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wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child as you gaze

up to the boundless expanse of the

heavens let my voice resonate within

your soul I want you to understand

without a shadow of doubt that my love

for you knows no bounds nothing and no

one can diminish the magnitude of the

affection I hold for you

there may come moments when the forces

of adversity attempt to pull you away

from me when the weight of burdens and

trials threatens to divert your

attention yet I want you to know

unequivocally that I will never allow

anything to snatch you from my embrace

my love for you is


unwavering and

steadfast from the very moment of your

Inception I have been by your side every

step of your journey every Triumph and

every sorrow I have been there type Amen

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Guardian guiding you through life’s

tumultuous seas in your moments of

deepest despair it was my hand that

reached out to lift you up I cradled You

In My Embrace offering Solus healing

your wounds and lifting you to new

heights there is no limit to the depths

of my love for you and no obstacle that

can sever the bond between us I am well

aware that you may falter that you may

Stray From the Path I have set before

you I understand the weight of your

mistakes the burden of regret that

weighs heavy upon your heart yet even in

your darkest hours remember that my

strength is yours to lean

on I am the father who Embraces you with

unconditional love who forgives your

transgressions and who encourages you to

rise once more I never lose faith in

your ability to change to grow to become

the person you were always meant to be I

do not sit in Judgment of you instead I

offer you my boundless grace and mercy

guiding you back to the light with open


so my beloved child never doubt the

depth of my love for you in every moment

in every trial I am here standing beside

you ready to catch you when you fall and

to lift you up once more you are

cherished beyond measure and nothing in

this world can ever change that in the

boundless expanse of my Divine love

there exists a sanctuary where

forgiveness flows ceaselessly and where

the mistakes of Mortals are but fleeting

Shadows against the Brilliance of my

Mercy hearken unto my voice for I speak

unto thee my cherished one with a heart

overflowing with compassion know this my

child I am ever prepared to extend unto

thee the gift of

absolution to Grant thee a fresh Dawn

unmarred by the sins of

yesterday even when thou wander Far From

the Path I have set before thee or when

the weight of thy transgressions

threatens to separate us My Love Remains

steadfast and unwavering my forgiveness

knows no bounds for it is as boundless

as the heavens and as deep as the oceans


ABS in my infinite grace there lies the

power to cleanse thy soul of even the

gravest of

trespasses let not the shadows of thy

past mistakes Cloud thy spirit for in my

eyes Thou Art forever cherished and

beloved cast aside thy burdens my child

and embrace the freedom that my love

bestows upon thee take refuge in the

warmth of My Embrace where comfort and

protection await thee without condition

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button my child open thy heart to

receive the fullness of my grace and

forgiveness for therein lies the path to

True Redemption and spiritual

fulfillment as thou journiest through

the Labyrinth of Life know that thou

shalt encounter trials and tribulations

of Plenty there shall be moments of

doubt and despair where the tempests of

adversity threaten to engulf thee in

their Fury

yet fear not for I am with thee always a

steadfast Beacon of Hope amidst the

darkness though Others May seek to lead

thee astray and seow seeds of Doubt

within thy Soul hold fast to the

knowledge that Thou Art Worthy of my

love and deserving of my grace when

Temptation beckons and weakness looms

large remember that I am thy constant

companion ever ready to lend thee

strength and support in thy hour of need

with each passing day as the the sun

rises a new so too does my love for thee

burn ever brighter trust in Mia my child

and let thy faith be thy Guiding Light

through the trials that lie ahead for in

thy moments of weakness I shall be thy

strength and in thy moments of doubt I

shall be thy unwavering certainty do not

yield to the deceptive Whispers that

Echo around thee nor allow them to lure

thee into the abyss of

Destruction for within thee lies a

strength might ier than any adversity

and the essence of a conqueror beats

within thy

heart Forge ahead resolutely steadfast

against the cacophony of unfamiliar

voices those that seek not but to entice

thee towards transgression endeavoring

to derail the purpose for which Thou Art

destined remember my cherished child

that thou art the jewel of my creation

and notwithstanding thy flaws and

missteps I behold thee with boundless

affection and contentment

for thy worth is immeasurable and thy

presence irreplaceable in my

eyes it is my fervent desire to see thee

flourish in every facet of

existence therefore lift thy countenance

with unwavering trust and gaze into the

future with Faith and Hope assured of

the steadfastness of my love which knows

no bounds and endures for all

eternity in times when thy steps falter

raise thy hands and surrender knowing

that I am ever present ready to lift

thee from the depths of

Despair when uncertainty clouds thy path

seek solace in my counsel for I shall

illuminate the way forward and amidst

the shadows of grief Reach Out For My

Embrace and I shall envelop thee in

Solace and

serenity know this my child that my

devotion to thee is unwavering and

nothing in this world can diminish it

embrace the warmth of my enduring love

for it shall be thy anchor in the

Tempest of life amen if you believe that

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