God Says➤ You Can Skip If You Hate Me |

my beloved child you are cherished and

my love for you knows no bounds I want

you to know that I love you deeply more

than words can express I hold you close

to my heart and in this time of

Affliction I ask you to trust in me

reach out your hand for I am with you

and I will not let threats and troubles

steal your peace and confidence it

touches my soul to see the sincerity in

your heart I have said it before and I

will say it again I am here to bestow my

blessings upon you because I desire to

do so now I ask you will you accept my

blessings and cherish them with great

love remember in your moments of Sorrow

I cradle you in the palm of my hand

covering you with my holy mantle you are

my precious child and I love you with

all my heart I will bless you because I

want to and I have the power to do so

what I promise I will always f fulfill

I’ve been with you all along I have

never abandoned you even in this time of

turmoil I will not forsake you my plans

are greater than yours and my thoughts

are Eternal they will lead you to a

place of secure peace and prosperity

challenges may arise but if you face

them with Faith and Hope your life will

change seek me in the morning throughout

the day and as night falls before you

sleep bow your knees before me for your

word words bring me joy know that even

if you cannot see it now the heavens

rejoice when you lift your voice in

praise your prayers filled with faith

and confidence move my heart I want to

reassure you that even if the whole

world abandons you I never will when

those who claim to love you fail you

remember that my love for you is greater

than anything they could ever offer I do

not lie and I will never let you down

your family your future and your health

are in my hands

trecer these blessings do not

underestimate their value if you remain

faithful in small things and care for

what I provide in times of need my

promise is that your blessings will

multiply I will bestow upon you even

greater Eternal blessings it might seem

like life is slipping through your

fingers and you haven’t yet found the

peace and happiness you’ve been

searching for your loved ones may seem

to be growing distant with each passing

day but hear me now I am here standing

beside a Well Spring from which flows

the Waters of blessing that will quench

your thirst remove your burdens and

cleanse your soul drink from this water

anoint your head and wash away those

thoughts of sadness you will never

thirst again I promise you your faith

has borne fruit today and I have healed

you you opened the door and I entered

your home I will stay here watching over

and blessing your family

I will bless you beyond your wildest

imagination and perform the Miracles you

thought were impossible your happiness

will return and I will continue to

fulfill my

promises no one can steal the blessings

destined for you commit to me believe in

me and I will never forget my promises

when the time comes to answer your

prayers your tears have not been shed in

vain they are seen and remembered you

will witness this when you receive the

rewards for your courage and

sacrifices time flies by and it may seem

like it’s slipping through your fingers

treasure and hold dear the words I speak

to you my love for you is eternal and my

grace is always available to you rejoice

be glad and prepare to receive my

response with open arms it will be well

for you I your heavenly father have

written your future long before your

birth in my hands I hold the beautiful

things you desire and dream of the

prayers for those you love all inscribed

in my sacred book I forget nothing

everything has its appointed time and

season my desire is to bless you to open

doors to nurture your wisdom Faith

humility and patience you are my beloved

child and I have planted you in a place

where you can grow and bear fruit the

map to these blessings lies within my

holy and powerful word embrace it with

unwavering faith and fervor keep it it

close to your heart if your past has

been marred by failures and you felt

like giving up Proclaim these words

aloud my past is behind me from this day

forward my life my family and my future

shall be blessed never be ashamed to

share my word before anyone in my

promises you’ll find eternal life

Majestic Miracles the Supernatural and

answers to your deepest questions when

You Face an insurmountable obstacle my

word will provide the wisdom to overcome

it open your Bible read it again and

Desire to Learn and Grow

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