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God’s special message is only for you

don’t overlook it God is ready to

address all your troubles in the final

seconds find the answers you seek

stick around till the end for divine

Revelations my beloved child I come to

you today with a message of Hope and

healing for I know the pain and

suffering you have endured as your

savior and your lord I see the depths of

your anguish the tears that you have

shed and the burdens that weigh heavily

upon your heart but I want you to know

with the utmost certainty that your

heavenly father sees you hears your

cries and is intimately acquainted with

every aspect of your pain I did not come

into this world as the Messiah to Simply

offer empty platitudes or temporary

distractions from your

troubles no I came to bring true and

Lasting healing to the

Brokenhearted to bind up the wounds of

The Afflicted and to set the captives

free My Sacrifice on the cross was the

ultimate expression of the Father’s Love

For You and it is through that sacrifice

that you can find the strength and the

courage to

endure I know that the Journey of Faith

is not an easy one and that there are

times when the darkness seems to engulf

you leaving you feeling alone and

abandoned but I want you to know that

you are never alone for I Am With You

Always even to the end of the age when

the weight of your burdens becomes too

much to bear I am there to carry

you when the storms of life rage all

around you I Am The Anchor that holds

you steady and when the pain seems too

great to endure I am the balm that

soothes your soul my child I understand

the depths of your suffering for I

myself experienced the full range of

human emotion and the agonies of the

flesh I wept with Mary and Martha at the

tomb of Lazarus

I agonized in the Garden of

Gethsemane as the weight of the world’s

sin threatened to crush me and I cried

out from the cross my God my

God why have you forsaken me I know the

sting of betrayal the loneliness of

Abandonment and the physical torment of

crucifixion and yet through it all I

remain steadfast in my love for the

father and in my commitment to fulfill

his Plan of Redemption if you believe in

God then like the video and leave a

heartfelt Amen in the comments it is

this same steadfast love and unwavering

commitment that I offered to you my

beloved child no matter how deep your

pain no matter how dark the shadows of

Despair that surround you I am here

reaching out to you with arms of

compassion and a heart that understands

your suffering I will not abandon you

nor will I leave you to fend for

yourself in the midst of life’s storms

rather I will be your constant companion

your Refuge your strength and your hope

I know that the path to Healing is not

an easy one and that there will be times

when the journey seems too arduous to

continue but I want you to remember that

I have walked this path before you and

that I have emerged

Victorious the scars that I bear are a

testament to the power of love to

overcome even the greatest of evils and

it is through those scars that you can

find the courage to face your own

struggles as you make your way along

this road to Healing I want you to know

that you are not alone the father has

surrounded you with a great cloud of

witnesses a community of believers who

have walked this path before you and who

are ready to come alongside you and

support you they will lift you up in

prayer they will offer you encouragement

and comfort and they will remind you of

the truth that you are a beloved child

of God worthy of love and deserving of

healing I also want you to know that the

father has not abandoned you nor has he

turned a blind eye to your suffering

rather he is deeply grieved by the pain

that you are experiencing and he longs

to wrap you in his loving Embrace and to

pour out his healing balm upon your


Soul he sees every tear that you shed he

hears every cry that escapes your lips

and he is ever presentent ready ready to

pour out his grace and his strength to


you it is the Father’s desire that you

would find true and Lasting healing not

just for the physical or emotional

wounds that you bear but for the deeper

spiritual Brokenness that can so easily

take hold of our hearts he Longs for you

to experience the fullness of his love

to know the depths of his mercy and to

walk in the freedom and joy that comes

from being his beloved child if you want

God’s grace to be a constant in your

life a steady guiding force then please

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means more than you can imagine and so

my dear child I encourage you to fix

your eyes upon the father to trust in

his unfailing love and to allow him to

work in your life in ways that you may

not yet understand I know that the

journey ahead may be difficult and that

there will be times when you feel like

giving up but I promise you that if you

will cling to me

if you will surrender your burdens to

the father and if you will allow him to

pour out his healing upon you you will

emerge from the season of suffering

stronger more resilient and more deeply

rooted in the love of God I want you to

know that the father sees the depths of

your pain and that he is working all

things together for your good he is not

distant or aloof but rather he is

intimately involved in every aspect of

your life

he knows the number of hairs on your

head and he has counted every tear that

you have shed he is not surprised by the

trials and tribulations that you face

nor is he overwhelmed by the weight of

your burdens rather he is the

everpresent all powerful and all loving

God who is ready and willing to meet you

in the midst of your pain and to bring

you the healing and restoration that you

so desperately

need I want you to imagine the father

kneeling beside you gently wiping away

your tears and Whispering words of

comfort and

reassurance I want you to picture him

wrapping his strong arms around you

holding you close and rocking you as a

loving parent would a child and I want

you to know with every fiber of your

being that he is there that he sees you

and that he loves you with Everlasting

Love as you continue on this journey of

healing I encourage you to cling to the

promises of the father he has said that

he will never leave you nor forsake you

and that he will be with you always even

to the end of the

age he has promised to be your refuge in

your strength a very present help in

times of trouble and he has assured you

that if you draw near to Him He will

draw near to you I know that the road

ahead may be long and

arduous and that there will be times

when you feel like you can’t take

another step but I want you to remember

that I have walked this path before you

and that I know the way I will be your

guide your companion and your source of

strength along the way and I will never

leave your side no matter how dark the

night or how daunting the obstacles may

be my child I want you to know that you

are so deeply loved so incredibly

valuable and so incredibly precious in

the sight of the father you are not

forgotten you are not abandoned and you

are not alone you are his beloved the

apple of his eye and the object of his

unfailing love and compassion and so I

encourage you to place your trust in the

father to lean on him in your time of

need and to allow him to pour out his

healing upon your weary Soul if you

believe that God will help you please

subscribe to the channel he is the great

physician the balm of Gilead and the

Healer of the

Brokenhearted and he longs to see you


renewed and made whole in him take heart

my dear

child for the father is with you he will

not let you fall and he will not let you

be consumed by the Flames of adversity

he is your rock your Fortress and your

deliverer and he will see you through

this season of suffering and into the

Glorious light of his love and grace

rest in the father’s

Embrace and allow him to work in your

life in ways that you cannot yet see or

understand trust in his plan and know

that he is weaving the threads of your

life into a beautiful tapestry that will

bring glory to his name and joy to your

heart I love you my child with a love

that knows no bounds and a compassion

that knows no end and I will be with you

every step of the way guiding you

strengthening you and pouring out my

healing Grace upon you

May the peace of God which surpasses all

understanding guard your heart and your

mind in Christ Jesus and may the love of

the father and the grace of the son

sustain you in the days and weeks and

years to come I hope you have found

answers to all your questions if not you

will definitely get them in the next

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