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I witness your struggles and your

triumphs your whispers in the dark and

your shouts of joy in the light there is

not a tear that escapes my notice nor a

laugh that doesn’t resonate through my

Heavens you are my child fearfully and

wonderfully made destined to shine forth

my love to a world in need therefore

rise up with the dawn Stand Tall in the

noon tide and rest peacefully when the

night falls for in every season under

every Sky my love is a canopy of above

you my grace the ground beneath you live

boldly love fiercely and worship

wholeheartedly for in doing so you

embody the very essence of my kingdom

here on Earth with each day granted may

your heart be courageous your spirit

generous and your life a living

sacrifice holy and pleasing to me this

is your true and proper worship remember

always that you are never alone for I am

as close as The Whisper of your heart

the Creator calling to his creation

the father who Ador his child walk with

me and let the chapters of your life be

the storytelling of divine grace in the

grand Narrative of Eternity your story

is interwoven with my love a love that

never Fades never ends and never fails I

see the burdens you carry the mountains

you climb and The Valleys that test your

spirit I know that the path is rugged

and the night is long but hear me now

for I am here to guide you through every

dark dark hour and every tear you shed I

am training you beloved not merely to

get through these challenges but to

emerge from them with a Radiance that

reflects my

glory the trials you face are not just

stumbling blocks but Stepping Stones to

a higher place a place where your spirit

is stronger your faith deeper and your

capacity for love greater as you Ponder

these things let them seep deep into

your bones become the marrow of your

spirit remember the garden from which

your journey began in the paradise that

awaits in between every step every

stumble and every stride is part of a

grand pilgrimage that I orchestrate with

tenderness and purpose and so I implore

you to embrace the call of this

pilgrimage with fervor do not be daunted

by the unknowns that lie ahead nor be

ens snared by the chains of

yesterday I am the architect of your

tomorrows and the Redeemer of your

yesterdays in me all things are made new

every morning every moment this

transformation is no ordinary change it

is a Divine metamorphosis and is

accomplished through the power of my

holy spirit so when the weight of Life

presses down upon your shoulders do not

run faster into the chaos instead slow

down come into my presence feel my peace

speak to me for I am always listening

invite my spirit to enter your situation

as you pour out the intricacies of your

difficulties in our intimate

conversation place your requests at my

feet my child and await with

anticipation I know how you long for

immediate answers for Swift resolution

but trust in my timing I am working in

ways you cannot see knitting together a

masterpiece from the threads of your

experiences the resolutions I weave are

never just for the moment but are

designed for Everlasting impact I am

sculpting your Soul crafting your

character and preparing you for an

eternal destiny that far outweighs this

momentary Affliction do not misjudge the

silence during your waiting as in action

for in The Quiet Moments in the

seemingly still

times I am often doing my greatest work

within you these struggles you face are

not only about you they are part of a

grander narrative a cosmic battle

between light and darkness the manner in

which you confront these adversities

wielding trust and thankfulness as your

weapons brings me honor and illuminates

the heavens with your faith remember

when you choose to lean on me to put

your unwavering trust in my eternal

goodness you magnify me each time you

approach me with a heart full of

gratitude even before the dawn breaks on

your situation you are practicing a

sacred Rhythm that reshapes your very

Soul you may wonder how can I be joyful

in times of trouble trouble my child Joy

is not the absence of pain it is the

presence of me your lord in all

circumstances it is the steadfast

knowledge that I am with you working all

things for good crafting beauty from

ashes and leading you to streams of

Living Water where your joy will be made

full persist in your prayers for

persistence is the key to the door of

spiritual maturity it is the exercise

that strengthens your faith muscles

teaching you to depend dep not on Mortal

strength but on my immortal power as you

grow in this spiritual discipline you

will see a transformation in yourself

the face you lift to me in prayer will

start to reflect my glory and the life

you live will be a testimony of my grace

you are crowned with Glory my precious

one for I have made you a little lower

than the angels and have adorned you

with honor you are destined not for the

dust from which you came but for the

Everlasting Kingdom prepared for you in

this Kingdom the trials of today will

shine as jewels in your crown each one a

testament to your faith and my

faithfulness therefore arise each

morning with expectancy in your heart do

not be anxious about anything but in

every situation by prayer and petition

with Thanksgiving present your requests

to me and together we will walk this

journey hand in hand Heart to Heart

until the day breaks and the Shadows

flee away for now rest Rest In My

Embrace find solace in my words and Let

the Peace of my presence envelop you as

you trust in my unfailing love you are

my beloved in whom I am well pleased

hush now your mind’s Relentless March

into tomorrow’s not yet born draw in a

deep breath and let it anchor you to the

here and now where I Am With You Always

by your side see my child when your

heart looks for me with the joy of a

smile within it no that my own heart

Delights in you far more than you could

imagine your every concern the weight

that bows your shoulders I am here to

share it speak to me share with me as

intimately as a child confides in a

loving parent call upon me in your daily

list of to-dos and must happens call out

for my guidance I yearn to set your

priorities not to burden but to

harmonize them with my eternal will for

you as you dance through the moments of

your day keep your inner eye upon me

intertwine your tasks with thoughts of

me and see how your joy blooms like a

rose in the warmth of the sun yes in

bringing me into your work into your

play into the mundane and the profound

you will taste a sweeter flavor of

Effectiveness when the shadows of

fatigue drape over you remember that I

am your resting place my arms do not

weary they are strong and forever open

to cradle you to offer Solace and

strength Rest In My Embrace to wait with

me it is the truest expression of trust

trust that I am here trust that I manage

what you cannot trust that I am ever

present and always good when the time

comes to rise from our rest to rejoin

the day’s bustling Rhythm bring me with

you include me in your strategies your

sketches for the future this my child

will be your Shield against the Spectre

of worry it will be the compass that

guides you back to me to my love to the

deep and abiding joy that I offer As you

move forward remember the lies of the

field how they grow without toil or

spinning and yet I clothe them in

splendor unrivaled by the richest of

Kings how much more then will I care for

you do not succumb to the siren Call of

anxiety over what tomorrow may hold for

it is I who hold tomorrow each moment is

a mosaic peace lovingly placed by my

hand trust in the Masterpiece I am

crafting with your life seek me in the

Stillness seek me in the storm whisper

my name and I will turn my ear to you

hold fast to my promises like the anchor

in a tempestuous sea for I am steadfast

unchangeable the same yesterday today

and forever turn your gaze to me let it

linger find in my presence the peace

that eludes the grasp of those who know

me not I am here not a breath away in

the quiet in the chaos in the ordinary

and the

extraordinary I am the constant

companion who Delights in turning your

struggles into victories your tears into

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