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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dear child I come to you today with a

message of comfort and hope I know that

the Journey of life can be filled with

trials and

tribulations moments of sorrow and deep

pain but I want you to know from the

depths of my heart that your heavenly

father hears every one of your tears and

he is ready and willing to come to your

Aid when you feel overwhelmed by the

burdens you carry remember that I have

walked a similar path during my time on

Earth I experienced the full range of

human emotions the joys and the Sorrows

the triumphs and the

sufferings I wept bitter Tears In The

Garden of Gethsemane as I contemplated

the agony of the cross that lay before

me I cried out in anguish from the cross

feeling the weight of the world’s sin

and the separation from my heavenly

father yet through it

all I never lost sight of the truth that

God the father was with me even in my


moments it was his strength that

sustained me his love that empowered me

to endure the suffering and fulfill my

mission of redemption for all of

humanity and it is that same strength

and love that I want to impart to you my

child in your times of

need when the burdens of Life seem too

heavy to Bear when the tears flow freely

down your cheeks know that your heavenly

father sees you he sees the pain in your

heart the confusion in your mind the

weariness in your

soul and he longs to wrap you in his

loving Embrace to whisper words of

comfort and reassurance to you do not

believe the lie that you are alone that

God has abandoned you you nothing could

be further from the truth feel free to

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if you feel the need for God’s presence

even in your darkest moments when you

feel most isolated and helpless your

heavenly father is there waiting to pour

out his grace and mercy upon you

remember the words I spoke to my

disciples come to me all you who are

weary and burdened and I will give you

rest the words are for you my

child in this very moment bring your

troubles your Sorrows your fears to me

and I will meet you there I will lift

the weight from your shoulders I will

restore your weary Soul your tears are

not wasted nor are they invisible to God

in fact the Bible tells us that your

heavenly father collects every one of

your tears in a bottle he values them

and he cherishes them because they are a

testament to the depth of your love for

him and your trust in him when you feel

overwhelmed by the pain of this world

remember that your heavenly father sees

it all he sees the Injustice and the

oppression the suffering that plagues

humanity and it breaks his heart just as

it breaks

yours but take comfort in knowing that

he is not passive nor is he indifferent

to your cries in fact it is because of

of his deep love for you and all of his

children that he sent me his only

begotten son to this earth I came to

bear the weight of your sin and

suffering to Die the death that you

deserved so that you might have the

opportunity to be reconciled to God and

receive the gift of eternal life through

my death on the cross and my

resurrection I have conquered the powers

of sin death and the

devil I have secured the victory and I

now sit at the right hand of the father

interceding on your

behalf so when you come to me in your

times of need know that I am there

pleading your case before the throne of

grace asking the father to pour out his

strength and comfort upon

you your heavenly father is not a

distant aloof deity unconcerned with the

plight of his creation no he is a loving

compassionate God who longs to draw you

close to his heart he sees your tears he

hears your cries and he is ready to act

on your behalf perhaps you are wondering

but if God is so loving and Powerful why

does he allow such pain and suffering in

the world why doesn’t he simply make

everything right and take away all of

our burdens and

Sorrows it is a valid question one that

I myself grappled with during my time on

earth and the truth is there are no easy


the reality is that we live in a fallen

world a world that has been tainted by

the effects of sin sin has introduced


Division and suffering Into The Human

Experience but your heavenly father has

not abandoned you to this


instead he has a plan a Redemptive plan

that is unfolding even now if you

believe in God then like the video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

through my life death and

Resurrection I have opened the way for

you to be reconciled to God to

experience his healing and restoration

in the midst of the pain and

suffering your heavenly father allows

suffering to exist not because he is

cruel or indifferent but because he

respects the Free Will that he has given

to humanity he desires for his children

to choose to love and follow him not out

of compulsion but out of a genuine

heartfelt desire and so even in the

midst of the darkest trials your

heavenly father is at work weaving the

strands of your life into a beautiful

tapestry of

redemption he is using the very

difficulties that you face to draw you

closer to himself to refine your

character and to prepare you for the

eternal glory that awaits

you my

child I know that it is not easy to

trust in God’s plan especially when the

pain pain and sorrow seem

overwhelming but I encourage you to

cling to the truth that your heavenly

father is good and that he is working

all things together for your ultimate

good when the tears

flow and the burdens feel too heavy to

Bear remember that you are not alone

your heavenly father is there ready to

catch every one of your tears to unfold

you in his loving Embrace and to provide

the strength and comfort that you need

pour out your heart to him be honest

about your struggles your doubts your

fears he can handle it all and he Longs

for you to trust him with the deepest

parts of your soul he will not condemn

you or judge you but will instead meet

you with compassion and Grace and as you

bring your burdens to him allow his

peace to wash over you receive the

assurance that he is in control that he

has a plan and that he will not abandon

you let his love and his presence fill

the empty spaces in your heart and give

you the courage to face each new day

remember the words I spoke to my

disciples peace I leave with you my

peace I give you I do not give to you as

the world gives do not let your hearts

be troubled and do not be

afraid this same peace is available to

you my child if you will only receive it

I know that the road ahead may be

difficult that the challenges you face

may seem ins

accountable but I promise you your

heavenly father is with you every step

of the way he will never leave you nor

forsake you he is your strength your

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trouble so do not lose heart my child do

not give in to despair or

desperation instead lift your eyes to

the one who holds the universe in his

hands the one who has numbered the very

hairs on your head trust in his love his

power and his perfect plan for your life

and when the tears come when the burdens

seem too heavy to Bear remember that

your heavenly father hears every one of


cries he collects your tears he holds

them close to his heart and he longs to

pour out his healing his restoration and

his peace upon you so come to me come to

the father and find the rest and the

comfort that your weary Soul so

desperately needs I am here waiting with

open arms ready to lift you up and carry

you through the storms of life your

heavenly father loves you my child with

an everlasting love he will never

abandon you never forsake you he is your

rock your Fortress your everpresent help

in time of need so take heart and know

that better days are ahead the sun will

shine again and the clouds of Sorrow

will part revealing the radiant light of

God’s love and grace hold fast to the

hope that is found in me and allow that

hope to sustain you even in the darkest


times I am with you child of God I will

never leave you nor forsake you and I

promise you the day will come when every

tear will be wiped away and all sorrow

and pain will be no more until

then cling to the truth that your

heavenly father hears your cries and he

is ready to pour out his Divine help and

comfort upon you if you believe that God

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channel be at peace my dear one be still

and know that I am God

trust in his love ah and let it be the

anchor for your soul for I have overcome

the world and in me you too can find the

Victory May the grace and peace of God

the Father God the son and God the Holy

Spirit be with you now and forever more

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