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my beloved child remember that in me you

are more than a conqueror in me you have

fullness of joy in me there is hope

Everlasting as the sun rises each

morning Relentless in its pursuit to

banish the night so is my determination

to bring light to your Darkness it’s not

a fleeting or wavering light but one

that is Resolute and constant it’s not a

light that simply shows the way it is a

light that transforms invigorates gives

life and do not forget my child that as

you bask in my presence you reflect my

light you become a beakon in the

darkness around you a vessel of my peace

and love so when you feel as through you

are enveloped in night remember that you

too can shine with the radiance of my

love bringing hope to those who sit in

darkness around you now let these words

be not just a fleeting Comfort but a

lasting Covenant between us I am with

you I am for you and I will never leave

you abide in me and you will walk in the

Everlasting way of peace my dear child

for you are mine and in that truth there

is no room for Darkness only the endless

unwavering allc consuming light of my

presence this is not simply a chapter in

your story it is the beginning of a

brand new volume in the anthology of

your existence the moment you trusted in

me my child you became more than you

ever imagined you became a member of my

eternal family in that single

transformative instant you were plucked

from the jaws of death and cradled in

the arms of everlasting life this is

your inheritance the promise that is

unmarred by time Untouched by sorrow and

unblemished by Decay it awaits you

treasured and secure in the realm of

Heaven I tell you this not to dwell on

the past but to light a path for your

future for in becoming a new creation

with my spirit residing in your heart

your journey is only just unfolding

before you it is a path paved with

renewal each step a chance to refresh

the essence of your mind to Adorn your

spirit with a new self that mirrors my

goodness my righteousness and my

sanctity this transformation is your

calling a Pursuit that will span the

breadth of your life Let each day may be

an opportunity to grow closer to the

image I have fashioned for you an image

of divine love and grace approach this

task with a brave heart and a thankful

Spirit stay vigilant my child for in

your walk through this world I’m working

wonders within you even when the Shadows

seem to obscure my presence Embrace this

change for it is my hand guiding you

when doubt Whispers let Faith be your

reply as you shed the red remnants of

the old the worn and the weary wrap

yourself in the newness of life that I

offer this is not an Edict of toil but

an invitation to dance in the light of

my love and to be a beacon of that love

to others for every moment you feel

alone remember that I am with you when

the road seems treacherous know that my

word is the lamp unto your feet and when

the weight of the world seeks to burden

your shoulders lay it down at my feet

for my yoke is easy and my burden is

light your transformation is not solely

for you but also for those around you as

you Dawn the cloak of godliness you

become a testament to my grace a living

breathing Beacon of the hope that does

not disappoint in your words let others

hear my voice in your actions let them

feel my touch in your love let them see

my face remember I have not called you

to a life of mundane existence but to an

extraordinary adventure with me so my

child rise each morning with

anticipation of what our shared Journey

will bring look for the signs of my

handiwork in your life the subtle and

the grand for in both the quiet Whispers

And The Roaring winds I am there I have

placed before you an open door that no

one can shut walk through it with

confidence for it leads to a kingdom

that cannot be shaken to a story that

will be told for eternity

where every chapter is better than the

one before because it is written with

the ink of my unfailing love as you

continue on this path never forget that

I am with you in you and for you my love

surrounds you like the vast expanse of

the sky endless comforting and awe

inspiring I see you there in the quiet

corners of your weariness in the shadow

of your

uncertainties you sit shrouded in the

dimness of TR miles yet here I am the

light from on high piercing through that

Inky tapestry woven by your doubts my

light is unfailing a beacon meant to

draw you out from The Cloister of

Shadows into the warmth of My Embrace

when your heart is heavy laden with the

weight of worries know that I am here to

lift that burden my light is not just to

illuminate your path but to lighten your

load come take a moment and let us talk

just you and I without the clamor of the

world to distract us I am your Refuge

your Safe Harbor in the Tempest the

world outside is a tempestuous Sea and

the waves May rage and Roar but they

cannot reach you here with me the

solutions you seek the answers you toil

after leave them in my hands have you

not tried to piece together the

fragments on your own and yet here you

are still searching still yearning for a

peace that seems is just beyond your

grasp but what if I told you that peace

is not a distant Shore but a sanctuary

within you waiting to be discovered

therefore walk boldly live courageously

love fiercely show compassion as freely

as you draw breath forgive as lavishly

as the waves wash upon the shore share

the hope that is an anchor for your soul

be a beacon of the light that has

illuminated your path you are my

Ambassador in a world that so

desperately need needs to see my face do

you see how precious you are to me how

can I help but love you when I have

fashioned you with my own hands breathed

into you my own breath you are a

reflection of my image a vessel of my

spirit a child of my heart so come

whether in moments of exuberant praise

or in times of quiet despair I am here

always here my love for you is

unchanging unending and unconditional

drink deeply from the well of my

presence and let your soul find rest

remember these words cling to them let

them be the compass by which you

navigate the complexities of life you

are Justified you are glorified you are

mine and in that truth find your joy a

joy that no circumstance can steal a joy

that is eternally yours in the Stillness

of my presence the answers you seek will

unfold like the dawn dispels the night

you need only to rest here to let go of

the reins you grip so tightly and

remember who I am see striving child for

in the hush of surrender you’ll find

that I have been God all along

unwavering as the Prince of Peace it is

not merely peace I give but peace I am I

do not parcel it out in measures or

withhold it in times of need it flows

freely as boundless as the heavens as

abundant as the air you breathe so

breathe me in dear one with each breath

let my peace fill your lungs your heart

your very being and as you exhale

release the tension that has kept you

bound the fears that have held you

captive share with me your tribulations

for my shoulders are Broad and strong

fashioned to Bear the weight of the

world including every fragment of your

distress trust that I can handle them

for is there anything too hard for me no

night too dark no storm too Fierce no

mountain too steep

stay near to me and I will guide your

steps gently lovingly into the way of

peace I am not a distant deity observing

from lofty Heights unted by your trials

I am here in the midst of your turmoil

closer than the very air you breathe you

do not have to shout or reach out with

frantic hands I am as near as your

whispered prayer as close as your

Beating Heart remember the tales of old

the stories you’ve heard from ancient


the moments when I stilled the Seas when

I guided the Lost through the desert

when I turned mourning into dancing I am

that same God unchanging Through the

Ages the Miracles of yesterday are the

promises of today evidence of my

unfailing love and power so come now let

go of that mantle of Despair you have

draped about your shoulders exchange it

for a Garment of Praise for beauty

instead of Ashes as you sit with me Let

My Words wash over you like a cleansing

stream let them refresh you renew you

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