God Says ➨ Don’t Break My Heart By Ignoring Me | God Message Today For You | God Tells

God’s special message is only for you

don’t make the mistake of leaving it God

wants to solve all your problems in the

last seconds God will answer all your

questions my beloved child amidst the

constellations and Galaxy I am your

Guiding Light your all powerful God

within My Embrace lies the promise of

boundless love and unwavering

protection trust in me for my blessings

are Not Mere Trifles they are abundant

overflowing and bestowed upon you

without Reserve I understand the doubts

that plague your mind the uncertainties

that cloud your vision yet let your

faith be steadfast for my word is

immutable even in moments of wavering

courage I reveal unto you the strength


yourself you are empowered to conquer

the adversities of life to trample upon

the serpents and scorpions that dare to

cross your path know this my child you

dwell under the shelter of my unfailing

protection no harm shall befall you for

my love surrounds you like an


Fortress in times of weariness and

ailment seek solace in my presence for

Within Me lies the remedy for all

afflictions offering Comfort tranquility

and boundless

affection regardless of your triumphs or

tribulations you remain forever

cherished in my sight

your worth transcends Earthly measures

you are and shall always be my beloved

child approach me without hesitation for

I am the source of your strength and the

balm for your wounds type Amen in the

comments and don’t forget to share this

message with up to three people so that

God can help you my words possess the

power to heal to rejuvenate to breathe

life a new into your weary

Soul despite any doubts that may link

linger your faith and humility have

drawn my gaze I yearn not only to dwell

within your Abode but to make a home

within your heart let me inscribe upon

your soul the promises of restoration to

liberate you from burdens too heavy to

Bear alone releasee your worries to

doubts and infirmities unto me for I am

the harbinger of peace and the

alleviator of

suffering embrace the warmth of my

presence my beloved child for in it lies

the promise of everlasting love love and


salvation behold the Majesty of my

command echoed even in the expanse of

the heavens above directly to you I

extend my words woven with the intent of

ushering Joy

tranquility and the promise of a

luminous tomorrow marked by New

Beginnings in the Embrace of our

communion I draw you near enfolding you

within the tender folds of my true love

shielding you from from the vicissitudes

of the world this indeed is the Legacy I

aspire to bequeath unto you a legacy

that shall endure throughout the

tapestry of your

existence today I implore you to Anchor

your faith in me without reservation

embracing the Bountiful blessings I

offer forth with if you want God’s grace

always upon you then please consider to

support our ministry by clicking thanks

button your reservoir of strength stands

replenished poised for your

grasp awaiting the moment of your claim

enrobe yourself in the transformative

mantle of my Holy Spirit an anointing

imbued with healing virtues now at your

beckon call let not the shackles of past

afflictions constrain your stride any

longer dispel the notion that you are

deserving of the tribulations wrought by

the weight of transgression in this

unforgiving realm remember the realm

over which I have already asserted

Triumph you are my cherished Offspring

blessed by the boundless reservoir of my

enduring might with each forward stride

lean upon my steadfast presence

ascending beyond the trials that beset

this Earthly

domain I am cognizant of the tears you

have shed often shrouded in perplexity


uncertainty yet let it be known that

your anguish Springs from a profound

yearning to draw nearer unto my Divine

Essence in the depths of your being

where emotions intertwine with the

essence of your

existence there lies a yearning an

insatiable desire for

connection your heart a beacon of

longing extends its tendrils toward

me recognizing that in my presence lies

the Fulfillment you seek without me you

sense a void and in completeness that

Echoes through the chambers of your soul

life may unfold before you like a

fleeting dream

slipping through your grasp leaving you

grasping for The elusive peace and joy

that seem to dance just beyond your

reach and in the midst of this ephemeral

existence it can feel as though those

you hold dear drift farther away with

each passing day but heed my voice for I

am ever presentes standing beside you

with arms outstretched offering

boundless blessings from the Wellspring


Eternity let the Waters of this eternal

Source flow over you

cleansing your spirit of the Shadows

that threaten to engulf you drink deeply

and you shall never thirst again if you

believe in God then like the video and

leave a heartfelt Amen in the comments

for I have vowed to fill the hollow

spaces within you with the richness of

my love your faith a beacon of light in

the darkness has wrought Miracles Within

You by opening your heart to me you have

welcomed me into the very core of your

being making it my my Dwelling Place I

will not leave you to wander alone in

the wilderness of life no I will stand

as a guardian over you and those you

cherish showering you with blessings

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams lay down the

burdens that weigh heavy upon your soul

surrender your fears your worries your

sorrows at my feet and trust in me once

more know that I am with you always a

steadfast companion at your side guiding

you with a gentle hand through the

trials and tribulations that lie ahead

take shelter beneath the wings of my

protection enveloped in the comforting

Embrace of my

presence though weariness May threaten

to overtake you fear not for I have

endowed you with the strength to

persevere to rise above the challenges

that beset you you have been chosen


forth fortified with the power to

conquer adversity and emerge

Victorious Begin by mastering ing the

depths of your own character for within

you lies a spirit imbued with love with

power with

self-control let these virtues be your

Guiding Light as you Journey forth for

in them lies the key to your ultimate

Triumph learn the art of governing your

tongue and taming

impetuosity reflect on the past when

your words were Reckless causing harm


consideration now bow in my presence

even a whisper of those words stings


conscience recognizing the offense it

brings to me take control of your

emotions and in doing so you’ll find

true Triumph as you embark on your

journey let Faith be your guide rather

than fleeing emotions or what meets the

eye distance yourself from those who sow

Discord with their negativity and deceit

their words only breed sadness and erode


instead nurture your soul with posit

positivity planting the seeds of my

teachings in the fertile ground of your

heart bid farewell to the past and those

who refuse to heed my call despite your

efforts to share my light they seek to

drag you down serving the enemy’s

purpose but I have given you strength to

rise above begin the transformation

within yourself surround yourself with

friends who Inspire goodness and shun

those who lead you astray shine brightly

wherever you tread for I desire your

progression towards the Abundant

Blessings that await you open your heart

to me and I will enact a profound change

within you if you believe that God will

help you please subscribe to the channel

even amidst trials and the pursuit of

elusive happiness remember my presence


you have faith for all things unfold in

their own time surrender and Trust

keeping the flame of Faith Burning

Brightly as you wait

patiently amen my child click on the

join button to join us as a cherished

member of our community

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  1. GOD my LOVE how did I broken your heart please don’t make me hurting by hearing that I HURT YOU I PROMISE (HUMAN)NEVER EVER I WILL HURT YOU. PLEASE DON’T HURT ME EITHER PLEASE. THAT’S ALL I WANT FROM YOU


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