God Says➤ This Is Your Last Lifeline, Don’t Skip | God message jesus |

God’s special message is intended only

for you don’t ignore it God desires to

solve all of your problems and he will

respond to all of your questions within

the next

seconds my beloved child allow me to

lift the burdens you carry my beloved

child dedicate a moment of your precious

time to me and I will relieve you of

your many worries my deepest wish is

that your difficulties become blessings

and your tears turn to Joy I am

Overjoyed by your daily search for me

and Praises consider and appreciate how

much I have helped you without my

presence by your side you might have

lost open your eyes to see the trials

I’ve placed in front of you as signs of

my love you might have walked through

deserts but I was there with you

recognize this truth just as I have

saved you from previous afflictions I

will do so again I will not allow anyone

to take away the blessings that were

meant for you find comfort in the midst

of your struggles type Amen in the

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this message to up to three people so

God can help you when you called out to

me in prayer I fought and defeated your

Giants my spirit has guarded your heart

giving you strength when you felt

powerless courage when you felt

incapable of standing and Grace to

persevere in the midst of your

trials recognize the depth of my love

for you you are deeply cherished Chosen

and valued my dedication to showing you

love day after day is unwavering as a

result today I invite you to open your

heart completely to me allowing my

presence to fill your life accept this

transformation a life of Supernatural

wonders awaits you when you choose to

let me guide you every day barriers will

fall chains will break and incredible

things will occur I promise to guide you

safely to a wealth of blessings a bright

and beautiful future awaits I am

bringing new life into your heart nobody

will be able to defeat you in the Lush

pastures because I am your Shepherd I

will meet all of your needs so no

enemies or misfortunes will come near my

love for you is unwavering and

manifested in numerous ways you will see

evidence of my enduring love I’m

speaking to you to lift your spirit I

don’t want you to be discouraged or

defeated by trials

pay attention to what I am saying don’t

allow others doubts to limit your

potential or Spirit remember the

Grandeur of your dreams for I have

instilled noble goals in you while

Others May judge based on appearances

and be swayed by gossip or Envy I look

at your heart your genuine intentions

and your determination to succeed your

desire to change your life and pursue

your dreams is apparent if you want

God’s grace to be with you always please

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message required a significant amount of

effort to create act now and place your

trust in your all powerful God rise and

start your journey do it for your loved

ones you must believe what I say be

Valiant and diligent persevering until

you achieve your goals when you arrive

you will see your heart filled with even

more joy knowing that believing in my

word and striving for a better life was

worthwhile I’ve always told you and I’ll

say it again if you decide to put your

trust in your heavenly father you’ll be


abundantly today I speak to you with

great love and affection but please keep

your soul safe don’t believe those who

try to steal the dreams of those who

love me do not befriend those who intend

to deceive you with falsehood do not

follow in their footsteps do not open

your heart to them and do not listen to

their false words seek me out and pray

concentrate on carrying out my will open

your eyes for I will soon reveal a

wonderful blessing a Divine opportunity

remember I love you changes are coming

to your life do not be concerned I have

a plan for you I’m elevating you to a

place and level where I want to shower

you with blessings when faced with new

challenges it is natural to have doubts

I am sculpting your soul crafting your

character and preparing you for for an

eternal destiny that far outweighs this

momentary Affliction do not misjudge the

silence during your waiting is in action

for in The Quiet Moments in the

seemingly still times I am often doing

my greatest work within you these

struggles you face they are not only

about you they are a part of a grander

narrative a cosmic battle between light

and darkness the manner in which you

confront these adversities wielding

trust and thankfulness as your weepons

brings me hunor and illumines the

heavens with your faith remember when

you choose to lean on me to put your

unwavering trust in my eternal goodness

you magnify me and each time you

approach me with a heart full of

gratitude even before the dawn breaks on

your situation you are practicing a

sacred Rhythm that reshapes your very

Soul you may wonder how can I be joyful

in times of trouble my child Joy is not

the absence of pain it is the presence

of me your lord in all circumstances it

is the steadfast knowledge that I am

with you working all things for good

crafting beauty from ashes and leading

you to streams of Living Water where

your joy will be made full persist in

your prayers for persistence is the key

to the door of spiritual maturity it is

the exercise that strengthens your faith

muscles teaching you to depend not on

Mortal strength but on my immortal power

and as you grow in the spiritual

discipline you will see a transformation

in yourself the face you lift to me in

prayer will start to reflect my glory

and the life you live will be a

testimony of my grace you are crowned

with Glory my precious one for I have

made you a little lower than the angels

and have adorned you with honor you are

destined not for the dust from which you

came but for the Everlasting Kingdom

prepared for you in this Kingdom the

trials of today will shine as jewels in

your crown each one a testament to your

faith and my faithfulness therefore

arise each morning with expectancy in

your heart do not be anxious about

anything but in every situation by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your request to me and together

we will walk this journey hand in hand

heart tohe heart until the day breaks

and the Shadows flee away for now Rest

In My Embrace find solid in my words and

Let the Peace of my presence envelop you

as you trust in my unfailing love the

journey may not always be easy for

growth often comes through adversity but

my Grace will be sufficient for you

remember my child that each day is a

gift an opportunity to experience my

love and to extend it to others when you

rise in the morning let your first

thought be of me and let your first

words be thanks for the breath in your

lungs and the new mercies that await you

as you go about your day keep your eyes

fixed on me and I will guide your steps

you need not be anxious about the future

or regretful of the past for I am the

god of now present in every moment in

times of Joy share it with me Let It Be

a Dance of praise for the blessings I

have bestowed upon you and in moments of

Sorrow do not hide your tears from me

for I am close to the Brokenhearted and

save those who are crushed in spirit

your emotions are precious to me they

are part of the beautiful complexity of

who you are and I cherish all that you

bring to me do not measure your days by

the Harvest you reap but by the seeds

that you plant some days you will see

the fruits of your labor while others

will be spent in the quiet tending of

the soil of your soul but know this I am

the lord of the Harvest in due season

you will reap if you do not give up in

your interactions with others let your

words be seasoned with my grace you are

my ambassador to a world in need of my

light show kindness to the unkind love

to the unlovable and forgiveness to

those who have trespassed against you in

doing so you become a conduit of my love

a beacon of My Hope in a world that so

desperately needs it and when the day

draws to a close when you lay your head

upon your pillow review not the failures

but the moments where my grace was

sufficient for you sleep deep in peace

knowing that I am watching over you that

my angels and encamp around those who

fear me so my beloved walk in this truth

you are never too broken for my healing

never too lost for my finding and never

too far for my reaching in every moment

I am your ABA father your God and your

fiercest protector call upon me and I

will answer I will be with you in

trouble I will deliver you and honor you

with LA long life I will satisfy you and

show you my salvation remember my Mercy

is our new every morning and my

faithfulness is as vast as the sky look

to me your everpresent help your

unfailing source and your steadfast love

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