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God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child today I bring

forth a message of utmost importance

listen intently and let these words sink

deep into the chambers of your heart

there arrives a juncture in every

Journey where one must confront the

Shadows of the past seeking

reconciliation for the wrongs committed

just as I beckon Jacob to return to his

homeland despite the Tremors of fear

clutching at his

heartstrings you too may find yourself

at a similar crossroad would his

long-estranged brother extend

forgiveness Jacob’s steps

faltered uncertainty binding his feet

even as the path lay prepared before

him yet in the cloak of Darkness I met

him in is wrestling with

fear with a Divine Touch type Amen in

the comments and don’t forget to share

this message with up to three people so

that God can help you I revealed unto

him that courage though requisite was

not a solitary companion my blessings

walked alongside him a steadfast

support Destiny had already etched his

name and the reassurance was his to

claim through unwavering Faith Jacob

clung to me seeking blessings already

ordained from the outset my cherished


why do you doubt that which has been

freely bestowed though clouds of fear

May obscure your vision the path is

illuminated the destination set take

courage for the unfolding of

Arrangements aligns with Divine

orchestration from The Crucible of

struggle Jacob emerged blessed albeit

bearing the scars of

liminality understand that the tumult of

struggle molds and

refines carving space for the

Fulfillment of Destiny Divine Purpose

does not exempt one from the rigors of

Earthly tribulations if you want God’s

grace always upon you then please

consider to support our ministry by

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message took us a lot of efforts take

heart for the blessing

awaits beckoning you to walk forth in


certainty though fear May linger let not

limiting belief shackle you heed instead

the beckoning call of your realized

potential know this with me all promises

find fulfillment take hold of my hand

the journey May demand endurance but its

Terminus is adorned with Glory like

Jacob you are summoned to embrace the

inheritance pre-ordained a blessing

foretold for a designated epic yet

understand that the realization of

Destiny necessitates perseverance and

sacrifice on your part the road ahead

may not unfurl seamlessly by mere


however traversee it with Assurance for

I preced you clearing the

path the hour has arrived for you to

rise and seize the role crafted for you

to confront with audacity the beckoning

call though fear May seek to shroud your

spirit know that this wrestling is The

Crucible of transformation will you in


hesitation cling tenaciously or

relinquish control into my hands I am

Illuminating the recesses you’ve long

avoided for now is the time to confront

the past to mend where fractures persist

and to Fashion a new from shattered

fragments the treasures and blessings

destined for you await but you must

boldly grasp my hand and trusting me to

guide you through the veils of

uncertainty for you I en visit Shalom a

profound Serenity and restoration born

of alignment with me my heart aches for

the fractures and disunity that Mar the

tapestry of existence

and I implore you to partake in The

Mending step boldly into the chaos hands

outstretched and heart

Ablaze becoming a conduit of

reconciliation this endeavor demands

boundless Grace both towards yourself

and others embracing forgiveness and

refusing The Ledger of wrongs if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel release the

grip of antiquated beliefs that demand

retribution or recompense before

extending forgiveness as I have showered

you with love extend that same boundless

compassion to those who have caused you

pain become the Beacon of Hope for

others just as you await your own

Miracle Embrace this invitation to

deeper communion with me understanding

that it Demands a departure from comfort


complacency you will be stretched beyond

your familiar boundaries compelled to

explore Realms previously Uncharted

growth is a journey fraught with

discomfort yet within its Crucible lie

the seeds of

transformation do not succumb to despair

when faced with the intensity of

threshold moments they Herald the dawn

of new understanding and Authority lean

entirely upon my strength rather than

retreating into the caverns of Frailty I

will be your sustenance through the

fires of

metamorphosis keep your gaze fixed

steadfastly upon the Horizon of Promise

rather than dwelling on the challenges

of the present even amidst the wrestling


unfolds each struggle Bears the

potential for significant breakthroughs

the birth of fresh Vision the emergence

of a new identity the balm of emotional

healing and the deepening of wisdom

fully engage with the tension rather

than resisting it if you believe in God

then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments for it is

in this struggle that you will encounter

me in profound and unimaginable ways

know that I have not abandoned the grand

designs I have set in motion my promises

will come to fruition in due time

provided your steps align with mine I am

steadfast in my commitment to Bringing

to completion the good work I have

initiated but your active participation


indispensable this relationship is one

of mutuality it flows in both directions

amen my child click on the join button

to join us as a cherished member of our


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