is by sharing your

answered prayers with others a practice

that not only bestows blessings upon

them but also upon you pleasing me

greatly in the process if you want God’s

grace always upon you then please

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button another method is to inscribe

these instances of answered prayer in a

place where they may serve as a

perpetual reminder of my

faithfulness continue to present your

gratitude before me for this gratitude

Will Bless You twofold by instilling

Within You joyous Recollections of

answered prayer and by affording you the

privilege of sharing in the exultant joy

that radiates from my presence know this

with absolute certainty I hold an

intimate familiarity with each of your

tribulations every tear you’ve shed has

been meticulously collected and

preserved in my bottle

therefore do not recoil from tears or

the adversities that evoke them your

trials hold profound meaning and are not

halfhazard or without

purpose I beckon you to place your trust

not only in me but also in my sovereign

Authority the intricacies of my divine

plan are comprehended by me alone my

perspective transcends human limitations

unrestricted by the constraints of time


space often my methods in the world

surpass human understanding if you could

perceive the world through my Divine

vantage point you would grasp the

Perfection of my will and glorify in my

Majesty yet in your current state you

only catch a faint reflection and thus

you must learn to embrace mystery your

tears are cherished by me symbolizing

your immense

worth a day will come when I shall wipe

away every tear from your eyes ushering

in an AA void of death mourning crying


pain rejoice voice in the anticipation

of this Celestial destiny that awaits

you if you believe in God then like the

video and leave a heartfelt Amen in the

comments only through my involvement can

any Endeavor truly

flourish when your actions align with my

Divine approval I draw near offering

assistance and

empowerment sometimes my enabling

presence is

unmistakable other times it’s

subtler but the more you seek for

guidance and Aid the more abundant are

the blessings I pour upon you some of

these blessings relate to your endeavors

While others touch matters of the heart

awareness of my presence will heighten

your security and fill you with


Joy I urge you to seek me in every

circumstance even amidst

challenges there are moments when you

can discern signs of my radiant

presence picture yourself peering

through a soiled window at a sun-kissed

garden if you focus solely on the dirt

you’ll miss the Beauty Beyond train your

eyes to see past your circumstances and

envision my countenance shining upon you

seek to encounter my presence in every

place you Journey placing your

unwavering trust in me stands as the

antidote to succumbing to despair or

fleeing into Illusions in the midst of

adversity maintaining rational thought

can prove

challenging yet in these trials making

judicious decisions becomes Paramount

choices may appear to swirl around you

waiting for your grasp however one

choice consistently proves efficacious

and fitting to place your trust in me

with every fiber of your being should

you find yourself teetering on the edge

of Despair pause and declare your trust

in me whether softly

spoken loudly

proclaimed or fervently declared to

affirm your trust in

me set aside time to ponder the Myriad

reasons you possess for maintaining

unwavering confidence in my

faithfulness reflect on my boundless

unending love for you if you believe

that God will help you please subscribe

to the channel if you have been using

denial to mask your pain and evade

reality expressing trust in me will draw

you into communion with Ultimate Reality

myself beloved confide in me for I


omniscience I compreh end every facet of

your circumstances and will extend my

guidance to you

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