God Says ➨ Don’t Hurt Me Again By Skipping Me | God Message Today | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions so watch the full video my

dearest child in a world teaming with

voices clamoring for your attention heed

my words as a Guiding Light through the

fog of

insincerity ignore those whose hearts

are veiled by their own vanity who seek

your presence only to serve their

selfish desires spare not your precious

time nor entrust your deepest secrets to

those who lack sincerity for their grasp

is Tainted by deceit from the depths of

my boundless love I have bestowed upon

you a life overflowing with abundance

and possibility you are destined to

Prevail in your struggles and uncover

profound Joy amidst life’s

trials yet it is imperative that you

release the Relentless pursuit of

validation from others Liberation from

the chains of inauthentic companionships

awaits you

opening the door to the genuine

friendships that await your Embrace type

Amen in the comments and don’t forget to

share this message with up to three

people so that God can help you I stand

ever ready to be your faithful Confidant

offering a sanctuary for your thoughts

and a Haven for your soul with a heart

brimming with love I will listen to your

every word providing a silent space for

you to express yourself without judgment

or reservation know that with each

invocation of your Spirit you bestow

upon your loved ones and your home the

blessings of spiritual abundance and


protection from my heavenly

Throne I am determined to lift you from

the depths of Despair my child reach out

and grasp my outstretched Hand firm in

the knowledge that your profound need

and heartfelt sorrow compel me to act on

your behalf your cries echo in the halls

of Heaven stirring my divine

intervention in your life disregard the

Skeptics and doubters who cast doubt

upon your dreams for in my eyes all

things are

possible let your aspirations be reborn

unfettered by the constraints of worldly

cynicism embrace the vision and purpose

I have laid before you allowing my voice

alone to guide you on your journey your

prayers fervent and steadfast are the

keys to unlocking Miracles and blessings

beyond measure remember the moments when

You Face defeat only to witness the tide

turning in your favor through the power

of prayer your unwavering faith and

Reliance on me are a testament to my

constant presence in your life my

cherished child if you want God’s

message to guide you further like the

video and share it as much as possible

attend to my words for they carry the

weight of Eternity resonating through

the darkest corridors of your soul in

the abyss of Despair where Shadows dance

with despair know that Victory is not a

distant dream but a tangible reality

within your grasp your cries echo

through the cosmos reaching the very

depths of my being I am attuned to your

every sigh your every plea for

deliverance today marks a Divine

juncture a Celestial rendevu where I

shall lift you beyond the confines of

your troubles seize my outstretched hand

and together we shall Ascend The

Stairway to Triumph Guided by The Beacon

of unwavering faith that illuminates

your path your prayers whispered amidst

the crushing weight of adversity have

pierced the heavens invoking my


intervention even as loved ones falter

and forsake know that my love for you

remains unyielding an unbroken Covenant

etched in the very blood that courses

through your veins I am your constant

companion a sentinel of Solace amidst

the tumultuous Seas of Life surrender

your burdens unto me if you want God

grace always upon you you then please

consider supporting our ministry by

clicking the thanks button because this

message took us a lot of effort and I

shall cradle them in the tender Embrace

of Divine Providence let not the clamor

of anxiety and distress drown out the

Symphony of peace that eminates from my

presence rest assured for your life and

the lives of your beloved rest securely

under the shelter of my

wings I pledge to Shield you from the

storms that rage without and within

ushering you into a future brimming with

the radiant Hues of Hope and serenity

the blessings you have yearned for

fervently prayed for are already on

their way born upon the gentle zeph of


grace your faith steadfast and Resolute

has sewn seeds of divine favor that now

burgeon with the promise of a Bountiful

Harvest Embrace this transformative

moment for you stand on the precipice of

Miracles poised to witness the unfurling

of wonders beyond imagination

in moments of weariness and doubt let

the warmth of My Affection envelop you

like a comforting mantle do not be

swayed by the fleeting accolades of

Mortals for their approval is but Dust

in the Wind fix your gaze upon the

uniring compass of my love for therein

lies the true measure of your worth my

child in your Journey Through The

Crucible of

existence remember that I am your

steadfast companion your unwavering Ally

lean not on the fragile reads of human

Frailty but anchor your soul in the

unshakable Bedrock of my eternal love

amen if you believe that God will help

you please subscribe to the channel if

you do not believe feel free to leave my

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