God Says➤ You Will Regret If You Ignore Me | God message jesus |

my child I made the universe with love

that is bigger than the universe itself

and my love lives in every Starry corner

of it unchanging and Endless Love is the

thread that holds everything together it

goes far beyond what you can see or even

imagine and your heart is held in this

huge tapestry in the same way that the

Sun keeps shining even when clouds

gather my love for you won’t change even

when Shadows Fall on your path you you

should know this my dear as you stand

under the vast Sky whether it’s colored

with the colors of dawn or the Dark

Velvet of night it’s just a shadow of

how stable I am as sure as the path of

the Stars I will always be faithful to

you knowing this should not move you to

a reverence that stirs the soul when you

praise me you become a mirror that shows

how great I am it is a deep truth that

when you turn your face toward me in

genuine love

you start to show the world a clearer

picture of me your light shines like the

light of a sun that can’t be seen at

night like the moon every word of

worship and every note of a hymn is like

a hammer and chisel in the hands of the

Holy Spirit making you more like me this

change doesn’t always happen without

pain but it always has a reason don’t

forget that the love that reaches the

sky also falls gently on you the pure

joy that that comes from the Heavenly

Realms pours over you like a waterfall

when you look at me I will always have a

smile that shines brighter than the Sun

and my love for you will be so strong

that it will turn even the deepest

sadness into a faint sound this love is

like a NeverEnding stream and you my

beloved are welcome to dive into it let

it wash over you and let it keep you

alive and make you new no matter how dry

the desert is there is no not that can’t

be untangled and no night that the day

can’t beat hold on to this truth and let

it be the anchor for your soul Let It Be

Your sure and steady hope yes there will

come a time when you will rise above the

clouds and my heart will be filled with

joy because there is nothing better for

a dad than to see his kid come home the

glory that lies ahead of you is beyond

words it’s a tapestry of light life and

love that’s waiting for you to touch it

and be there with it remember that I am

always with you as you walk this Earth

there is no doubt that I am here with

you just like the air you breathe and

the ground you walk on every step you

take should be in communion with me talk

to me like you would a friend I’m

interested in everything tell me about

your fears hopes dreams and mistakes and

I’ll carry them with you so you see my

love for you isn’t something that just

sits there there it’s active and Alive

moving inside and around you it’s in the

way a child laughs A stranger’s kindness

and the beauty of a sunset it is there

when a friend lends a hand or when

someone hugs you tight with this love my

love every happy moment and every sad

moment is linked when you worship have a

good heart and when you pray say what

you mean don’t forget that I hear more

than what you say I hear what’s in your

heart when I’m around there ‘s no need

to act fake use flowery language or make

big gestures something as simple as

thank you please help me or I trust you

is enough to move my

heart dear one as you continue your

journey keep your eyes on me let your

worship be a fragrant offering and let

your life show that I will always be

faithful to you never forget that you

are loved beyond measure and held close

by a father whose love knows no bounds

think about this and keep it close to

your heart I am with you now and always

through good times and bad it is in this

Divine communion this unbreakable bond

that you will find the strength to get

through it all the grace to keep going

and the courage to spread my light to

every corner of the world you are mine

and I am yours and we will always be

linked in a dance of divine love and

unwavering loyalty the heavens

themselves say it and everything in the

world sings along on with the beat of my

heart the beat of a love that has no

limits or ends right now this very

second we are here because God wants us

to be together allow my love to wrap

around you like a warm blanket on a cold

night in me you will find the safety

your soul seeks you see I made you with

infinite care knowing every single one

of your days before they happened I

created the things that made you laugh

cry have quirks and be passionate you

are wonderfully complicated in every way

and I love you so much you are my

masterpiece you were made to look like

me and show how much I love you but I

know you my love I know how easy it is

for your heart to get caught up in your

own wants and plans with all your might

you try to catch what you think will

satisfy your deepest desires you follow

the Winds of what may seem right still

you often feel tired your hands are

empty and your spirit is thirsty I can

see you working hard pushing and pulling

trying to make your life look like the

perfect picture you have in your head

take a moment to breathe and let my

spirit lead you to peace you need to be

ready to let go of the life you have

planned in order to receive the life I

have planned for you don’t forget that

my thoughts are not the same as yours

and your ways are not the same as mine I

think and act in ways that are higher

than yours just like the sky is higher

than the earth you may hit obstacles and

doors that won’t open on your way but

trust in my Divine wisdom every time

someone says no there is a bigger yes

that comes after it it’s a chance to

grow learn and embrace the real meaning

of life the life I have for you the hard

times and setbacks are not meant to hurt

you they are meant to strengthen your

faith and make you more resilient let’s

talk walk and think together tell me

what’s on your mind what you want what

you’re afraid of and what you doubt I’m

not a far away God watching from the

heavens that you can’t reach I am here

closer than your next breath and I am

deeply involved in the story of your

life as it unfolds you will find your

true purpose your calling and the

happiest ending in me look at how the

lies grow they don’t work or spin but I

tell you not even Solomon in all his

glory was dressed like one of these I

will clothe the grass of the field in

this way even though it lives today and

dies tomorrow will I not also clothe you

you blind people don’t worry about what

shall we eat what shall we drink or what

shall we wear instead seek first my

kingdom and my righteousness and all

these other things will be added to you

you will have trouble in this world but

don’t worry I have won over the world I

can’t promise you an easy Journey but I

can promise you that that I will always

be with you there will be no one else

with you on your walk I will hold you

guide you and Lead You Through The

Valleys and over the mountains I am your

Good Shepherd when you feel lost I will

call you by name and Lead You Back to

Green Pastures and Still Waters when

things get too much for you I’m here to

hold you up and keep you safe when

you’re happy I’m happy with you and

dancing and singing over you I will

always be with you my loyalty will be

your shield and wall if you want to

follow my schedule then drop your plans

at my feet let me change your life your

mind and your heart surrendering is

beautiful not when you lose when you win

you win when you walk in my will rest in

my sovereignty and stay in my love yes

this is the way to peace the right way

and happiness for there is plenty of

happiness in my presence and Pleasures

will always always be at my right hand

you can ask for anything as long as you

stay in me and my word stay in you it

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