God Says ▶ Devil Will Be Smile, If You Skip Me Today God’s Message For You Today

My beloved son, I am Jesus, your redeemer. I desire to meet with you, and if you cultivate

love for the Almighty Lord, dedicate your time to watch this video until the end. On this day,

God wishes to surprise you, making what you deemed impossible happen

suddenly. Remember that He is superior to any adversity, stronger than any illness,

and supreme in the face of any enemy. He promises to guide you on this path, so remain steadfast and

trust that He understands what He is doing. Do not let uncertainty and anxiety prevail.

If you believe in miracles, express an “Amen” in the comments. Today, I want to tell you that

you have faced pains you did not deserve. I understand the emotions pulsating within you,

and you can share with me, for my love for you is unconditional. This month represents a period

of blessings, and your existence is about to transform for the better. Sustain your

faith and remain loyal. I acknowledge that you have the power, self-control,

and authority to achieve great things, as you were conceived in this way. I believe in you,

and even though some may not support your choices, it does not mean they don’t love

you. They simply recognize that you are capable of overcoming the barriers you have set for yourself.

Awaken your eyes and recognize that I am here for you. I will open a path for you,

wipe away the tears you shed, and grant you victory. Rise, even when life presents

itself as a challenging and overwhelming journey during times of tribulation. Fully

surrender by typing “Amen” in the comments, and witness the blessings showering your path today.

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