God Says➤ My True Followers Will Watch This

my beloved child I am with you to assist

in everything put me first and I will

not only help you I will prosper you and

pour out blessings more precious than

gold even if you feel defeated and weary

I will revive your will to live Lift You

From the Ashes and all who surround you

along with generations to come will see

how much I have blessed you I will

change your garments Crown you with

honor and clear your path your home will

be filled with my glory

trust in me for it shall be so I love

you my child I wish to enter your home

to perform a grand miracle I stand at

your door and knock will you let me in

to do something new wonderful powerful

and Supernatural in your life I have

observed your plight and I will never

allow scarcity to befall your household

I will shower your family with a deluge

of blessings you have been faithful to

me for many years

praying fasting weeping and putting me

first in your every deed and thought the

time is near to reap what you’ve sown I

will fill your home with abundance Joy

Vigor and health rest your heart on my

word for all that I have promised you I

will fulfill do not cling to the old

ways of living where worry and

discouragement were your

companions with my blessing you receive

not only provision but wisdom

power and the capacity to make wise

decisions to nurture and multiply what I

have entrusted to you let it become a

source of blessing for others as well be

thankful and Trust for I am reshaping

your life I am preparing you for a Time

fast approaching a place brimming with

opportunity your heart has been fertile

ground where seeds of Faith were sown I

have seen you carry burdens and face

trials yet never did you doubt my power

or my presence you triumphed because you

believed in me and in your faith I found

joy extending my grace and mercy upon

you now with my mighty hand I will cause

those seeds you planted to grow and bear

fruit in abundance not just for you but

for everyone around you the time is near

to harvest the fruits of your

steadfastness what I am bringing into

your home is far greater than you can

imagine you deserve ve the best and even

more because your faith is precious your

humble spirit will carry you far prepare

for I am opening new doors introducing

you to new places bringing Prosperity

into your home I love you my son my

daughter how are you today no problem

shall overcome you as long as you stand

firm in faith certain that I hold your

future in my hands all provision comes

from me I am the one who blesses your

life stay in my presence find refuge in

my shadow in times of anxiety come to me

and you will receive my peace do not be

deceived by the enemy into believing

that your problems outweigh my power for

my power is greater and your faith is

mighty it is in me that you must trust

not men not your job not luck to bring

you the health joy and peace you seek

turn to me in your needs and provision

will come but do not merely sit and wait

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