God Says➤ You Will Be Punished If You Ignore Me | God Message Today | Jesus Affirmations

my dear child I see the burdens you

carry the mountains you climb and The

Valleys that test your spirit I know

that the path is rugged and the night is

long but hear me now for I am here to

guide you through every dark hour and

every tear you shed I am training you

beloved not merely to get through these

challenges but to emerge from them with

a Radiance that reflects my glory the

trials you face are not just stumbling

blocks but Stepping Stones to a higher

place a place where your spirit is

stronger your faith deeper and your

capacity for love greater this

transformation is no ordinary change it

is a Divine metamorphosis and it is

accomplished through the power of my

holy spirit so when the weight of Life

presses down upon your shoulders do not

run faster into the chaos instead slow

down come into my presence feel my peace

speak to me for I am always

listening invite my spirit to enter your

situation as you pour out the

intricacies of your difficulties in our


conversation place your requests at my

feet my child and await with

anticipation I know how you long for

immediate answers for Swift resolution

but trust in my timing I am working in

ways you cannot see knitting together a

masterpiece from the threads of your

experiences the resolutions I weave are

never just for the moment but are

designed for Everlasting impact I am

sculpting your soul crafting your

character and preparing you for an

eternal destiny that far outweighs this

momentary Affliction do not misjudge the

silence during your waiting is in action

for in The Quiet Moments in the

seemingly still times I am often doing

my greatest work within you these

struggles you face they are not only

about you they are a part of a grander

narrative a cosmic battle between light

and darkness the manner in which you

confront these adversities wielding

trust and thankfulness as your weapons

brings me Hunter and illumines the

heavens with your faith remember when

you choose to lean on me to put your

unwavering trust in my eternal goodness

you magnify me and each time you

approach me with a heart full of

gratitude even before the dawn breaks on

your situation you are practicing a

sacred Rhythm that reshapes your very

soul you may wonder how can I be joyful

in times of trouble my child Joy is not

the absence of pain it is the presence

of me your lord in all circumstances it

is the steadfast knowledge that I am

with you working all things for good

crafting beauty from ashes and leading

you to streams of Living Water where

your joy will be made full persist in

your prayers for persistence is the key

to the door of spiritual maturity it is

the exercise that strengthens your faith

muscles teaching you to depend not on

Mortal strength but on my immortal power

and as you grow in the spiritual

discipline you will see a transformation

in yourself the face you lift to me in

prayer will start to reflect my glory

and the life you live will be a

testimony of my grace you are crowned

with Glory my precious one for I have

made you a little lower than the angels

and have adorned you with honor you you

are destined not for the dust from which

you came but for the Everlasting Kingdom

prepared for you in this Kingdom the

trials of today will shine as jewels in

your crown each one a testament to your

faith and my faithfulness therefore

arise each morning with expectancy in

your heart do not be anxious about

anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your request to me and together

we will walk this journey handin hand

Heart to Heart until the day breaks and

the Shadows flee away for now Rest In My

Embrace find solace in my words and Let

the Peace of my presence envelop you as

you trust in my unfailing love you are

my beloved in whom I am well pleased my

precious child feel the warmth of My

Embrace as I speak to you pause for a

moment and let the reality of my eternal

love for you sink deeply into your heart

for it is in the quietude of your soul

that my voice voice resonates with

Clarity and strength your future is safe

in my all powerful and Sovereign hands

because I am your God my love for you

will never end is patient and warm I

will make sure that my Divine will comes

true in your life what do you think will

you believe in my unwavering love will

you stop crying when you hear rumors of

doubt and bad news your prayer to change

your mind was beautiful and with the

faith that burns inside you we

celebrated your return home today here

in heaven in the battle for life you are

making progress I’m glad that you trust

me enough to tell me everything that’s

on your mind you’re rediscovering the

joy of Life at the same time that you

have to face feelings that have been

buried for a long time talking to me

every day will make you stronger your

faith will grow and you will feel a lot

more powerful now that I’m here I’m

taking the weight off your shoulders

making your soul feel light and filling

you with happiness now now that you’ve

heard me let your heart talk to me

without being afraid I love you very

much and nothing in the world can stop

the good things I wish for you put my

shield in your hands and I will protect

you with my holy mantle my guardian

angels are alert and ready to protect

you from any harm I want you to know

that those hurtful words will be carried

away by the wind and forgotten you will

no longer be sad in the morning because

my love will surround you I want you to

let me into your heart and shut out the

voices that want to control your life

there are many ways I tell you I love

you get Brave and sure of yourself so

that other people’s opinions don’t

affect how you feel remember that I know

you very well and can see the good that

is inside you before you believe those

poisonous words I was born with a

purpose that is just for you it is a

purpose of Love forgiveness and help

your actions will shine a light on my

love so that everyone can see it you

will affect the lives of both big and

small people with your hands I’m raising

your faith to a level you’ve never felt

before right now just in case I’ll

remind you every day to keep your eyes

on me because I will show you my will

and my word in a lot of different ways

don’t be scared because I’ll help you

don’t give up because I love you very

much put your faith in me and keep going

because I will always be with you don’t

be afraid I’m here for you and my love

gives you strength and hope hold on

tight and don’t give into trouble I will

give you the wisdom and strength to get

through this tough time the enemy will

not be able to hurt you because I will

hide you under my wings when you’re

tired I will lift you up and comfort you

with my huge love I’m giving you new

energy and hope which will make you want

to fly and reach your goals again for

you to truly be healthy I want you to

experience it you need to be in my

presence every day more than anything

else we will erase the bad parts of your

life and write a new Happy story

together my deepest wish is for you to

see yourself as you really are loved by

me a triumphant soul with a strong

purpose every morning do not let your

age stop you from being happy know that

you are a huge blessing to many people

and that you have the power to help

others in big ways you have a lot of

seeds in your hands that you can plant

in the field in front of you get up and

pay attention because your family needs

you a lot of Hearts big and small admire

you even though the enemy has been after

you since the beginning trying to clip

your wings and keep you locked up in the

jungle of anger it almost made you

believe that you were not worth anything

by inflicting small wounds that drained

your heart of blood one drop at a

time you heard what I said admitted you

were wrong

and asked for forgiveness for your sins

your prayer to change your mind was

beautiful and with the faith that burns

inside you we celebrated your return

home today here in heaven in the battle

for life you are making progress share

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